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Lust By Moonlight, Hot New Release for Desiree Holt

We're featuring Desiree Holt today to help celebrate her new release at Ellora's Cave:
What a great early Christmas present. This looks and sounds like one HOT book.

I'll be interviewing Desiree in the January issue of the Passion Sense newsletter. If you'd like to sign up to read the full interview click the link.: 

Here are few questions from the interview:

- What’s the best and worst part of being a writer?
The best…getting great feedback from readers. The worst? Hitting a roadblock in the story and not finding a way around it.
- What is your writing schedule like?
I like to think I’m a disciplined writer. I write for six hours every day unless I am going out for something. But then I get at least an hour in. And at night when I watch television I always sit with a notebook to make notes for the next day. 

- If you could turn any of your books into a movie which book or series would it be?
The Phoenix Agency. Definitely. All former Special Ops heroes who now own a high profile security agency. Their women all have a psychic ability of one kind or another. I love the books because for me they have it all-hot alpha males, action, romance, suspense and hot sex. What more could I ask for? Watch for Book One: Jungle Inferno in June 2011.

- Do you have a character in one of your books that continues to haunt you at night or surprised you when you wrote the book?
Oh, yes. Dallas Creed, of Downstroke. A tragic and tormented hero, too much experience and too much tragedy but so gorgeous and sexy you can't keep your hands off him.

Read the rest of the interview in the January issue of the Passion Sense Newsletter.

LUST BY MOONLIGHT, Blurb: Book 2 in the Night Seekers series.
As a shifter, Mark Guitron is uniquely equipped to search for the devil beast, El Chupacabra, and stop the horrible killings. Hunting one night by moonlight, he spots another wolf whose aura tells him she is also a shifter. When he’s visited by an erotic vision of her in human form, he knows he must find her and make her his own.
Chloe Hanson is searching for a friend she’s convinced is a victim of the devil beast. When she meets Mark, she feels a primal tug that tells her they are meant to be together. As they join forces in the hunt, they soon learn that sex between them feeds a need, rather than slaking it. The multiple orgasms barely satisfy their lust for each other, and as they draw closer to their prey, their fiercest coupling is yet to come.


“Hey, I’ve only been here for two nights.” Mark chuckled into the sat phone. “Give me a break, okay?”
“Just checking.” Ric Garza’s voice held just a trace of humor. “So how did you find things there? About the same?”
“Nothing ever changes down here,” Mark told him. “Still a lot of ‘coyotes’ bringing illegals across the Rio Grande and the narcotrafficantes are still running drugs. Otherwise, what else could be going on in a county that has a total population of less than fourteen thousand?”
“You tell me? You’re the one who lived there all those years.”
Mark sighed. “I know. I just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Don’t get many gangbangers or drive-bys down this way.”
“So, tell me. Any talk in town about the beast? And hint of an appearance?”
“No.” Mark sighed. “But you and I both know that doesn’t mean anything. By the time we hear about it, the first killing has already taken place.”
“You going out again tonight?” Ric wanted to know.
“In just a little while. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Pick up any trace.”
“All right. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”
Mark Guitron clicked off and placed the phone on the kitchen counter. Glancing out the window over the sink, he saw that twilight had already morphed into night. Another hour and it would be full dark, time for him to prowl. He busied himself at his laptop while he waited, pulling up again the latest news stories on El Chupacabra and trying to find some hint of the beast’s path of destruction. Finally, by ten o’clock he was ready. Stripping off his clothes and leaving them folded on his bed, he opened the back door, walked onto the tiny porch and willed his body to shift.
As always he felt the bones elongate, the muscles stretch, his nose morph into the classic snout of the wolf. The fine smattering of dark hair on his body thickened and turned into a rich pelt and his canine teeth became biting tools with sharpened points. In seconds he was wolf, lifting his head to scent the air. Quietly he padded down the stairs, inhaled the night air again, and took off across the rocky ground and down into the first of many arroyos.
The moon had just cleared the tops of the trees and hung like a silver ball in the sky. The air was clear tonight, not a hint of a cloud, and stars hung like brilliants around the lunar globe. The loamy soil over its base of natural caliche lay like a carpet on the ground, populated by thorny shrubs that thrived in the arid environment. Zapata County, located in the Balcones Escarpment, was in the area that divided East and West Texas. It nestled along the Mexican border seeking invisibility in the ongoing border drug wars.
Mark had grown up here, in this sparsely populated area, his parents scratching out a living in the natural gas industry, the county’s main economic product. A football scholarship took him through four years at Texas A&M University and a degree in criminal justice. He’d been a decorated deputy in the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office until the call had come from Craig Stafford. He’d been reeling from the death of his closest friend, killed by the Chupacabra, a beast that many refused to acknowledge, that others denigrated, but that all feared.
Now he was back in the area he knew so well, roaming it as the wolf.
The devil beast had gone from Texas to Florida but deep in his belly Mark sensed it was headed back here. To finish things. Finish the cycle.
Its pattern was always three kills before moving on, but in Maverick County it had been held to two because Mark and Jonah had chased it away by zeroing in on another predator. Similar, but not the same. Not only had the autopsy proven that, but there had been more killings.
Mark was the one who had suggested returning to the Texas border area because the devil beast hadn’t completed its pattern there. Three kills, then move on. But it had been interrupted before the third one. Its rage would be great and its blood lust high. It would want to leave its stamp on that area.
The Night Seekers had all debated whether it would return to Maverick county or move on. Both Mark and Jonah had insisted it wouldn’t go back to the place where it had nearly been killed but would find someplace close by. Zapata County, with its vast stretches of land and sparse population was an ideal spot for the Chupacabra killing ground.
Mark had kept his little house outside the town of Zapata. What the hell, it was all paid for. And so he’d opened it up, laid in some provisions and each night shifted to go hunting. Now in his wolf form he padded along in the moonlight, listening to the calls of the night birds. He used his highly developed sense of smell to search for traces of the Chupacabra, especially any lingering hint of the aroma of turpentine that he and Jonah had found at the killing site in Maverick Count, but he only caught the scent of the wild animals.
Still, his plan was to keep searching every night, widening the area each time he went out. In his gut he knew the devil beast would come here to finish his task. Knew it with a certainty. And he would be here, waiting for it.
It was a night just like this one when he’d found the body of his closest friend, Rob Greico. He’d just come off patrol as a Deputy Sheriff and was swinging by Rob’s house for a late beer. Like Mark, Rob lived in a fairly isolated area of the county. He’d driven down the long caliche drive from the two-lane highway, ready to kick back and suck on a brew. All the lights had been on at Rob’s house, but when Mark knocked no one answered. Nor did he find anyone when he walked through the house. The television was blaring but no Rob. Nothing.
Until he reached the barn. What he’d thought was a pile of rags turned out to be Rob’s mutilated body. Mark had walked away from the site and vomited before finally going back to take a closer look. He’d never get the horror of that night out of his mind. Fang marks on his throat. His body drained of blood. His stomach ripped open and his intestines hanging out.
No one should have to die like that. And he’d vowed that moment not to stop until he’d hunted and killed the devil beast.
The problem with hunting El Chupacabra was people were so scared of the legend they wouldn’t acknowledge it. Or else they discounted it as an old wives’ tale. His boss had finally demanded that he take some leave time and right about then Craig Stafford had contacted him about Night Seekers.
He truly hoped this wasn’t going to be a waste of time on his part. The animal—or whatever it was—needed to be caught and killed before it wreaked any more havoc. The most disturbing thought was the indication that someone might be crossbreeding and trying to reproduce this evil hybrid of nature. Whoever that was had to be found and stopped.
Mark paused at the top of a rocky knoll, lifting his snout. A strange scent caught at his nostrils, and he turned his head.
Every muscle in his body went rigid. Wolves were not endemic to Zapata County. Indeed, wolves were all but extinct everywhere in Texas, disappearing slowly over the years. While neighboring states had reintroduced the gray wolf to the wild, Texas still lagged behind. Which was why Mark was always careful when running to do it at night and pick a spot without human habitat.
So where did this other wolf come from? Was it one of the rare red wolves he’d read about inhabiting the area? He didn’t even know if their existence here was a fact, or just a legend like El Chupacabra. And why would it be here, anyway, since its habitat was the marshland between Houston and Beaumont?
Moving rapidly into a small cluster of trees, he shifted and used the thickest tree to conceal himself. Peering around the trunk, he spotted the other wolf still standing in the same place. It turned its head in Mark’s direction and he could have sworn that even at this distance the animal saw him. He held his breath. If it was truly a wolf in the wild, it would smell him and possibly attack.
But the strangest thing happened. The air around the animal shimmered and in seconds where the wolf had stood was a woman whose amazing body was outlined by the moonlight. He could tell she was tall, with long hair of some dark color that streamed down her back, and as she lifted her arms she brought magnificent breasts into relief.
He started to move out of his hiding place, then thought better of it. She turned her head in his direction for the briefest of moments, then the air shimmered again and the wolf was back.
He stood unmoving, watching, until the other animal loped of into a stand of trees and disappeared from sight. This was not good. If there was another shifter in the area, Night Seekers really needed to know about it. He’d have to do some real digging to find out about the wolf, and do it without raising any suspicions.
Taking one last look, he turned and trotted off to his house.
Thanks for being our feature author at the Passion Sense Blog Desiree. To learn more about Desiree and her books visit her website:

