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Guest Blog: for readers who enjoy "that sort of thing"

Erotic Romance Author Delphine Dryden
Photo by Brenda McMillan

Visiting with us today on the Passion Sense Blog is erotic romance author Delphine Dryden. She's talking about her book Roses and Chains, one of the books from the Ellora's Cave author series 1-800-DOM-help, a BDSM line.

-Tell us a little about the book and where did you get the idea to write this story.

Roses and Chains is about a married couple who are just starting to move towards a D/s lifestyle, and the additional partner they pick up along the way. I got the idea after reading a rather snide article somewhere online about "Unicorn Hunters" (established m/f couples with one or more bisexual partners who are on the lookout for that mythical, magical, perfect bisexual third to share their bed and/or life). I've also been reading a lot of my friend Geonn Cannon's work lately, and his specialty is stories featuring lesbian characters who aren't all about being lesbian. They just ARE, they don't really think about it, it's just inherent in the worldbuilding. So I wanted to explore the same sort of dynamic with bisexuality, a story where that was a given and the people involved really weren't concerned about analyzing that part of their sexuality.

- What is your writing schedule like?

All over the place! I'm supposed to write while the kids are at school. Unfortunately, the last two years of writing full time have done nothing to change the fact that I'm essentially a night owl and I'm really just getting warmed up to write by about the time they get home. So just as when I had a day job, I end up doing most of my writing late at night or on the weekends. I will probably never make up my sleep debt as long as I live.

- How did you get started writing novels?

 I started by writing fan fiction. One day, when I was working on my third or fourth novel-length fan fic, I had a thought that I should really work on something original that was novel-length. Then I remembered there's a term for that already: "writing novels." So I did!

- What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

This sounds obvious, but I would advise them to write. Write, write, write. Write bad drafts of novels, write short stories, write little character sketches about weird people you met that day. Actually I often suggest that people find a fandom and write some fan fic. It gives you a chance to write something long and receive a whole lot of feedback, while working within an established universe with known characters. You can build an awful lot of skills that way fairly painlessly.

I also push people (forcefully, passionately, push them) to participate in things like National Novel Writing Month. Or writing groups with a challenge aspect or word count requirement. Anything that puts the emphasis on getting words down on paper, instead of getting bogged down in thinking about planning to maybe write something, someday, when you know what you're going to write. You really can't know until you write it. Get it down on paper first, then worry about what you've written.

- If you could write another genre other than romance what would you write?

There's another genre? I think now that I've started writing romance, I'll probably always think of things in those terms when I'm writing. I suspect just about anything I wrote would end up with enough romance elements to be categorized that way. It's all about relationships, anyway.

- Are you seat of the pants writer or plotter?

A little of both. I have a structure in mind when I start, and I go back and fill in ideas about plot as I go. But I don't do a lot of outlining in advance, and once I start writing the story itself I'm pretty much just pantsing. I don't always wind up where I thought I would.

- Have any of your titles ever been changed from your original choice?

Yes indeedy! My very first title for EC, "Snow Job", was originally "Frostbite." My editor said (and I will never forget), "That's not even close to sexy." So I changed it, and have certainly gotten many a comment about the new title. But I still like the original one!

- If you could turn any of your books into a movie which book or series would it be?

Probably When in Rio. Especially if I got to go to Rio during on-location filming!

- What's next?

I'm waiting to hear back from my editor about the next "Truth & Lies" book, tentatively called "Tangled Truth". It's Drew and Eva's book, and it is shibari-tastic! I suspect she's going to want some revisions, however, so I'm sort of biting my nails until I hear from her. I've also got two short stories coming out in print anthologies later this year. One's a lesbian vampire story called "Al Dente" in the Cleis "Girls Who Bite" antho, and the other one is "Safeword" in the Berkley Heat Agony/Ecstasy anthology. So flattered to be in that collection, with Jane Litte as the editor and with stories by some authors I'm a rabid fangirl for! Plus I have a few other submissions out and about that I'm still waiting to hear from, one at a publisher that is new to me (my fingernails may never be the same).

