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Six-Pack Stud-A-Thon #eroticromance With Jeep Diva

Six Pack Stud A Thon
Do you have a favorite cover with that hunky cover model with the six-pack abs? I do. Ellora’s Cave is famous for the hot alpha male covers. Check out one of my favorites at the bottom.

The Jeep Diva and Lea Barrymire  is hosting SIX-PACK STUD-A-THON BLOGHOP AND GIVEAWAY September 23-30 and giving lots of prizes away. I’ll be giving an eBook copy of Damned and Defiant (check out the hot cover below). The men of LaBare Dallas, Del Green, Justin Whitfield, Jeremy Mooney, and many other models and trainers will be there sharing their Hawt pics and yummy prizes.

Leave a comment and let me know who your favorite model, cover, trainer, movie guy...whomever! FOR A CHANCE TO WIN AN EBOOK COPY OF DAMNED AND DEFIANT.
And sign up on the Rafflecopter for a chance at other prizes and the GRAND PRIZE.

One of my favorites is the cover of Damned and Defiant. I love paranormal covers and this one is hot. Don’t know who the model is but he is fine. He represents my hero Dante, one of my favorite characters in my Demons in Exile series. He’s a tortured hero. He started out as a bad guy (sort of). Torn between worlds, he was trying to keep his world and his kind alive. Then he meets Haley, a mortal woman, and two worlds in two dimensions get turned upside down. The ruler from his supernatural world has the hots for him and has plans for Dante. So who do you think is standing behind Dante on the cover? Haley or the ruler, Gwyllain? I can’t give the story away, but imagine what Dante has to do for true love to win out.

Damned and Defiant by Kathy Kulig from Ellora's Cave

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SUMMER SINS & RISKY PLEASURES, #BDSM #Eroticromance Stories Coming Soon

I love sharing good news and I had a number of good ones this week. First, It's official. Contracts are signed and sent into Ellora's Cave for TWO new stories!! SUMMER SINS and RISKY PLEASURES. Yay! One is a contemporary and one a Sci-fi/paranormal and both have hot, complex characters ready to draw you into their BDSM world.

SUMMER SINS is another story in my TropiX series and these can be read in any order. SPRING BREAK is the first. In SUMMER SINS, Emma thinks she has her plan all worked out. Go to a BDSM club, get what she needs to write a juicy article for her gossip magazine and get a promotion. At the same time maybe she'll indulge in her own bondage fantasies. What she hadn't expected was to meet Master Adrian Cayne and turn her world and plans upside down.

BLURB: Master Adrian knows how to bring exquisite pain or pleasure to a woman’s body. But before he’ll take on another inexperienced submissive, she’ll have to pass a series of seductive tests to see if she’s receptive to his unique skills. He doesn't expect Emma to be the one woman who can stretch his emotional boundaries.
Emma enters Dark Odyssey, a new BDSM club, to research an article for a magazine, but finds herself craving Adrian’s domination. Teaching her about submission, Adrian draws out the hidden erotic fantasies she never knew she possessed. Emma can’t resist Adrian’s commands, deny the passion, the obsession that drives the hot sex and discipline between them. Then unexpected love and emotions drop into the mix and secrets threaten to destroy him—and them—forever.

EXCERPT: (unedited) The dress was way too short and the heels meant for fucking not walking, but she wasn’t backing out now. Parked across from the entrance of the exclusive sex club TropiX, Emma Fallon watched another car pull up and the driver hand the invitation to the guard. The wrought-iron gate slowly swung to the side and the car went up the drive.

Her invitation stuck out of her small purse. It took her weeks to get it. If she chickened out, she might never get another chance. Not to mention her boss would be pissed if she missed her deadline for Scandal Magazine.

Emma believed the best stories were ones thoroughly researched. When given an assignment to write about the hazards of bungee jumping, she went to the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado and jumped off. Another investigating the recent cavern scuba diving deaths initiated her scuba certification and a dive into the Devil’s Eye in central Florida. Rock climbing, boat racing, running with the bulls, she preferred the hands-on research. That’s what gave her stories the edge and juice her readers and boss craved. Those details would get her the hell up and out of the tabloid rag. Her dream job would be to work at USA Today, NY Times or Sports Illustrated. All her articles at Scandal had to have scandalous twists to them. As she stared at the entrance of the exclusive club, she clutched the invitation in her hands. Could she convince those in the 
BDSM lifestyle she was a newbie and curious, instead of a reporter?

She’d been told to come early for a tour before all the guests arrived. Pulling her car up to the gate, she handed her invitation to the guard. He checked her name.