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Xmas Spark, Featured Author Delphine Dryden

The Eve of Christmas Eve is a special day for me and I'll explain at the end of this post. But it's also special because I'm helping to celebrate a new book release with fellow author Delphine Dryden.
Her new release at Ellora's Cave is XMAS SPARK one of the stories in the Merry Kinkmas series. The cover is very sexy and the story line sounds fun and sexy too.

Here's the Hot Blurb:
Jack's Christmas list is short. He wants
 1. A violet wand
 2. And his willing sub, Katie
 When he finds both under the tree, Jack decides their first Christmas together is the perfect time to create some delightfully shocking traditions.

I’d angled us into a corner of the Benedicts’ spacious living room, so at least nobody was looking over our shoulders as we opened gifts. I wished, for about the thousandth time since the whole “let’s open all the presents over there” plan had been announced the day before, that I’d had time to just go out and get him something else. But aside from the time consideration, I really couldn’t justify the expense of buying another present of this…magnitude.

And now the clock was ticking, the wrapping paper was flying and fortunately the mulled wine was also flowing, so all the grownups were a little less than completely sharp by the time Jack hoisted the solid, heavy box into his lap. The shiny red paper and crisp white ribbon looked so blameless and conventional.

“That’s from me,” I said unnecessarily. He gave me a sideways little smile.

“I’ve been looking at it under our tree for two weeks. Hey, it’s okay if I’ve been shaking it, kicking it around a little, right?”

He snickered at my horrified expression then proceeded to peel the paper off the box with typical Jack-like precision and efficiency. He opened the plain brown shipping box I’d used to wrap it in, looked down at the handsome, custom-made metal case inside and cocked his head as he ran his fingers over the small, discreet logo.


“Hmm,” I agreed.

Clearly unable to resist, he reached for the latches and let the lid swing up. The packing box and the raised lid still obscured the contents of the case from everybody else in the room, but to my dismay, Jack reached in and carefully tugged the main component of the kit free from its molded foam compartment and held it up for a closer look. It had no attachment hooked up. The cord dangled down from the end like a whip tail.

“That one of those power multi-tools? Your mother got me one of those last year. I use it all the time.” Jack’s father gave me an approving nod from across the room. And then Jack’s mother looked at her son and pointed to her watch in a way that was not subtle at all.

The moment was past, the box set aside, and Jack was thanking me and then getting up to talk to his mother about something. It was almost a letdown.

They hadn’t recognized the violet wand as a high-end electric sex toy.