- For fun. What is your favorite kind of chocolate or chocolate dessert? (I love chocolate covered cherries)

I adore 70% or darker chocolate with a nice smooth mouth feel, like Green & Black or Dagoba. And anything from Moonstruck Chocolates, also. But then I tend to think the most delicious piece of chocolate is whatever piece I'm eating when you ask me :-D
BLURB: Take one adorable suburban couple just starting to realize their D/s relationship isn’t quite enough to satisfy. Add one cute and quirky sub who can’t seem to find a Dom to suit her tastes. Place them in a room full of sex toys and candlelight, roses and chains…
And after a few smoking-hot nights of pleasure and exploration, all three just might find what they’re looking for.
I'm looking forward to meeting Del at Romanticon in Akron, Ohio in September. She and Christine d'Abo will be participating in the 1-800-DOM-help workshop titled: BDSM From Top to Bottom. Del and Christine are also presenting their own workshop on steampunk. Can't wait for that! I hear she has a very cool costume planned.

Want to know more about Delphine and her books? Check out her website and blog: http://www.delphinedryden.com

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The Wild World of Paranormal Romance - by Caridad Pineiro

An Interview With Author Kathy Kulig by Caridad Pineiro

Caridad Pineiro is an amazing writer and person. NYT bestseller author is well known for her THE CALLING vampire Nocturne series, her Latina CHICAS series, and her new paranormal romantic suspense series with Grand Central Publishing. The first novel of that series is SINS OF THE FLESH. Loved, loved that book! She has over two dozen books published, works a day job, is always eager to help out fellow writers and is very involved with the Liberty States Fiction Writers. (I'm a member) So it seems odd that she's interviewing ME!! I think it should be the other way around.

That's Caridad for you. This is a reprint of an article she did for a number of online ezines. (In her spare time):

Although motion pictures like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT have stirred up interest in otherworldly experiences in recent years, the paranormal romance genre has been rock solid in the publishing industry for long before the emergence of these popular movies.
According to the Romance Writers of America, in 2009 the paranormal romance genre accounted for nearly 18% of the 1.36 billion dollars in sales generated by the romance novel industry. The genre continues to grow and is expanding with the proliferation of cross-genre works in areas such as paranormal suspense, urban fantasy and paranormal erotica.

2011 Epic Finalist Kathy Kulig is one of the authors helping to expand the genre with her works and I recently had a chance to speak with her about her latest release, DRAGON WITCH from Ellora's Cave, a leading publisher of erotica.

(Dragon Witch from Ellora's Cave. 2011 PRISM Finalist)
Please tell us a little something about the DRAGON WITCH novella.

Jaida Chel is guardian to Kai, the last shapeshifting dragon on the planet of Somerled. But when Captain Brayden Stokes reenters her life, not only is Kai's life at stake, but so is Jaida's secure position in the colony. Unrestrained passion drive Jaida and Brayden into erotic encounters beyond their imagination, and Kai is the key. When secrets and betrayals are revealed, Brayden must risk everything for one last chance at love.

The characters sound fascinating! Can you give us some more detail about them?

Jaida is a biologist and a witch, combining her herbal science with magic and trying to find her place in the colony after a disaster on a previous world nearly got her and the colony killed-her fault. She's independent, strong-willed and determined to save Kai's life, the shapeshifting dragon.
Brayden is being blackmailed by his commander, many lives are at stake and Brayden has to betray the woman he loves to save them.

Where is your story set and does that influence the plotlines and characters in your stories?

DRAGON WITCH is set on Somerled. It's a harsh, tropical world on the "outer rim" of planets. Only a few scattered colonies settle in this area. The characters are tough and independent but must depend on each other for survival. Jaida has developed an herbal concoction that she has convinced the colonists must ingest regularly to protect them from poisons in the air. She fears if they knew the truth (the concoction is only a vitamin supplement and there are no airborne poisons) she would find herself without a home.

It seems as if you would have to do a substantial amount of research for your stories. Are there are any tricks you do to keep all that information readily available?

Even in paranormal stories I do a fair amount of research. I did some research in Wicca and herbal medicine for this book even though the story takes place on a fictional world with fictional plants and herbs. For other books, like my Demons in Exile series, I read up on quantum physics to help me create the alternative universe of Anartia for my demons.

