Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zen for Writers and Readers

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(Especially for Those Who Love the Thriller & Suspense Genres)

Have you ever watched a thriller/suspense movie late at night and had troubling sleeping? Or dreamt about it? Or if you’re a writer of these exciting genres, and you write or do research late into the night, does it keep you up at night? I love alpha-male military, CIA, Navy Seal, secret agent, Black Ops stories. It gets my heart thumping. But sometimes my brain won’t shut off at night.

I’m in the final revision stages for RED TAPE PROTECTOR, Book 2 in my FLC series. It’s a thriller romantic suspense (erotic) with a light BDSM element. The story is set around a White House secret society, a private ex-military training site, lots of hunky alpha males, sexy romance, a secret security team, abductions, scandals, terrorists and more. I write until 11 p.m. or midnight almost every night. Is there any wonder I’m not sleeping at night? I keep going over the scenes in my head and occasionally wake up with nightmares.

A writer friend (thanks Mitzi) said she uses a cool APP for her smart phone called Zen Meditation or Relax Oriental Melodies. They have tons of them. They have an APP for everything these days. This APP plays a variety of nature sounds like ocean waves, thunderstorms, whale sounds, a Tibetan bell, birds, chimes, waterfall, winter wind, rain on umbrella, even a fan or air conditioner. It also plays a variety of soft music like flute, harp, oriental, new age. And sounds called ‘green noise’, ‘pink noise’, ‘green garden’, ‘awakes’, etc. You can mix a few of the sounds to play together. So, I decided to give it a try. I don't have any affiliate links with this, by the way. Not making any money on this. 


Benefits- I’ve read or that have helped me:

·        *Use while traveling if you have trouble sleeping in hotels.
·         *Help with insomnia in general.
·         *Use to drown out outside noise like traffic, people, etc. to help sleep or focus on    work.
·         *I’ve found it does help me sleep.
·         *It also helps me focus during writing.

Red Tape Protector, Book 2 -Coming Soon!
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Blurb: An impossible mission she doesn’t choose to accept, but can’t refuse.

Love. Sex. Danger. Sexy as hell black-ops agent, Jag Denison, is hired to train Alana MacKenna for an undercover security job she doesn’t want, but can’t refuse. After a critical mistake that nearly killed her and exposed the secret White House organization called the FLC, she’s determined to salvage her reputation and return to her job. The FLC uses sex scandal and coercion as political weapons, and Alana had participated as a submissive. Jag is also all Dom and is equally skilled at teaching survival techniques and expanding her sexual boundaries. Love and desire take them completely by surprise at the secluded training facility, but when the true nature of her new position is revealed, it could endanger their mission and shatter their world. Romantic Suspense, erotic thriller, BDSM

RED TAPE, Book 1-Sparks fly between two ex-CIA agents when a White House sex scandal spins out of control and turns deadly.
Bondage in the White House. Hot passion explodes when two headstrong CIA agents and ex-lovers are hand-picked for a secret organization that uses sex and scandal to manipulate a sadistic leader. Danger escalates when their target discovers the plan and devises his own scheme. The mission and love affair spins out of control, forcing a decision between love, loyalty or national security.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Did 50 Shades of Grey Choose the Wrong Actor?

With all the misconceptions about the BDSM lifestyle, I considered the book 50 Shades of Grey overall to be a positive step to the erotic romance genre, especially BDSM. Because EL James’ book brought this genre out into the open and made it mainstream, the book made BDSM acceptable to some degree, or at least acceptable to read. Want proof? Take a look at how many months her books have remained on the bestseller lists.

I do have my concerns about the book, mainly how the author portrayed the ‘hero’ as having mental issues and that’s why he craved this type of sex. The book made it sound as if BDSM was abnormal. The author absolutely had every right to portray her characters anyway she likes, and write her story. And I congratulate her on writing a series that resonated so well with a vast number of readers! My concern is that readers being introduced to the BDSM lifestyle for the first time by reading this book might assumed that ALL those involved in the lifestyle must be abnormal like Christian Grey. Far from the truth.

I remember a while ago, there was so much talk going around about who would be the actor to portray Christian Grey. The actor Jaime Dornan got the role and I recently heard about his interview with Elle magazine. Now I’m convinced they should’ve chosen someone else. His negative comments about the diverse lifestyle and sexual orientation of BDSM truly surprised and saddened me. For someone who went to a dungeon to observe Dominance and submission to better understand his role in 50 Shades, he better be good at faking it, because he completely missed the point, and frankly, I don’t know how he can do a good job ‘acting’ like he enjoys it even for the movie. Even if a particular lifestyle doesn’t meet with your tastes, his rude and close-minded comments, well, says a lot about his character.

Dorman’s comment to Elle about his visit to the BDSM dungeon: ‘I saw a dominant with one of his two submissives. I was like: ‘Come on guys, I know I’m not paying for this, but I am expecting a show.’”

He later said after he left he went back to his wife and newborn baby and, ‘I had a long shower before touching either of them.’

Seriously? This made me cringe and I would like to ask this actor, “What century are you living in?” Certainly, everyone has different tastes concerning sensuality. I felt his comments were rude, insensitive and intolerant.

Dr. Charley Ferrer, Clinical Sexologist and BDSM Advocate, said about the interview: “I find it appalling that an actor who’s being paid millions to represent a sexual lifestyle orientation would make such derogatory comments. Perhaps films should require their actors to sign contracts were the actors don’t discriminate against those who butter their bread. Or perhaps, Dorkan doesn’t know how to comport himself without cue cards and a camera. Then again, we can’t expect much from an underwear model, can you?”

Dr. Ferrer gives spankings for Christian Grey and also to Dorman’s remarks, “As someone who embraces this sexual orientation and teaches individuals around the world about the truths associated with Dominance and submission, I take offense to Dorkan’s comments as they perpetuate a bias which leads to discrimination and bigotry. It makes me wonder if he would also go to a gay bar or shake hands with an African American and declare his need for, “…a long shower before touching either of them [wife and baby]."

I won’t be watching this film when it comes out on Valentine’s Day.

***There are so many books out there on BDSM that portray the lifestyle as a loving and deeply compassionate relationship, not dysfunctional or cruel. I wish they would make a film from one of those books.***

If you have a favorite BDSM novel that you think would make an awesome movie, please share in the comments. I’d love some great reading suggestions!

If you want to learn and experience the BDSM lifestyle check out the  BDSM Writers Con August 20-23 in New York City Given by Dr. Charley Ferrer. Here you’ll discover that the BDSM community is made up of men and women who respect and care for each other....not to mention have the decency to show respect for those that follow other sexual orientation.