To find out more about Delphine and her books check out her website:
For members of the Passion Sense Newsletter, I'll be interviewing Delphine in my May issue. Passion Sense is my monthly author e-letter with the latest news of my books, excerpts, appearances, contests, recipes, featured author interviews and other fun stuff. It'll be getting some new content in January 2011. Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.Click on the link above to join.

I enjoyed having Delphine as a feature author today and wish her many sales with her new book.

So why is the Eve of Christmas Eve special to me? Dh and I have a tradition. It was my idea we started ten years ago when we first got engaged. The holidays are so busy and with trying to spend time with both families and friends, it's hard to spend time as a couple. So I suggested to set aside one special night around Christmas just for us. We have dinner out at a very nice restaurant and we get dressed up. One year he surprised me with a limo and we went to New Hope, PA for the evening. This year we're trying out a Mediterranean restaurant in Allentown called Sangria's

Do you have any special traditions?

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What Will be Your First Nook/Kindle Download?

Are you getting a Kindle or Nook this year for Christmas? If so, what do you plan to download first?
If you have one, what's on your wishlist for ebooks this year?

This has been a busy couple weeks trying to get ready for Christmas - shopping, decorating, menu planning, cleaning, and I'm in the middle of a home improvement project. Painting two bedrooms. I love to paint but what was I thinking starting this project so close to the holidays?? During all the craziness, I'm still determined to finish a novella by the end of December for the 1-800-DOM-help, the Ellora's Cave author series. I'm having a blast writing this book, and I'm very excited to be a part of a group of very talented authors. I have the first two books in the series on my NOOK: Commanding Acquisitions by Christine d'Abo and Needing Harte by Marilu Mann. Coming Soon in January is Delight Me by Desiree Holt.This series is going to be very hot! Here's a cool promo video for the series:

Here's another ebook idea for your first download on that new Kindle or NOOK this year? This week I have a CONTEST for a FREE ebook download of DRAGON WITCH at Anna's Book Blog. Stop by Anna's Blog for a chance to win a free one. If you visit her blog and post a comment on my guest post, you'll be entered. The drawing will be held on December 22nd. Anna's Book Blog also gave me an awesome 4 Star review

"This story has a little bit of something for everyone. A futuristic setting, lush-erotic scenes with paranormal and fantasy elements. Now normally I'm not a fan of threesomes, but this one worked for me. All the different elements sucked me in. Dragon Witch is one Hot story. I loved this one. It was sexy, sweet and definitely an adventure. The situation between the witch, dragonshifter and the fleet captain was intriguing. The ending perfect.

Happily Ever After Reviews gave Dragon Witch 5 Tea Cups. Here's the review:

"Braden is a nice guy who occasionally does bad things. Jaida is a talented, misunderstood women who is willing to lie to save the people-or animals-she loves. Together they have great chemistry. Add to that a shapeshifting dragon who needs to change shape and mate twice a year and you have a really unique menage story that entertains from start to finish. I was really impressed with this book and this author. I'll be checking out her writing in the future."

Please share you ebook wishes. What are you downloading this holiday season???

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A Search for Ghosts - Part 4

(Part 4)


There are various types of equipment used by paranormal investigators and I’ll give a brief overview just to give you an idea on how elaborate these ghost hunters can get. As with anything, some people are more skilled in technique than others. Anyone can go onto Amazon and buy this stuff. Some of these devices are highly sensitive electronics designed to measure slight changes in the electromagnetic field or air temperature. The usefulness of this equipment is directly proportional to the scientific competency of the person operating it.

Cameras: Film, Digital, Infrared, 3-D, Thermal Imaging, Video. The disadvantage of digital over film cameras is that digital does not produce a negative so if the photograph wants to be enlarged, the picture loses resolution. But digital cameras can take numerous pictures quickly without having to change film.

3-D captures images from different angles, giving the three dimensional appearance. These photos are not easy to fake.

Infrared is used under the theory that spiritual energies may exist in an invisible light range. In the same way Thermal imaging cameras pick up heat signatures thought caused by ghosts.

Audio recording: Sound recording of ghosts are called electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs). An old fashioned tape recorder or digital recorder can be used to pick up scratching, rapping, voices or moans. The recorder is usually left in a room running then listened to much later.

EMF Meter: electro-magnetic field meter. The theory is that a ghost has energy output and, if present, will alter the reading on the meter.

Ion Counter: There’s another theory that ghosts are contain highly charged ions which can be detected by the ion counter.

Motion Detectors and Thermometers: “Cold spots” are supposedly a sign of the ghostly presence, therefore, a sudden drop in temperature would be useful for an investigator to recognize a possible event. Same goes for the motion detector. Motion might detect poltergeist activity.

Night Vision Goggles: A ghost hunter’s personal equipment device. Whether that helps them see the ghosts better or just see better in the dark, I don’t know.

I wanted to recommend THE CASE FOR GHOSTS, An Objective Look at the Paranormal by J. Allan Danelek. I found a lot of information in his book for these blog posts. And also at the various Paranormal Societies of Pennsylvania.

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Search For Ghosts - Part 3

Vortex or camera strap in photo?

(part 3)


A lot of research and time goes into trying to photograph ghostly manifestations. A paranormal investigator doesn’t just walk into a reported haunted house, wait for a ghost to appear and start snapping with his camera. Many investigators have never seen a ghost.

They usually set up sophisticated equipment—electro-magnetic equipment (EMF meter), thermometers, motion detectors, etc.—wait for hours for a sudden “cold spot” or specific reading in the equipment that could indicate the presence of a ghost and take a series of pictures. Hoping that when they check the photographs later, some image will be produced.

Usually the types of images captured are divided into orbs, vortexes and full body manifestations.

Orbs— an orb is a ball of light, white or bluish. One or more may show up in a photo. Some researchers believe these to be manifestations of spiritual energy. But other normal things can cause these images: dust, rain, snow, insects. Some say that true orbs don’t sparkle like light reflected off a dust particle would.