What writers have influenced your novel or writing style?

Besides romance, I've been a longtime fan of science fiction. Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke are a couple favorites who probably have influenced my writing. I also like thrillers: David Morrell and Barry Eisler. And tons of romance. A few favorites: JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Janet Evanovich.

Just for fun: Chocolate or wine?

Oh, both please! Milk chocolate and white wine. Better yet, chocolate covered cherries, my fav.
For those interested in finding out more about Kathy, you can visit her website at kathykulig.com or blog at kathykulig.blogspot.com. You can also keep track of Kathy at her Facebook page, via Twitter @ kathykulig. Kathy's latest releases, EMERALD DUNGEON, SECRET SOIREE, and DRAGON WITCH may be purchased at various online locations. Also look for DAMNED AND DESIRED, part of Kathy's Demons in Exiled series. DAMNED AND DESIRED was a finalist in the 2011 EPIC Awards.

Paranormal Romance Author Caridad Pineiro

Caridad Pineiro is the USA TODAY and NY Times bestselling author of over twenty novels. THE LOST, her July 26th release, is the next book in the exciting paranormal suspense SIN HUNTER series from Grand Central Publishing. For more information on Caridad, please visit http://www.caridad.com.

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Latest HOT news about EMERALD DUNGEON:

"Emerald Dungeon is a book you will absolutely love....for anyone who wishes to visit Ireland in their fantasies, and who likes some spice with their erotica." 5 Stars. ~Marissa D, Sizzling Hot Books

"EMERALD DUNGEON is a gem of a romance." ~Romance Junkies

"Emerald Dungeon is a great book. It is part of the 1-800-DOM collection, but is totally stand-alone. Go buy it now. The characters are empathetic, smart, capable, and sexy. I liked this couple from the beginning. The background is sensuous and the plot fascinating. The dialogue is well done, with enough of an Irish accent to remind you of the island. The sex is so hot it could start a peat fire. The paranormal aspect is well integrated into the story and adds to the basic plotline in a glorious manner. Congratulations to Ms Kullig for such a keeper." 5 Cups Anya, Coffee Time Romance

Also available on Amazon

**If you're checking it out, please "tag" it! If you've read it and liked it, please post a quick review, Tweet, etc. Thanks sooo much!

From the hot new 1-800-DOM-help series

Dana’s summer job as a musician in an Irish castle takes an adventurous turn after she witnesses a BDSM scene in the dungeon, and her submissive side awakens. Jack is a sexy Dominant who recognizes the sub smoldering beneath her demure exterior. His skillful commands take Dana beyond her darkest erotic fantasies.
Whips, restraints and increasing levels of pain heighten her passion, but complete surrender and ecstasy are out of her reach. Secrets and strange events around the castle only add to the couple’s troubles. Will a summer affair be enough to find what they both need? The appearance of a mysterious business card may help guide them. If Dana can accept Jack with complete trust and surrender, then ultimate pleasure and true love are possible.


“Teach me. I want to understand what this is all about.”

He closed his eyes and took in a breath, then looked at her for a long moment. “It’s not for everyone.”

“That’s what I’d like to find out.”

Abruptly, he pushed away from her, stood and walked into the kitchen area. She stared at the fire for a moment, deciding whether or not to press him. Finally, she got to her feet and went into the kitchen. “I struck a nerve. Can you tell me why?”

He nodded. “A woman I was involved with was curious about the D/s lifestyle. It wasn’t for her and she left. It was hard on both of us.”

“Well, you know ahead of time this would be a brief arrangement. I’m only here until the end of summer. Haven’t you had a casual affair before?”

“A few at the clubs.”

“Then we both know what to expect.”

“Perhaps.” But he didn’t sound convinced. What was wrong with a summer romance and sexual exploration between two adults? She’d leave Ireland with fond memories of her hunky liaison, and he might remember her as his sexy American fling. They would remain friends after. Wouldn’t they?

Then a jolt of excitement and part fear struck her. Would he tie her up like Shannon? Part of her wanted to try that and part of her was terrified of the thought. “Are you going to take me to the dungeon?”


