Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Men Love Sexy Bad Girls – What Makes a Bad Girl? #Romance #kinky #erotic

In movies and in real life, several women have made a reputation for themselves as being ‘bad girls’ and the men have flocked to them. How bad is too bad? See what you think by the end of this post. See if you can share some bad girls that you know.

Here are a just a few examples of famous ‘Bad Girls’. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of them. Maybe you’ll know why they’re considered bad girls and maybe not. But know that there was usually more to their stories.

Cleopatra – Ruled Egypt and conquered powerful men through her seductive skills. Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Can’t get much more powerful than that. I wonder who else she conquered.

Bonnie Parker – a bad girl outlaw. Remember Bonnie and Clyde? Was she a manipulator/seductress? Somehow I don’t think she was just a follower.

Deborah Sampson – She impersonated a man during the Revolutionary War and fought for the Continental Army. She was honorably discharged after a year and a half of service.

Mae West – Seductive on the screen and off. In the 1930s, she was convicted of a morals charge and sentenced in New York City for ten days in jail for writing a screenplay titled Sex! The charge was for “Corrupting the morals of youth.” We’ve come a long way baby!

Elizabeth Taylor – A bad girl on and off the stage/film screen. She was known as a man-eater. With 8 husbands, she’s up there as being one of the queens of seduction. Beautiful, charming, a talented actress, and charismatic. She also was a spokesperson and promoted programs for HIV and AIDS.

Bettie Page – a beautiful curvy model who became a famous pin-up model in the 1950s and known for her daring BDSM and fetish poses, modeling bondage gear and sexy lingerie. Daring for the 1950s.

Gia Carangi – Another bad-girl supermodel. A hardcore party girl that hung out at the infamous Studio 54 in the 1970s. Sadly, Gia became a heroin addict and died of AIDS in 1986. There’s a movie about her life called Gia.

Mary Quant – The British designer who dared to invent the mini skirt in 1964. Bad girl, Mary.

There are many others. Some I admire their boldness and others I’m appalled by their evil. Their stories are fascinating either way. Of course while I’m talking bad girls, I have to mention Alana MacKenna, the bad girl in my latest book, Red Tape Protector, Book 2. Fair warning, a little promo here. Her cocky attitude got her in trouble while working in the White House. (Red Tape, Book 1). Someone tried to kill her and now she must change her identity and take on a new job as an assassin. She has to be trained and she’s not thrilled about the idea and tries to escape. There’s no way out.

Ever see the movie with Bridget Fonda Point of No Return? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loWM25F_SOY 

This is the movie trailer if you haven’t seen it. It’s in the similar vein except Alana wasn’t a criminal. This book is about how a hot, alpha guys falls for the kick ass woman he's trying to train. Do you think a female assassin is too 'bad girl' for a romance heroine?

The TV series Nikita, also had a female assassin and secret organization.  

So do you have a ‘bad’ side that men love? Care to share?  

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