Vortexes— are seen as swirling spirals of light or wisps of clouds. They’re also thought to be centers of spiritual energy. These are explained away as being cigarette smoke or exhaled breath on a cold night.

Full Body Ghost— these are the rarest of photos, a true person in spirit form showing up in a photo. This doesn’t prove the existence of ghosts because even the best photos can be faked.

(Part 4 will be posted on Monday December 13th)

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Search for Ghosts - Part 2

Ghostly mist and orbs in photo

(Part 2)

While doing research for the topic of ghosts and ghost hunting, I discovered a huge number of paranormal investigators in Pennsylvania where I live. Pennsylvania must have a lot of ghosts or supernatural activity because when I checked out this site:

I counted over 150 paranormal societies located in PA and dozens more outside of the state that participate in activities within PA. This is one of the local sites with some detailed information:

I talked about the first three types of ghosts in the previous post on December 2nd. The other four types are explained below:

4) Non-Human Manifestations- This type of ghost is reported to be interactive, intelligent and can manifest emotions. To believe in the theory that this type of ghost exist, you have to also believe that there are non-human sentient beings in the universe. These may be malevolent or benevolent in nature.

5) Poltergeist- The word

poltergeist means “noisy ghost” in German. They are the most interactive of ghosts and tend to move objects around a room, cause rapping, push or touch people, even start small fires, yet some investigators don’t believe they exist. One explanation for these manifestations seem to occur in the presence of a prepubescent girl or a high strung teenager. It’s thought that the activity is telekinetic energy from the humans not the ghosts. But this doesn’t explain all activity.

Vortex in photo?

6) Inanimate manifestations- Inanimate objects like planes, ships, cars, etc. have been reported to appear and disappear as ghostly images usually where a tragedy occurred. What about the appearance and disappearance of personal items? Remember the bumblebee pin in The Sixth Sense or the wedding ring?

7) Animal Ghosts- Can a family pet return as a ghost? Some people think so. I have creepy images of Steven Kings Pet Cemetery.

Have you had any encounters with any of these seven types of ghosts??? Please share your stories.

(Part 3 will be posted on Thursday December 9th.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Search for Ghosts- Part 1

(Part 1)

There are a number of TV shows out there and books written about “ghost hunters”. Many ghost hunters or paranormal investigators have elaborate equipment and work in an organized, professional and scientific manner, others may have fancy equipment but not the technical skills or knowledge to use it correctly. Paranormal investigators strive to prove (or disprove) the existence of the particular phenomenon they happen to be investigating. If you can’t accept that the human personality survives death at least as a theoretical possibility, then the possibility of ghosts would be pointless to discuss.

I’ve always had a fascination with ghosts and ghost stories since I was a kid. I collected books on ghost stories and still have a ton. I always wanted to see a ghost but it wasn’t until I moved into my house in Florida that my wish came true. That ghost was of an older gentlemen and I wasn’t the only one who saw him. The house wasn’t that old, only forty years or so. Now that I live in a house that’s over 100 years old and is located by a cemetery, I should see ghosts, but alas, no ghosts.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts or the different types of ghosts I’m going to discuss here, I found the topic interesting. Others may have other theories. One book I can recommend if this topic interests you: THE CASE FOR GHOSTS, An Objective Look at the Paranormal by J. Allan Danelek. A great book about ghosts and ghost hunting.

The paranormal investigators claim there are seven types of ghosts. I’ll talk about the first three types today and the rest on Monday.


1) Interactive Ghosts- These are ghosts of deceased human beings. They’re self aware, intelligent and can interact with the living by becoming visible, being heard, even touch the living or manifest odors. As with humans, these manifestations display the full range of emotions and temperaments—from playful to violent.

2) Non-Interactive Ghost- Or an “imprint”. This ghost tends to act oblivious to its surroundings and to anyone close by. Sometimes their activities are like a scene from a movie rewound and repeated. They’re also called “Repeaters” or “Residuals”. Some investigators don’t believe these are real ghosts, but somehow images that have been etched into the environment, like a supernatural DVD that keeps playing over and over.

3) Living Ghost- There are accounts of people seeing the manifestations of someone—usually a living person close to them who appears as a ghost. The person of this ghostly apparition might be hundreds of miles away and in great stress or danger, like a soldier in a war. He’ll appear suddenly to a loved one even though it’s known that he’s hundreds of miles away. I call this situation astral projection. But that’s another topic. The living ghost can occur with a friend or family member at the precise moment of their death.

The other four types of ghosts will be discussed in Part 2 continued on Monday December 6th.

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November Contest Winner

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate the release of SECRET SOIREE from Ellora's Cave. From those who posted a comment during the month of November, and left their email, or sent me an email privately, I randomly selected a winner.
The Winner is: Melissa Keith
Congratulations Melissa!!! She selected a free download of one of my books.

Coming up: I'll be posting a three-part blog discussion on one of my favorite supernatural topics: Ghosts. During this holiday season, one of my favorite movies to watch has three ghosts: Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. I've read ghost stories since I was a kid and have tons of books on ghost stories. Even my first published novel has a ghost. I hope you'll share you thoughts and stories about ghosts in these posts. The first post should be up late tomorrow.

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To Die For Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake

A number of people have been asking me for this recipe. I got it from my sister-in-law over Thanksgiving. It's awesome and easy to make.

38 NABISCO Ginger Snaps, finely crushed (about 1-1/2 cups)Note: I ran them through my blender to crush.
1/4 cup finely chopped Pecans
1/4 cup butter or margarine, melted
4 pkg. (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup sugar
1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin
1 Tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp. vanilla
4 eggs

How to make it:

HEAT oven to 325°F

MIX crumbs, nuts and butter; press onto bottom and 1 inch up side of 9-inch springform pan.

BEAT cream cheese and sugar in large bowl with mixer until well blended. Add pumpkin, spice and vanilla; mix well. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed after each just until blended. Pour into crust.

