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Get Lucky, A Sex Irish Romance Box Set Collection

GET LUCKY - A Collection of Sexy Irish Romance Novellas by Denise A. Agnew,Faith Andrews, Monique DuBois, Lynn LaFleur, Lisa Hughey, Titania Ladley, Megan J. Parker  and Nathan Squiers

Special Price: $.99 for all 7 books!!

Featuring Lynn LaFleur's story: "Romancing Raine"
Sequel to Mirage
Publisher: Excessia
Released Date: March 16, 2015
Genre: Contemporary MF, St. Patrick's Day
Length: Collection of Novellas

Excerpt from Romancing Raine:
Kaylen entered the living room to find Raine sitting in a corner of the couch, her legs crossed. He’d turned on the two lamps to their lowest setting. Their soft light mixed with the candlelight turned her skin golden. He almost stumbled at the sight, she looked so beautiful.

He sat next to her, splashed wine in each glass. After handing one wineglass to Raine, he tapped it with his. “To an evening of good food, good wine, and good company.”

Raine smiled at his toast before she took a sip of her wine. “Oh, that’s good.”

“Told you. Wait until you taste the filet.”

“I can hardly wait.”

To prove her words, her stomach rumbled. Kaylen laughed while Raine blushed. “Hungry?”

“Obviously. I haven’t had anything to eat since the torte in your plane.”

“I hope you like French Onion soup. I ordered that instead of salad.”

“I love it.”

“Good.” He glanced into his wineglass, amazed that he continued to feel so nervous about this evening. “It isn’t a good idea to invite a woman to dinner and not find out what she likes or dislikes.”

“I’m not a picky eater. Except for artichokes.” She shivered. “I can’t imagine why anyone would eat them.”

He tapped her glass again with his. “I agree with you there.”

Raine sipped her wine, then openly studied his face. “We seem to agree on a lot of things.”

“Like what?” he asked, stretching his arm along the back of the couch behind her.

“Music. I loved all the songs you played while we were flying today, and what’s playing now. Food.” She lifted her glass an inch. “Wine.”

“I like wine, but I’m not an expert. I asked Kaci what went best with filet. She suggested either Merlot or Bordeaux.”

“I’ll tell you a secret.” She leaned closer to him. Kaylen bent his head so she could whisper in his ear. “I’m not an expert either. I just know what tastes good.”

Kaylen laughed again, delighted at her honesty and humor. Very little about this woman didn’t delight him.

He lifted tendrils of her hair, rubbed them between his thumb and forefinger. So soft, and his touch released the scent of flowers. “You’re so beautiful, Raine.”

“That sounds like something a man would say to a woman before he kisses her.”

“It could be, if that woman wants a kiss.”

“She wants it very much,” she said softly.

Only too happy to grant her request, Kaylen pressed his lips to hers in a gentle kiss. He tasted the wine on her breath, mixed with the unique flavor of Raine.

He knew immediately that one taste wouldn’t be enough.

Tilting his head a bit, Kaylen kissed her again. He draped his arm around her shoulder, pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss. His lips moved over hers, noting their softness and the way they gave beneath his. He touched the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue. She rewarded his action by parting her lips so he could taste her more fully.

A soft moan from her throat went directly to his balls. They tightened as his cock hardened. Without lifting his mouth from her, Kaylen reached across Raine and set his wineglass on the end table. Now he could wrap both arms around her, feel her soft, firm breasts press against his chest.

Raine pulled away from him long enough to set down her glass also, then she returned to his arms. Her hands tunneled into his hair, holding his head in place while she ravished his mouth. Kaylen didn’t mind giving up control to her. Whatever happened would give both of them incredible pleasure.

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5 Myths About BDSM Lovers

I’ve been writing romance stories containing BDSM for several years now, and I’m surprised how many misconceptions there are about this lifestyle. BDSM is the acronym for Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism. The form of interactions and behaviors between those involved in the BDSM world and the vanilla world are different. To some, the vanilla world may be considered the norm, meaning commonly accepted, not to be confused with “normal”!

Just because BDSM practices are not considered the ‘norm’, they should not be considered abnormal, harmful or perverted.

A recent comment I saw on Facebook made me cringe. The person was commenting to a post about the Fifty Shades movie: “I’d never let my boyfriend hit me. What kind of man would hit his woman?” A man who would hit a woman in anger, absolutely is wrong. And that woman is right about standing up for herself and not allowing that situation to occur. BUT that is not a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship. In a BDSM relationship, there is no anger and the submissive is in control allowing the interaction. At any time, the submissive is secure in knowing he/she can stop the interaction with a single word or gesture.

BDSM Misconceptions

    1.  BDSM is Domestic Violence.
As explained above, this is not true. When a submissive decides they’ve had enough, they call out their safeword and the interaction is halted immediately. There is no safeword in a domestic violent situation. There’s no respect, the request to stop is ignored and the abuse continues.

2.  Those involved in the lifestyle have psychological issues or have been abused as children.
Far from the truth. These are mentally stable and healthy men and women from all social, educational and economic environments.  BDSM activities are performed by consenting adults. They come from all backgrounds, various religious, ethnic, sexual orientations. Straight as well as those in the GLBT community (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual).

    3.  Dominants are Bullies and Like to Exploit the Submissives
Dominants desire to establish a connection with their subs and enjoy the eroticism that is shared with that individual. They have no desire to abuse anyone or to be involved with those who are not emotionally prepared to engage in a BDSM encounter.

    4. Submissives are Insecure and have Low Self-esteem
The majority are very secure and strong willed individuals. If a submissive has low self-esteem issues, they need to work that out with their Dom first during negotiations. The Power Exchange within a D/s relationship can be emotionally or physically intense. A submissive who surrenders completely sexually, physically and emotionally to their Dom can bring much joy to the relationship but only if both are secure within themselves and their relationship.

    5.   It’s all about the sex
It doesn’t have to be about sex or sexual intercourse. Sometimes a Dom and submissive will interact to experience the power exchange or some other element of a BDSM scene. Partners do not need to be a romantic couple, but negotiations on limits should be discussed first as well as establishing a safe word. Trust and safety should always be considered. The safe word can be used to halt the session immediately if one partner feels it is necessary.

The more educated people are about BDSM, the less fearful, I hope, they will become. And I hope the fewer objections, misconceptions and prejudice. What misconceptions have you heard about this lifestyle? If you’re an author, have you had any issues with publishing your books?