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Wassailing a Holiday Tradition

The Wassail Bowl is usually a Christmas tradition, but I decided to cook one up this year for Thanksgiving. Everyone really enjoyed it so I will probably repeat it for Christmas too. Wassailing has been an old tradition, as far back at the 1400s. It's an ale-base drink seasoned with spices and honey. Traditionally it was served in silver or pewter bowls.

The term wassail comes from an old English word "waes hail" meaning "be well". A Saxon custom at the start of the new year, the lord of the manor would shout "waes hail" and the crowd would answer "drin hail", drink and be healthy.

In future times around the holidays, people would go door to door sharing good wishes and a hot drink.

If you do a search, you'll find a variety of recipes. The one I made was very simple:

Wassail Bowl Recipe

5 parts apple cider
1 part cranberry juice
sliced orange and/or lemon slices
cinnamon sticks
whole cloves to taste (I added about a tsp.)

Heat all to simmer and serve! I heated it in a large crockpot.
Add a little rum if you like to spike it up.

As the holidays approach and you hear that Christmas Carole:

Here we come a-wassailing 
Among the leaves so green; 
Here we come a-wand'ring 
So fair to be seen. 
Love and joy come to you, 
And to you your wassail too; 
And God bless you and send you 
a happy New Year.
Classic Charles II Period Wassail Bowl 1

You'll now know what Wassailing means.
Want to know more history? 

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SERIES: Why I Like Them #romance

By guest blogger Lynn LaFleur

I’ve written six series so far, plus a collection of books which takes place in my fictional town of Lanville, Texas. I love writing about Lanville, and plan to set more books there in the future. I enjoy revisiting my characters, letting my readers know what those characters are doing ever since they received a happy ending in their own books.

I feel the same about my Anything Goes series, which takes place in a sex club on the outskirts of Dallas. I like to bring back characters my readers have already met and give them their own happy ending, or introduce you to brand new characters.

That’s what I’ve done with Three’s Perfect, the 5th book in my Anything Goes series. Those of you who have read the series will recognize some of the names, but I’ve also introduced brand new ones.

Here’s a little taste of Three’s Perfect. I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *
Sean sat back in his chair, at a loss as to what to say next. His friend had gotten married at a sex club. Sean had been out of town visiting his parents in Seattle when Gabe and Debra married. He’d hated missing their wedding, but his mother would’ve hurt him severely if he hadn’t gone home for Christmas and New Year’s.

He’d assumed the couple got married at a church or special wedding venue. Finding out his friend’s wedding had been at Anything Goes made him doubly sorry he’d missed the ceremony.

Sean cleared his throat so he could speak clearly again. “You and Debra had your wedding at a sex club?”

Gabe nodded. “Lisa Cline, one of the owners, works with Debra at the hospital. She offered the club as the venue, which included all the food, decorations, and a three-tier cake. We couldn’t say no to such generosity.”

“So, what’s it like in there?” He propped one elbow on the island, rested his temple against his fist. “I’ve heard it really is anything goes.”

“Like I said, I’ve never been a customer, but Lisa has told Debra about the club. If you can think of a sex act you want, you can do it there. Including bondage.”

Sean’s cock gave an interested leap at the mention of bondage. He’d never done that with a lover, but it had always been in the back of his mind as interesting to try.

“Want to go?” Gabe asked.

“I’ve heard it’s a closed membership.”

“I can get you an invitation as a guest.”

“Do you know if there will be other gays there?”

Gabe nodded again. “Lisa told Debra and me that several of the attendants are bi or willing to play with the same sex. Plus, a lot of the members like same-gender sex. There’s a huge play area where anyone can play with anyone. Or if you meet a member or guest you want to be with, there are private rooms available. You won’t leave unsatisfied.”

The thought tempted Sean. An evening of sex with someone—or someones—he’d never have to see again. No danger of having his heart trampled. Nothing but pleasure without any expectations of starting a relationship. “You really can get me an invitation?”

“Sure. Lisa is a good friend. So is her brother, Alex. They own the club together. Either of them would give you an invitation in a second. The club is open Friday and Saturday nights. I can get you an invitation for either day this week. As your doctor, I can verify that you don’t have any nasty STDs.”