BAKE 1 hour 20 min. to 1 hour 30 min. or until center is almost set. Loosen cake from rim of pan; cool before removing rim. Refrigerate 4 hours.


Turkey Cranberry Wreath

2 pkg. refrigerated crescent rolls
1/2 C. mayonnaise
2 T. honey Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp. coarsely ground pepper
2 C. cooked turkey, chopped
1/2 C. celery, sliced
3 T. fresh parsley, snipped
1/2 C. dried cranberries
4 oz. Swiss cheese, shredded (1cup)
1/4 C. walnuts, chopped (optional)
1 egg, separated

Preheat oven to 375°F.

Unroll crescent dough; separate into 16 triangles. With wide ends of triangles toward the center. arrange 8 triangles in a circle on Large Round Stone or cookie sheet. Corners of wide ends will touch and points will extend 1 inch beyond of baking stone. Arrange remaining 8 triangles in center. matching ends. Seal seams. (Points will overlap in center; do not seal.)

Measure mayonnaise, mustard and black pepper into a bowl. Grate cheese into a bowl. Mix filling. Scoop filling over seams of dough, forming a circle.

Coarsely chop walnuts; sprinkle over filling. Beginning in center, lift one dough triangle across mixture. Continue alternating with outer triangle, slightly overlapping to form wreath. Tuck last end under first.

Separate egg over bowl. Beat egg white lightly; brush over dough. Bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown. Yields 10 servings.

Per serving: 363 calories; 17 g protein; 24g fat; 20g carbohydrates; 521 mg sodium


Friday, November 26, 2010



My new book SECRET SOIREE was released today November 26th at Ellora’s Cave As secrets go, they can have consequences if revealed, and this is the case with Destiny Noir when her identity and what she’s doing is revealed to the wrong person.
**RomCon has me as their guest blogger today on their FF&P blog and I'm giving away a copy of DRAGON WITCH. I'll be talking about Secret Lovers and Guilty Pleasures. Something you see in the media all the time. Stop by and help me celebrate my new release and let's talk about secret lovers.

BLURB for Secret Soiree: Performing kinky sex shows at private parties should be easy for two part-time lovers. When Darius makes an offer to help Destiny avoid financial disaster, how can she refuse? The money’s good, the sex scorching.

Amazed by how uninhibited she can be, Destiny is driven by a sensual need aroused by her audience. When clients begin requesting special services, Destiny easily complies. But can her blazing-hot romance with Darius survive the consequences?

EXCERPT: The massive cathedral ceiling room suddenly shrank down to the size of a closet. Destiny closed her legs and hunched over, trying to hide her sex and breasts. Darius tried to part her knees but she stiffened and resisted.

He moved in front of her, kissing her cheek then her ear and whispered, “Are you all right?”

“No, let’s go. I can’t do this.”

He gazed at her in disbelief, then smiled. “Okay, but you’re doing fine. We’re almost done. What’s wrong?”

She looked into his eyes and said, “I’m afraid.”

“What? Afraid of what? I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“I know. I’m afraid things will change between us after this.”

He stroked her cheek, then reached around and unfastened the handcuffs and took them off. “We can go anytime. This won’t change what we have. We’re like two actors acting out a part in a movie for the sake of entertainment. We’re fulfilling a fantasy for some of these people, adding another aspect to their sexual love life, maybe enhancing it. I suspect most of them will leave the party early. They’ll go home horny and get laid.”

She smiled at that. “I suppose you’re right. We’re just actors who know each other well.”

“Makes it easier, doesn’t it?” He raised his eyebrows in a friendly tease. “So do we go or stay? Your call.” He swung the handcuff on his forefinger.


CONTEST--Leave a comment on any blog post through November 30 for a chance to win a FREE download of one of my eBooks. Or send me an email to with "November Contest" in subject line. Contest ends November 30. Drawing will be on December 1st.

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Will a Blue Moon Make You Loony?

This Sunday November 21st there’s a Blue Moon, that’s usually the second full moon in the same calendar month, but according to a rule from the old, no longer published, Maine Farmers' Almanac, (NOT to be confused with The Farmers' Almanac of Lewiston, Maine, which is still in business) a Blue Moon can also occur when there are four moons (instead of the normal three) in one season. There were full moons on September 23, October 22, November 21, and will be one on December 21. That's four in one season. Even though December is the first day of winter, the moon actually turns full at 3:13 a.m., 15 hours and 25 minutes BEFORE winter officially arrives. That makes the third moon the Blue Moon, but I have no idea why they decided that. Why not December’s moon or October’s moon?

DOES THE FULL MOON AFFECT HUMAN BEHAVIOR? If you know someone who works in the medical field or in social services like the police department, ask them. Chances are they’ll say: YES! They’ll say the crime rate increases and hospital emergency rooms fill up on the days of a full moon. If the moon can affect the ocean tides why not influence human emotions in some way physically or psychologically? The human body is 80% water. Besides, that’s where the word lunacy came from.

Arnold Lieber, a psychologist from the University of Miami (my college BTW) did research on the crime rate in Miami-Dade and wrote a bestselling book in 1978, "Lunar Effects: Biological Tides and Human Emotions", and another in 1996 supporting the theory about the influences of the full moon on human behavior. And Ivan Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Saskatchewan, conducted her own study and her findings disagreed with Lieber’s. She felt because of the long standing myth the reports were exaggerated by those involved with the study.


The average interval between Full Moons is about 29.5 days, whilst the length of an average month is roughly 30.5 days. This makes it very unlikely that any given month will contain two Full Moons, though it does sometimes happen.

On average, there will be 41 months that have two Full Moons in every century, so you could say that once in a Blue Moon actually means once every two-and a half years.

A Blue Moon occurs approximately 7 times in 19 years.

Here’s a link to a Blue Moon calculator. If you want to find out is there was a Blue Moon the year you were born for some reason.

