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SWEET SENSATIONS - A Sweet Hot #Romance #BoxSet


Sweet Sensations
Featuring Lynn’s story “In the Cards”
Publisher: Under the Sun
Release Date: Coming November 24, 2015 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Collection of Novellas
Cover Design by: Syneca

Billionaires, an Armed Forces officer, an heiress, and more, these eight contemporary stories offer the sugar and the spice of romance in one beautifully edited boxed set. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love as you read this collection by multi-published authors. 

IN THE CARDS, by Lynn LaFleur 
Catherine found her fantasy man stepping out of a greeting card… 
Can love break a curse put on Kane centuries ago, and bring him to her forever, this time? 

LOVE ME FOREVER, by USA TODAY bestseller, Ari Thatcher 
Lovers for one idyllic summer, he said he’d call but never did… 
When the laid-back billionaire and the new divorcee meet again by chance, 
Can they rekindle a summer love to last forever? 

A self-made billionaire, Jared has come home to the Smoky Mountains, 
Looking for an elusive something that’s missing from his life… 
Will he find it in the arms of Althea, a simple country quiltmaker? 

LOVE THROUGH A LENS, by Lucy Felthouse 
On location shooting film together, 
New graduate, Celene, is drawn to Edward, a British actor 30 years her senior… 
Can the inevitable romance between them blossom into love? 

MAJOR PLEASURE, by Denise A. Agnew 
Jemma has always wanted Blaine, but his Army career makes her afraid to give her heart… 
Will love let her overcome her fear, 
And commit to forever with the hot Special Forces officer? 

LOVING A GO-GO, by Anh Leod 
Lexie, an heiress, finds her match 
In fellow boot fetishist, Adrian, who sells shoes in her family’s store… 
Can a sexy romp during the holidays lead to a lasting relationship between these two? 

ESCAPING THE PAST, by L. M. Connolly 
His shady past, her present danger, and an international plot bring Jade and Gary together… 
Can love thrive as they dodge bullets from New York to Naples and beyond? 

CAT’S PLAY, by Marilu Mann 
In a sexy game of cat’s play, a thief and a billionaire make some interesting discoveries 
about each other… 
Will they learn things aren’t always exactly as they seem? 

IN THE CARDS by Lynn LaFleur:
Catherine Ryan has to find the perfect birthday card for her sister. Instead, she finds a card with the exact image of her fantasy man. She never expected to find a picture of the man of her daydreams—the same man of her erotic nighttime dreams. She doesn’t hesitate to buy the card, but keeps it for herself instead of giving it to her sister.
She’s shocked when the man in the card comes to life. She falls deeply in love with Kane, and he with her. But a curse placed on Kane centuries ago has to be broken before she can have her happily ever after with the man she loves.
(Previously published as It’s in the Cards. The set also contains stories by Lucy Felthouse, Ann Jacobs, Denise A. Agnew, Anh Leod, L.M. Connolly, Marilu Mann, and Ari Thatcher.)
Pre-order Ebook:
* * *
Hunger gnawed at him, so he ate heartily. She remained silent while she ate. He took his cue from her and also ate without speaking. When he finished his meal, he pushed his empty plate aside and sipped his tea while waiting for her to finish.
She laid her fork in her empty plate and set it on top of his. Leaning forward, she rested her forearms on the table. “Did my sister send you?” she asked.
“I do not know your sister. No one sent me here. You are my mate.”
“You don’t even know my name. How can I be your ‘mate’?”
“I do not need to know your name. I know in my heart we are meant to be together.”
“You still want me to believe you came from that card?”
“I am no longer there. What other explanation do you have for that?”
“I don’t have any other explanation, but what you’re saying is crazy. People don’t materialize out of birthday cards!”
“They do if they are under a spell.”
She blinked. “A spell?”
She remained quiet for several moments. “I think you’d better start at the beginning, Kane.”
Needing to move while he spoke, Kane rose and paced the small area between the table and cabinets. “I told you I do not remember many details from my past. What I do remember is being…involved with someone who cared more for me than I cared for her.”
“You were lovers?”
“Yes, for a short while. I told her she was not my true love and I could not marry her. When I tried to end our relationship, she became very angry. She was a sorceress and told me if she could not have me, no one could. She cast a spell that I would remain imprisoned until my true love found me.” He stopped by her chair. “You found me and set me free.”
“You’ve been imprisoned in a greeting card?”
“I do not know the details of my imprisonment, nor how long I have been captive.” Kneeling by her chair, he took her hand in his. “I only know that you found me and set me free. That means you are my one true love.”
He placed one finger over her mouth to stop her words. “My memory may be unclear, but my feelings are not. I knew the moment I saw you how I feel about you. I have waited for you a long time.” He cradled her cheek in his hand and rubbed his thumb over her lips. “I know of your dreams of me. I do not know how I know, I simply do. You would not have dreamed of me for so long if we were not meant to be together.” His thumb brushed her lips again. “You are my true love.”

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