Her insides wanted to scream at him in disappointment even though she didn’t know if she was ready for that. “Why not?”

He let out a long breath. “Because there are things we should discuss first. Limits for one. I wouldn’t want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable working here.”

“Then we can take it step by step. I promise to let you know if something makes me feel uncomfortable.” To Dana that seemed reasonable.

Jack nodded and stepped closer. Cupping her chin with his hand, he gazed deeply into her eyes. Dana held her breath. “In the middle of a scene, you may not know what you can and can’t handle. I need to know you well enough to recognize a situation that’s become too intense for you, and anticipate your needs. I don’t want to hurt you.”

If ripping off her clothes would prove her desire for him, she’d do it. But throwing herself at him wasn’t going to convince him of her hunger for exploring the kinky side of herself. “I don’t know, Jack. I may not like a D/s lifestyle. I won’t know unless I get a chance to try it out. I’m not afraid to find out if this kink is my kink. If you were an asshole, you’d be dragging me to the dungeon and hanging me upside down right now.”

He smiled.

feel uncomfortable.” To Dana that seemed reasonable.

Jack nodded and stepped closer. Cupping her chin with his hand, he gazed deeply into her eyes. Dana held her breath. “In the middle of a scene, you may not know what you can and can’t handle. I need to know you well enough to recognize a situation that’s become too intense for you, and anticipate your needs. I don’t want to hurt you.”

If ripping off her clothes would prove her desire for him, she’d do it. But throwing herself at him wasn’t going to convince him of her hunger for exploring the kinky side of herself. “I don’t know, Jack. I may not like a D/s lifestyle. I won’t know unless I get a chance to try it out. I’m not afraid to find out if this kink is my kink. If you were an asshole, you’d be dragging me to the dungeon and hanging me upside down right now.”

He smiled. “Don’t tempt me.”

“I’m serious. You’re concerned about your partner’s needs. That’s good. How would we start?”

“Another term in the lifestyle is sub or slave. There is a difference, but I won’t go into that now,” he added. “We’ll begin by you calling me Master.”

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Begging For It?...You Don't Have to

Delilah Devlin's has a hot, new release with Ellora's Cave BEGGING FOR IT and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Not only do I love, love Delilah's books but this is another in the 1-800-DOM-help author series. When a couple in the BDSM lifestyle is struggling with some issue, a mysterious business card appears with   1-800-DOM-help. The Operator will assist the caller and may refer them to a secret BDSM club called Unfettered. Here the stories get even hotter and spicier. I love this series and have enjoyed all the stories. Once I finish my current WIP, I'll be working on another.
BEGGING FOR IT by Delilah Devlin
Released Date 5/13/11