I used it when I wrote my book SEDUCING THE STONES from Ellora’s Cave. There’s a Blue Moon in this story. The hero Rory was cursed by an ancient Sidhe curse for violating their sacred ground. He can only break this curse by an offering and a sexual ritual during a Blue Moon on the Eve of Samhain. I had to calculate how often that occured. It’s about every 80 years. So he had one night every 80 years to break this curse. He’d been trapped for over 300 years. But the ritual was also dangerous because of the location.

What do you think? Does a full moon make you loony? Make others loony?


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Sunday, November 14, 2010

eBook Revolution

About a year ago, I blogged about ebook vs print wars, but now I have to call it the eBook Revolution in line with the Industrial Revolution. Never have I seen a format of communication or entertaining cause such a stir in a matter of months, and influence publishing, media, commerce and other businesses to this extent. Maybe because I’m published by an eBook publisher Ellora’s Cave, I’m more aware.

Last Christmas when I got my NOOK, the display in my Barnes and Noble for the NOOK was a small table and you had to find someone to show you how it worked. They might have had one cover that you could look at but you had to order them or any other accessory. A few months later, a print bookshelf was replaced by a much larger display with a variety of NOOK accessories and covers. Now, several large shelves in the front of the store have been cleared out and a whole section is devoted exclusively to the NOOK. My critique partner has been hired to work that area.

I’m not sure when eBooks first came out, but I do know that Ellora’s Cave has been in business for ten years. So they’re at least that old. During the last eight or nine years, there was a definite line drawn between print and eBooks. The major New York publishing houses weren’t producing their books in that format. Then technology caught up. And now all major publishers produce their books in print and eBook.

We’re in an age where three-year olds are learning to use computers and elementary school kids have their own cell phones and laptops. Most households have a menagerie of electronic devices. Will a year’s worth of textbooks soon be downloaded on a student’s iPad or NOOK or Kindle each year instead of students lugging worn print books?

I also heard recently an agent negotiated a contract for an author with an eBook publisher. Usually agents don’t bother with eBook publishers because there are no advances or minimal advances with eBook publishers. But the royalty rate is much higher. The business model with eBook publishers is structured differently than traditional publishers. I think we’ll be seeing more of this too as the lines between eBook and print book publishers fade.

This past week New York Times announced that they will be rating eBooks starting January ’11. In light with what’s going on in the industry, this was inevitable but I think this gives eBooks a new level of legitimacy. The publishing world and the public watch the NYT ratings. Whether the NYT list will eventually combine the print list with the ebook list is yet to be seen.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Extraordinary Worlds of Steampunk/November CONTEST

*November CONTEST info. at the end of this blog post.


To follow the last blog post about Speculative Fiction sub-genres, I decided to give more details on Steampunk and repost and earlier blog.

I don’t claim to know what this amazing world is all about but I am quite intrigued that that one can combine brass googles, motorcycle boots, a tight corset, suede or lace skirt and somehow manage to look gorgeously steamfashioned.

A long time fan of alternative fiction, science fiction and fantasy, I’m so glad to see books coming out in this sub-genre, especially romance. According to author Jeff VanderMeer, Steampunk, a term first coined in 1987, is a “retro- and forward-looking sense of adventure and discovery.” Steampunk has hit pop culture, and we can see influences in movies, art, comics and fashion.
Gail Carriger has an interesting write up on the two main types of Steampunk: Traditional, the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne type with a Victorian culture and setting, and Futuristic, an industrial steampunk set far in the future. If you read down in her article you'll see a link to Jeff VanderMeer's article. Click on the link to his article about the history of Steampunk

I’ve done some research on this topic and found that there are some die-hard Steampunk fans. Some who are purists about certain details. Similarly, there are avid fans in the vampire realms and the Regency era and I think it’s cool that these groups have such a loyal community. As with the vampire genre, I think this sub-genre will evolve as well where authors will create their own worlds and their own rules. Still, there must be a balance so verisimilitude and the flavor of Steampunk are maintained.

Ask different people what Steampunk is and you’ll get a variety of definitions. I found several different definitions on various websites and blogs. To me, Steampunk is usually (but not always) set during the 1800s where technology somehow has gone a bit skewed. Scientific advancements combine with the old, mechanical devices tend to be steam-powered, and are comprised of gears, cogs and clockwork parts. Dirigibles, time machines, mechanical spiders, automatons, amazing underwater ships and cities, underground cities and moon rockets are just some of the oddities that can be found in Steampunk. But the setting doesn’t end there. I also like the futuristic and otherworldly Steampunk settings. Look at the movie City of Ember (click for cool trailer).
Thanks to for the following definitions. She has a fabulous site on all things Steampunk.


Victorian Science Fiction – Steampunk set in Victorian era with futuristic or science fiction elements. Think: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells.
Gaslamp Fantasy – The Girl Genius Steampunk, tight bodices, slapstick comedy and non-humans. Setting is variable, doesn’t have to be Victorian.
Fireside Science Fiction – A warm and cozy type where Victorian gentlefolk may begin their adventure around a fireplace with a small brandy, but could end up on the moon or beyond!
Neo-Victoriania – A Japanese originated alternative where the aim is to recreate certain Victorian aspects of life using modern tools and ways. Elegant Gothic Lolita.
Wild/Weird West – Centered on the American West in the 19th Century. You’ll find cowboys and scientists alongside saloon girls and giant mechanical spiders. Wild, Wild, West.
Voyages Extraordinaire – As seen in the Victorian adventures of Jules Verne.
Scientific Romance – An early, mostly British, name for science fiction, that fell out of fashion, but was also used to describe Verne’s works. Now being used more for nostalgic Victorian based science fiction.

I also came across Industrial Steampunk (futuristic), Clockpunk (1500s), dieselpunk (WWII) and Cyberpunk (computer/informational). I’m sure there are others.
Here’s Wiki’s take on Steampunk:

So what do you like about Steampunk? What do you know about it? Please share your views.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Amazing Worlds of Speculative Fiction

This is an exciting time to be a writer in the speculative fiction genre whether you write romance, young adult or adult, there are so many new sub-genres appearing and combinations on the bookshelves and electronic shelves. It’s also a confusing time for writers, publishers and readers who might be confused as to how these books are defined. I know I am.