Gabe held up one hand, stopping Sean before he spoke again. “Before you ask, everyone is tested yearly. All attendants, members, and guests have to supply a medical report proving they’re clean. The club provides condoms, and all the men are required to wear them.”

After five years with Mason, it would be weird to use condoms again. Sean loved the feeling of a guy’s cock sliding into his ass without any kind of barrier between them. However, he knew that could never happen with someone he barely knew. Common sense had to prevail over hormones.

“Do you want to go this weekend?” Gabe asked.

Why not? Maybe an evening of hot sex will wake up my muse. “Yeah. Set me up for Friday night.”

* * * * *

Find out more about my series and connected books by visiting the special page on my website: 

Other books in the Anything Goes Series:

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Elite Ghosts - Supernatural Military Heroes are Here

Elite Ghosts – Coming 11.10.15
For more than two years they’ve been ghosts. Nothing but names on empty tombstones. Men and women forced to fade into the background after being pulled from the rubble. Dead Marines saved from a fate worse than death, but ordered to stand down while their lives disappeared all around them.
Some knew it could happen if a mission exploded. Double crossed by more than just Red Wolf. But now is their time to be reborn from the flames of a Phoenix. No longer imprisoned in the shadows. A half-life between them and their future. To make things right coming back to life is their only option.
Loyalty is their salvation but damage is always more than skin deep.
A new hope. A new family. Elite Ghosts.

Target: Tungsten by Heather Long
Bradley “Tungsten” Peck. Marine. Lover. Friend. He’s the man who can get anything, find anyone, and accomplish every goal. At least he was, before he lost the only woman who mattered…he won’t stop until he gets her back or she puts a bullet in him.

Zinc's Heart by Rebecca Royce
Zinc has nothing to prove--and everything to lose.

Lithium’s Rescue by Sabrina York
He will save her…unless she saves him first.

Thallium's Submission by Anna Alexander
From now on the only orders he will follow are hers.

Nickel’s Wounds by Saranna DeWylde
Hell hath no fury like a Marine who’s lost her way. Beauty was once her currency, but for a woman who can’t feel anything but agony, she has nothing left. Except the vengeance that could destroy the one man whose love could teach her how to save herself.

Titanium’s Sacrifice by Jennifer Kacey
Titanium. Warbucks. Commander. Brother. He is all of those things. And none of them. Giving up everything to save the men and women under his command was easy until it comes to one…last…sacrifice.

Lithium’s Rescue by Sabrina York
He will save her…unless she saves him first.
Michelle Parsons is on the run. She has evidence of a plot that could destroy the country, but in order to stop her boss and his extremist cohorts from taking over the US Senate, she needs to get the information into the right hands. Trouble is, her contact, the only man she trusts, has been neutralized. She’s all alone. No one can help her.
No one, but the Elite Ghosts.
It’s a shame then, that when Benedict Butler—Codename: Lithium—shows up to bring her in from the cold, she doesn’t know if she can trust him or not. And when their relationship evolves into something more…he’s not sure he can trust himself either.
She does something to him, changes him. Heals him, somehow. And in the end, it’s difficult to say who rescued whom.