Here's what Delilah says about her new book. "It's got plenty of raunchy sex with multiple partners, a heroine searching for release, a hero ready to deliver. What more could you want? Oh yeah, it has a story too! If you do buy, be sure to star it, write a review about it, tell a friend too! Any help at all getting the word out is greatly appreciated!"
She needs punishment…before she deserves pleasure.
Tragedy scarred TJ Lipton. Now the only way she can find pleasure is when it’s delivered with a heavy-handed dose of S&M. But finding a lover who can give her what she needs proves an elusive quest—until she finds the sex club Unfettered and a Dom named Cross McNally.
Cross understands all too well what drives TJ. He takes command of her body to give her everything she needs—restraint, the stinging kiss of a flogger, the thrill of a three-way—a sexual adventure that pulls her beyond her painful past and has her begging for more of his tender brand of domination.
Chapter One
She awoke, gasping, inhaling smoke, and then began to choke. Which forced her to close her mouth and breath through her nose—a mistake because the smell of burned rubber, gasoline and something mustier and more frightening turned her stomach. She feared she’d vomit, but her seat belt gouged her waist as she hung upside down in the harness.
Something was in her eyes. She blinked but couldn’t clear the viscous fluid. Panic swelled, and then she heard a sound beside her, an odd rhythmic gurgling, and she remembered.
The driver.
Blind, she reached for him, but her fingers sank into warm, sticky blood. She began to scream…
“TJ— Yo! Wake up!”
Tansy Jo Lipton jerked, banging her head against her monitor. Sitting back, she rubbed her head and glared at her partner Marnie Croft.
“You were asleep and moaning.” Marnie’s dark curls shivered around her face as she shook her head. “Did you call that VA shrink? Honey, you can’t keep this up much longer. You need to talk to someone.”
TJ frowned. She didn’t like discussing her problems with anyone. Her demons were ones she preferred to wrestle on her own. In her own way. “We talk.”
“But do you tell him anything he needs to hear? Does he know you’re still havin’ the dream?”
Giving a shrug, TJ’s glance slid away. Then she lied through her teeth to her best friend. “I don’t get it so much anymore.”
Marnie snorted and turned away, closing TJ’s office door without saying another word.
Not that TJ blamed her friend for her anger and frustration. Marnie had held the business together when TJ was called up. She’d hoped to have her burden lightened when TJ returned from Iraq.
The problem was TJ had never really come back. Not fully. She’d left part of herself behind in the bloody hell and had returned a wizened shell of her former self.
The dream was a nightmare. One she couldn’t outrun. She’d slept so little the night before, she’d planned on only taking a catnap at her desk. However, if the puddle of drool on her desktop was any indication, she’d been out for a while. And the dream had found her again, leaving her cold.
She still shook with the horror of it.
TJ checked her watch. It was nearly time to call it quits for the day anyway. She turned off her computer, shuffled unfinished proposals into a neat stack and figured that was all she was going to accomplish. Nothing mattered anyway.
Who cared whether they raked in another fifty-grand contract for renovating office space in downtown San Antonio? Was anyone going to die if they failed?
She closed her office door and slinked down the corridor, whipping quickly past Marnie’s door. Letting Marnie down did make her itch with guilt, but not enough to spark a fire for her to do her job.
She headed toward the underground parking lot, but music blared from the door of The Shamrock, just across the street. Would Brent be there again? Would he be up for a little sex? She was bored with him. He didn’t really hit her buttons, but he was a good-looking guy with a willing dick. What more could she ask for when she needed a quick fix?
Standing at the curb, she waited for the traffic to pass. A car slowed, a darkly tinted window rolled down. A man peered up from his steering wheel.
“Not even in your dreams,” she called out, and darted into the street behind his vehicle, strangely gratified by the sound of squealing brakes.
The bar was packed with happy-hour customers. She combed her hair with her fingers and made a beeline for the tables in the back.
Brent was parked in a booth and gave her a crooked smile as she approached. “Wondered if you’d show.”
She slung her purse onto the seat opposite him then scooted in beside him, her hand going straight between his legs to cup his sex.
He jerked but eased his thighs open for her to give him a deeper caress. “I take it you’re back for more,” he murmured, and turned to nuzzle her ear.
She leaned away from the kiss he pressed against her skin. She wasn’t here to cuddle. “Let’s slip out back.”
“Now, why do I suddenly feel cheap?” he muttered.
“Because you know I only want your body.”
He grunted but let her tug his hand behind her as she slid from the seat and walked to the corridor at the back of the bar. She passed the restrooms, the bar owner’s office, and pushed open the rear exit.
There, in the middle of the alley, she reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties.
“It’s not even dark yet. Anyone could see,” he said, his voice tightening with annoyance. “And it stinks out here.”
TJ leaned into him, grabbing his hand and tucking it between her legs. No way could he miss the fact she was wet. Maybe he’d think she was hot for him. “Then go inside,” she said, raising her chin. “I’ll find someone else.”
His gaze narrowed. “Anyone ever tell you you’re a bitch?”
She smirked. “You. Last night. Tell me you weren’t waiting with a hard-on just thinking about what we did. I’ll call you a liar to your face.”
He shook his head, his eyebrows drawing into a frown. “Girl, you’ve got issues.”
“Not anything I don’t already know. But right now all I want is you inside me—and give it to me rough.”

Want to learn more about Delilah and her books? Check out her website and blog:

If you're a fan of Delilah. What's one of your favorite books??