I’ve been a fan of spec-fiction since I was a kid. I remember sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night and turning on the TV while my parents slept to watch Outer Limits, Twilight Zone and Creature Feature. Besides TV, I read stacks of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Back then, to my knowledge, they only had the “fantasy” type: J.R.R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) or “science fiction” type: Isaac Asimov (Foundation Series). I also read a lot of ghost stories, but I’m not sure what genre they fell under. Maybe Supernatural?

Now, it’s a different story. New sub-genres keep appearing: Urban fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal, Historic Paranormal, Steampunk, Magical Realism, etc. There are so many vampire books out there they could be considered a sub-genre now, not to mention the “demon” and “shapeshifter” books. Those aren’t quite a sub-genre, not yet anyway. And I do love good vampire, demon, shapeshifter books!

Definitions of Sub-genres of Spec Fiction:

– A broad category that include one or more of these elements: vampires, ghosts, demons, witches, psychic powers, supernatural themes, alternative/otherworlds, etc. Other sub-genres (sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, etc.) may be labeled paranormal or paranormal romance when a book is sold depending on a publisher’s preference.

Urban Fantasy – Usually includes a modern cityscape—made up or real—with paranormal/fantasy elements (vampires, shifters, demons, elves, witches, other magical creatures and/or powers. These are usually darker, edgier stories. Some define this a modern Gothic.
*In the romance genre, the difference between a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy is the amount of romance in the story and the theme. Urban fantasies can have a romance but it’s not the dominate element in the story, it usually centers around a strong female protagonist and doesn’t have to have a happily ever after ending. Paranormal romance centers around a hero and heroine and does have a happily ever after/or happily for now ending.

Fantasy – Can be light or dark, can incorporate magical/mythical elements.

Science Fiction – Core science based fiction incorporating hard science—physic, quantum mechanics, genetics, etc. or computers. Also philosophy and psychology.

Futuristic – Stories, of course, set in the future. Could be Urban Fantasy on earth, on another planet or alternative universes.

Steampunk – This sub-genre has many sub-types. But simply it’s a story usually set in the 1800s (but alternative modern or futuristic stories are possible) where technology has gone a bit skewed. Scientific devices tend to be powered by steam and comprised of cogs, gears and clockwork parts. See my blog post on May 23, 2010 for more details.

Magical Realism – is speculative literary fiction using highly detail fantasy elements in a realistic setting. Like a child has an ogre as an imaginary friend that goes to school with him. Only the ogre is real.

Horror – these type of stories have the capacity to frighten readers whether with real or supernatural themes.

What Category is My Book?

So you’ve written a vampire, werewolf, ghost story set in an alternative historic London with paranormal steampunkish elements. What the heck to you call it? Urban Fantasy? Paranormal Romance? Steampunk? Gail Carriger’s book, Changeless has all these elements. The spine lists it as “Fantasy Horror”.

I pity my editor when I send in my books because half the time I don’t know what to call them. My last book, DRAGON WITCH, has a dragon shifter, a witch, space travel and takes place in the future on another planet. Is it paranormal? Sci-Fi? Futuristic? Fantasy? Shapeshifter? Ellora’s Cave lists it under their Aeon line: Futuristic/Sci-Fi.

The difficult part comes when writers want to pitch their story to an editor or agent and can’t decide what category to call it. When a book can fall into a number of different sub-genres, the publisher/marketing people usually decide to place it according to where they think the market is strongest at that time. When you’re pitching, keep it simple. Pick a sub-genre you feel the main theme of the book fits best. If the book is sold, the publisher will decide what genre to sell it under.

A couple definitions that I learned at the last conference I went to: The difference between Alternative worlds and Otherworlds. I’d always thought they were pretty much the same, but apparently they’re not.

Alternative World – is a real place with paranormal elements. Like in the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer’s. It’s set in Forks, Washington. That’s a real place but there are vampires and weres living there.
Otherworlds – Are settings that are fictitious, completely made up, like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter’s series, by J.K. Rowling.

What sub-genre is your current WIP?

As an aside: SECRET SOIREE, my next story from Ellora’s Cave (not a Speculative Fiction story), will be released on November 26th. Destiny Noir is living a secret life for a very good reason. What happens when her secret is exposed?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know I'm way over due for a more entertaining blog post. Two conferences back to back, edits for a book and a couple other projects have set me back on my schedule. But I'll post something soon. Promise! In the meantime, I'm very excited about my news: I just received an email that DAMNED AND DESIRED finaled in the EPPIES--The EPIC eBook Awards for the Erotic Paranormal Romance category. EPIC is the Electronically Published Internet Coalition.

Winners will be announced at the EPICon Conference on March 10-13, 2011 in Williamsburg, VA

Here's the blurb for the book: She’s a demon, he’s a shapeshifting leopard. From their first meeting in the Arizona desert, passion ignites and trouble begins. As a demon, Sakari Lock must harvest lifeforce energy through sexual seductions to sustain her exiled world. But when Sakari meets Brad, she breaks the number one rule of Anartia—don’t get personal with your quarry.

Physician’s assistant Brad Montag is drawn to Sakari’s lustful advances with a blazing desire he can’t explain, unaware of how dangerous she is. No matter how enticing, she’s a complication he doesn’t need until he can conquer his past and regain control of his shapeshifting abilities. Sex this wicked and good can only lead to disaster.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Bite Award-Dragon Witch

Bitten by Paranormal Romance gave DRAGON WITCH, my Ellora's Cave novella, a Top Bite Award!! Here's the review:

"Dragon Witch is an out of this world story, that's fun and very hot! I truly enjoyed excellent short story, that’s mixed paranormal and fantastica. If you like action, adventure, emotions and hot sex with some m/f/m action this maybe for you. I loved both the hero and heroine with the added dragon, that at a point will surprise you for what he really is. Kathy knows how to write a short Novella that makes since and fun with added surprises." ~5 Alpha Howls, 4 Alarm Fire.