Read an Excerpt of Lithium’s Rescue!
Michelle stared at her phone as the realization that Ralley was watching her every move—had been watching her every move—whipped through her in a howl of horror. She should have known. She should have guessed.
She was well aware of ASTCORP’s capabilities—of the sensitive information they collected and processed…and how they got it. She should have assumed Ralley would keep the same leash on his employees.
The thought of being watched, listened to, spied on infuriated her.
“Fuck you, Ralley,” she snapped, though he had long ago ended the call. Still, she was certain he heard. He had ears everywhere.
The hell she would wait here for someone to come and collect her.
If Ralley knew everything—and she had to assume he did—she’d never walk away from such an encounter.
She went inside and yanked the curtains closed, even though she knew, if Ralley had eyes on her, he’d be using a thermal scan as well. Shutting him out made her feel better. Then she quickly collected her purse, cash stash and a change of underwear—as well as a knife from the kitchen—and headed for the door.
She had no idea where she was going, other than away, but that would make it harder for Ralley to find her. She didn’t have family or friends outside work. No predictable patterns. She’d slip away in the night to the bus station or the train station and hop on the first transport out of town. Wherever it was going, she would—
She froze as the horrifying sound of a lock snicking shot through the silent room.
Her eyes widened. She lifted the knife.
Hell! Why hadn’t she turned off the lights?
The door eased open with an eerie creak. No one stood in the opening, but Michelle knew better. Someone was there. The barrel of a Sig appeared, capped with a long silencer. Michelle sucked in a breath and ducked back against the wall. When a hand emerged, she slashed it with the knife and, when it clattered to the ground, she executed a roundhouse kick into the doorway in the spot she assumed a face might be.
She got it right. Her assailant flew back with a bellow, slamming into the wall in the hallway. She bolted forward through the door, but he rallied quickly and caught her around the waist. With a howl, she kneed him in the crotch and gave him a healthy punch to the kidneys. She knew all the spots where a man was weak. She’d been trained for hand-to-hand combat since birth.
But he was trained too, and he was bigger. Stronger. A stocky, burly sort with a squashed in face and piggy eyes. And speaking of piggy eyes, when he slammed into her, launching them both back into her apartment onto the floor, she gouged at his.
His response was a clout to her cheek.
It stunned her, but only for a moment.
A moment too long.
He captured both her wrists in one hand and pulled a long KA-BAR from its sheath.
The bastard smiled then, revealing a hatred for dentistry. “He wanted you alive, bitch,” he growled in a thickly accented voice. Russian, if she wasn’t mistaken. Funny what little details filtered in when one was about to die. “It wouldn’t be hard to convince him this couldn’t be helped.”
It was disturbing, the way his eyes glinted as he set the blade to her neck, as though slicing it would bring him a great deal of pleasure.
A flicker of movement behind him caught her attention and her gaze shot to the doorway. She didn’t even bother to wince when his compatriot appeared. It was hardly a surprise. These sorts rarely worked alone.
She didn’t know why her focus locked onto the newcomer’s face, why something rose within her, a wail of denial, a wash of regret. Because he was, this second villain, drop dead gorgeous.
In that second, that fleeting moment of time before she died, a great wave of sadness swamped her. In another world, another universe, another dimension, if such things existed, she would want a man like him. He was tall. Broad. Beautiful.
Their gazes clashed and his eyes narrowed. A muscle bunched in his cheek. Something that might have been cold fury rippled over his features.
And then he moved.
To her shock, he grabbed her assailant around the neck with a muscled arm and levered him to his feet. The knife clattered to the floor. The first man howled and flailed, kicking and scratching at the second in a frenzy to be free. He whipped down, throwing the second man over his shoulders and onto the ground—but the beautiful warrior bounded to his feet and faced his foe with a snarl.
They circled each other, there in the foyer of her apartment, each taking the others’ measure. Michelle would have run, but they were blocking the door, damn it all anyway.
She grabbed the knife though, as it was in range, and scuttled back. She needed to be ready to face the victor when this was over. She had no idea why they were fighting over her, no idea who the second man was, but it hardly mattered. She wasn’t leaving with either of them. She didn’t trust anyone.
It was probably completely idiotic that deep down, in the well of her soul, she hoped the handsome man won. Being handsome didn’t make him a good man. In fact, it often meant the opposite.
The two men came together in a bone-crunching rush. The fight was furious. Fists and grunts and pummeling. The dull thuds of flesh on flesh. The crack of bones. The wet retort of splattering flesh.
It quickly became clear, the pig-eyed man didn’t stand a chance.
The warrior, the beast, demolished him with clout after ruthless, savage clout. With one crushing punch, he sent the smaller man teetering back onto the carpet. He didn’t move.
Michelle paid him little mind. She kept her eyes on the victor, the large and looming man with a sinfully beautiful face. Though she held the knife before her, it trembled.
He stared down at the broken man and his lips quirked in what might have been a smile. Or not. He cracked his knuckles and turned his attention to her. His eyes were cold, emotionless. His expression harsh.
“Strip,” he said.
Just that one word.