More Good News!!

New Sale! I recently sold a new story to Ellora's Cave entitled "Secret Soiree", a contemporary erotic romance. This will be a Quickie, a short story. I'll keep you posted on the release date.

BLURB: Performing kinky sex shows at private parties should be easy for two part time lovers. When Darius makes an offer to help Destiny avoid financial disaster, how can she refuse? The money’s good, the sex scorching.

Amazed by how uninhibited she can be, Destiny is driven by a sensual need aroused by her audience. When clients begin requesting new elements of kink, Destiny easily complies, ignoring the risks. And now she is about to learn the consequences.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Destinations--If You Dare!

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado (The Shining)

As I’m getting ready to leave for another conference this weekend-New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart In a Book Conference-October 22-24th, I realized Halloween is just around the corner. I need to shop for treats for the trick-or-treaters. I just got back from Romanticon and as soon as I sort through my photos, I’ll post some here and on Facebook. But for now I was thinking about fun, creepy vacation spots for Halloween.

The leaves are changing all those beautiful colors, the air is crisp. It's a great time for hiking or bike rides. I checked out favorite getaway hot spots for Halloween vacations. Or I should say “haunt” spots. Here are a few suggestions:

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
Remember The Shining Stephen King’s novel turned into a movie. This is the hotel. After Stephen King spent a creepy, isolated weekend here with his family in the early 70s, he got the idea for his novel. Good luck getting room 217, where King is supposed to have stayed, or room 408, which is considered the most haunted room in the hotel. Creepy, oh yeah. Each year the proprietors throw a “Shining Ball”. The hotel celebrated its 100th birthday last year.

Queen Mary Corridor

The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California
The Queen Mary is probably the second most talked-about ocean liner in the world, next to the Titanic. Launched in 1934, it was retired in 1967 and is now a floating hotel. The last four decades, its developed a reputation as a paranormal hot spot. A very eerie place, but very beautiful.

The Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California
The Hotel Del Coronado is located near San Diego and is considered to be the most haunted hotel in the country. A pricy location for a get-away spot. Way too pricy for me. Kate Morgan is said to be the shy ghostly resident.

The Logan Inn in New Hope, Pennsylvania
I have to add my own choice of a Halloween vacation get-away, because I’ve stayed in this one a few times but not around Halloween. The town does have a ghost tour. I always wanted to do that. The Logan Inn was established as an inn in 1727 and is the longest, continuously run inn in the United States. New Hope is a small village along the Delaware River and is said to be the most haunted town in America. And the Logan Inn, one of the most haunted buildings. I didn’t see any ghosts while dh and I stayed there. But I did have rather strange dreams.

During the Revolutionary War they used the basement as a crematorium. Guests and staff report seeing soldiers wandering the halls. The original owner’s mother, Emily is said to haunt room six by opening drawers, rearranging luggage, changing the heat in the room. The scent of lavender sometimes drifts around a painting. The Logan Inn is my pick. Although I would like to try the Stanley Hotel too.
What are your ideas for a Halloween vacation?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Road Trip--RomantiCon

RomantiCon is just days away. October 7-10th
I’m packed—sort of—I have way too many shoes, but what the heck. A 1920’s flapper dress? Yep. Yeah, well that’s the theme party for Friday night. Should be fun, but I can’t do the Charleston to save my life. Promo material is boxed up and directions for the 7 hour drive are printed. I also went over my lecture notes. I’m giving a workshop on Screenwriting Tools for Building a Novel on Saturday afternoon.

I really look forward to these conferences and especially meeting with the authors and readers I chat with on the loops. Seeing the Ellora’s Cave staff is a treat too. They’re a great group of people who work so hard and are so good to their authors. I don’t know how they manage to do all they do. My editor Helen Woodall will be coming out from Australia—a 30 hour flight for her. Yikes! Just the thought makes me tired. But I’m so glad she can make it. She’s such a sweet and supportive lady, not to mention a fabulous editor.

Cris Anson will again be traveling with me—Thank God. Someone to help navigate and keep me company. We can brainstorm a book or two on the way.

EC authors: Cris Anson & Kathleen Coddington

Ellora’s Cave is celebrating their ten year anniversary. Wow. Hard to imagine it’s been that long already. I’ve only been with them for three years but they’ve grown quite a bit. EC has a cool blog run by the editors if you haven’t checked it out, you should.
Another EC blog worth perusing

So, if you’re going to RomantiCon, please look me up and say hi! If not, try to go next year. It’s really worth going. I’ll be signing Desert of the Damned and Damned and Desired and also cover flats of Dragon Witch.

See you there.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Banned Book Week

Library at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Check out the blog post at my publisher’s blog on September 25th at Redlines and Deadlines ( It’s about National Banned Book Week September 25- October 2, 2010. This is an annual event sponsored by booksellers, libraries and publishing organizations to celebrate the freedom to read.

The slogan this year is “Think for yourself and let others do the same.”

Here’s a link to the list of the top 100 banned books from 2000-2009: Some of the titles may surprise you.
A few of the books on the list include the Harry Poster series by J. K. Rowling; Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain; The Color Purple by Alice Walker; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; Bridge To Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson; Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley; Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut; Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury’s book, Fahrenheit 451, truly surprised me since it’s a story about banning and burning books to the extreme. Check out the complete list. I have to smile because many of the books on the list were required reading when I was in school. Hats off to the New Jersey school system!

Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland

Books are challenged, according to the American Library Association, to protect others, mostly children from difficult ideas and information. Shouldn’t that be the parents’ and teachers’ decision? Books should never be banned. A warning as to the content should be sufficient. And parents should monitor what their children read and watch on TV.

The top three reasons that cause a book to be challenged:
The material is sexual explicit.
The material contains offensive language.
The material is unsuited for all age groups.

To protect our First Amendment rights, Noam Chomsky said, “If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.”

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas said, “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”