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Release Party, November 11:
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Sabrina’s Tiara Giveaway!

About Sabrina York

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Get updates, alerts and giveaway announcements from Sabrina here:

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Dirty Dates - Erotic Fantasies for Couples @dirtydatesbook

Do you like BDSM erotic? Rachel Kramer Bussel has a new anthology coming out on November 10th, which happens to be her birthday! DIRTY DATES-Erotic Fantasies for Couples has 22 hot stories of kinky date nights. Blindfold, handcuffs, flogger, spanking?

What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs, or a spanking? The couples inDirty Dates combine kink and romance in this collection of erotic stories that provides plenty of ideas for your next sexy outing. Your 50th date can be even hotter than the first ones if you play by the rule of Rachel Kramer Bussel, which means NO rules at all except for an emphasis on pure pleasure. Rachel Kramer Bussel has quickly become America's favorite erotic writer with dozens of best-selling books, awards, and deeply satisfied readers to her credit. Dirty Dates is a delectable collection of stories redolent with romance featuring two people in lust. From first dates to long-term lovers to hook-ups and missed connections, the common theme is coming together in every sense of the word!

Need some ideas to spice up date nite? Within the pages of this book, there are a number of kinky couples who know just how to do that. Naughty adventures, play parties, bondage, role playing or pushing the limits beyond that sexy comfort zone in the bedroom. Want something more creative than the usual dinner and a movie???

Hmmm. Then grab your hunky date and sit down to read these stories. You’ll need someone close by to—Ahem—take out your inspiration on.

There are plenty of stories to please and entice your curiosity or kinky, erotic read fetish. Besides all that, it’s a fun and entertaining read. On your next date, maybe you can pour a glass of wine and read these stories aloud. And see how the night goes.

Amazon        Kindle            Barnes & Noble
Nook            Amazon UK    Kindle UK
Powells     IndieBound (find it at your local bookstore)

Check out the her blog to read the intro: Very cool!!

Want to follow on Twitter? @dirtydatesbook  
Or LIKE their Facebook page:

Here’s the table of contents and introduction:

Introduction: Kinky Is as Kinky Does
The Corset Dorothy Freed 
The Swap Jade A. Waters
Slow Burn Morgan Sierra 
The World in My Pants Valerie Alexander
Lying Down Kathleen Delaney-Adams 
The Rabbit Trap Nik Havert 
Closing Time Elise Hepner 
A Thousand Miles Apart Tilly Hunter 
Switch Mina Murray 
The Birds and the Bees Giselle Renarde 
Potluck Alva Rose 
Magic Words Emily Bingham 
Polka-Dot Dress Erzabet Bishop 
Baby Steps Justine Elyot 
On Location D. L. King 
Well Lit Sara Taylor Woods 
A Soundproof Room with a View Leigh Edward Gray 
Recipe for Punishment Jacqueline Brocker 
Cry to Me Skylar Kade 
Needles Kathleen Tudor
Admitting It Is the First Step Rachel Kramer Bussel

Check out other books and find out the latest by Rachel Kramer Bussel:

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SWEET SENSATIONS - A Sweet Hot #Romance #BoxSet


Sweet Sensations
Featuring Lynn’s story “In the Cards”
Publisher: Under the Sun
Release Date: Coming November 24, 2015 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Collection of Novellas
Cover Design by: Syneca

Billionaires, an Armed Forces officer, an heiress, and more, these eight contemporary stories offer the sugar and the spice of romance in one beautifully edited boxed set. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love as you read this collection by multi-published authors. 

IN THE CARDS, by Lynn LaFleur 
Catherine found her fantasy man stepping out of a greeting card… 
Can love break a curse put on Kane centuries ago, and bring him to her forever, this time? 

LOVE ME FOREVER, by USA TODAY bestseller, Ari Thatcher 
Lovers for one idyllic summer, he said he’d call but never did… 
When the laid-back billionaire and the new divorcee meet again by chance, 
Can they rekindle a summer love to last forever? 

A self-made billionaire, Jared has come home to the Smoky Mountains, 
Looking for an elusive something that’s missing from his life… 
Will he find it in the arms of Althea, a simple country quiltmaker? 

LOVE THROUGH A LENS, by Lucy Felthouse 
On location shooting film together, 
New graduate, Celene, is drawn to Edward, a British actor 30 years her senior… 
Can the inevitable romance between them blossom into love? 

MAJOR PLEASURE, by Denise A. Agnew 
Jemma has always wanted Blaine, but his Army career makes her afraid to give her heart… 
Will love let her overcome her fear, 
And commit to forever with the hot Special Forces officer? 

LOVING A GO-GO, by Anh Leod 
Lexie, an heiress, finds her match 
In fellow boot fetishist, Adrian, who sells shoes in her family’s store… 
Can a sexy romp during the holidays lead to a lasting relationship between these two? 

ESCAPING THE PAST, by L. M. Connolly 
His shady past, her present danger, and an international plot bring Jade and Gary together… 
Can love thrive as they dodge bullets from New York to Naples and beyond? 

CAT’S PLAY, by Marilu Mann 
In a sexy game of cat’s play, a thief and a billionaire make some interesting discoveries 
about each other… 
Will they learn things aren’t always exactly as they seem? 

IN THE CARDS by Lynn LaFleur:
Catherine Ryan has to find the perfect birthday card for her sister. Instead, she finds a card with the exact image of her fantasy man. She never expected to find a picture of the man of her daydreams—the same man of her erotic nighttime dreams. She doesn’t hesitate to buy the card, but keeps it for herself instead of giving it to her sister.
She’s shocked when the man in the card comes to life. She falls deeply in love with Kane, and he with her. But a curse placed on Kane centuries ago has to be broken before she can have her happily ever after with the man she loves.
(Previously published as It’s in the Cards. The set also contains stories by Lucy Felthouse, Ann Jacobs, Denise A. Agnew, Anh Leod, L.M. Connolly, Marilu Mann, and Ari Thatcher.)
Pre-order Ebook:
* * *
Hunger gnawed at him, so he ate heartily. She remained silent while she ate. He took his cue from her and also ate without speaking. When he finished his meal, he pushed his empty plate aside and sipped his tea while waiting for her to finish.
She laid her fork in her empty plate and set it on top of his. Leaning forward, she rested her forearms on the table. “Did my sister send you?” she asked.
“I do not know your sister. No one sent me here. You are my mate.”
“You don’t even know my name. How can I be your ‘mate’?”
“I do not need to know your name. I know in my heart we are meant to be together.”
“You still want me to believe you came from that card?”
“I am no longer there. What other explanation do you have for that?”
“I don’t have any other explanation, but what you’re saying is crazy. People don’t materialize out of birthday cards!”
“They do if they are under a spell.”
She blinked. “A spell?”
She remained quiet for several moments. “I think you’d better start at the beginning, Kane.”
Needing to move while he spoke, Kane rose and paced the small area between the table and cabinets. “I told you I do not remember many details from my past. What I do remember is being…involved with someone who cared more for me than I cared for her.”
“You were lovers?”
“Yes, for a short while. I told her she was not my true love and I could not marry her. When I tried to end our relationship, she became very angry. She was a sorceress and told me if she could not have me, no one could. She cast a spell that I would remain imprisoned until my true love found me.” He stopped by her chair. “You found me and set me free.”
“You’ve been imprisoned in a greeting card?”
“I do not know the details of my imprisonment, nor how long I have been captive.” Kneeling by her chair, he took her hand in his. “I only know that you found me and set me free. That means you are my one true love.”
He placed one finger over her mouth to stop her words. “My memory may be unclear, but my feelings are not. I knew the moment I saw you how I feel about you. I have waited for you a long time.” He cradled her cheek in his hand and rubbed his thumb over her lips. “I know of your dreams of me. I do not know how I know, I simply do. You would not have dreamed of me for so long if we were not meant to be together.” His thumb brushed her lips again. “You are my true love.”