“Good, evening, Ms. Fallon. First time at TropiX, I see.” The body building muscles strained to bust out of his black tee-shirt. An insignia on the upper left was of a pink palm tree and the word TropiX scripted at the bottom.

“How did you know?” Her hands tightened around the steering wheel.

He smiled. “By the color of the invitation.” He made a mark on the clipboard and handed back her invitation. 

“When you get inside ask for Daniel at the bar, he’s the assistant manager. He can find someone to give you a tour and explain the rules.”

Emma felt heat rise to her face. The curse of being a red head. She blushed too damn easy. “Thank you. I’m meeting friends, but if I don’t see them I’ll check with Daniel.”

“If you tell me your friends’ names, I can tell you if they’ve arrived.”

“Cynthia Everett and Carter Bosworth. I understand they’re regulars.”

His eyes widened. “Yes, they practically run the place. They’re here. I’m sure they’ll show you around. Enjoy your evening.”

“Thanks, I intend to.”

He opened the gate, then bent down and whispered, “Just relax and keep an open mind. No pressure to do anything. You can always be a voyeur.”

While Emma waited for the gate to swing wide enough for her car to pass through, her heartbeat kicked up until she could feel the pulse in her neck. Relax, deep breath.

She drove along an exquisitely landscaped lawn of tropical plants and palm trees. The two–story Spanish style villa had pink stucco walls and red, terra cotta tiled roof. She parked and walked to the entrance. In the summer, Florida heat and humidity didn’t ease up even at ten at night. The sticky salt air from the ocean behind the mansion instantly coated her skin.

Another guard took her hand, helped her up the stairs and opened the door. He was hot, and dressed all in black with the same tee-shirt and pink palm tree. If she had to participate as part of her research, this guy wouldn’t be bad. How far was she willing to go for a good article?
RISKY PLEASURES is the prequel short story to my Demons in Exile series. Ever wonder how the sexy demons got exiled on their alternative universe of Anartia? What did they do that was sooo bad? This is the story of Sakari and Zorian before Dante came into the picture.

BLURBSakari’s desire burns deep for the hot and erotic moments Zorian provides in his private chambers. But to get him there alone, she must risk her immortal life and the wrath of the demoness. Sexual pleasures among demon drones are strictly forbidden, and she has defied the demoness by returning to Anartia without her offering. As a skilled Disciplinarian, Zorian will do whatever it takes to train her as a proper drone by testing her sexual limits before they can indulge their own wicked urges. Sakari’s darkest secret will be their greatest risk and test of their love.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Nervous but Eager to Explore BDSM?

No Patience -- Cris Anson

That's the theme for Cris Anson's hot new release that just came out today at Ellora's Cave: NO PATIENCE It IS about BDSM. About how one woman discovers her sexual true nature and her delight in submitting to the right Dominant. 

The full blurb: Nervous but eager to explore BDSM, widowed Roseanne gets up close and personal with an erotic Dom. When he sets up some play scenes, she discovers she’s more than a bounteous handful—she’s an exhibitionist.

Her heroine is a Big Beautiful woman and the hero loves every lovely curve.

Excerpt: “You’re just the right size for me. All soft like a bunch of pillows. And you taste and smell wonderful.”


And later, when they’re in the hotel room:

“Poor darling. Come, straighten up slowly and stay on your knees. I don’t want you to get dizzy again.”

I do and utter a long, relieved sigh.


“Am I not allowed to sigh?”

“Darlin’, that smack was because I wanted to see your flesh jiggle. When you were bent down before, your delightful pulchritude was stretched over your bones and it wasn’t as much fun as it is now.”

He plops his ass on the floor behind me, stretches his legs out alongside my knees and proceeds to lightly slap and spank my ass cheeks at random. “I love the way you jiggle. I can’t stand those skinny bitches who traipse around fitness centers looking like popsicles. Or those Victoria’s Secret models.”

He pokes a finger into an especially plump part of my ass. “You’re so soft. I love how my finger just goes right in.”

Should I mention how he loves double entendres?

Bending forward, he kisses my ample thigh. “You know, they might have nice tits even if they aren’t God-given, but it’s the artful photography and lighting and Photoshopping that makes them so desirable. I wouldn’t want to try cuddling with any of them. Imagine lying on a bag of bones.”

Cris has an awesome contest going on at her blog: Check out her post on September 11th for a chance to WIN three books!

Cris is a great friend and I'm also a big fan of her books. If you haven't tried her stories you really need to pick one up, or download one. Don't let this crazy, good-hearted lady fool you. She writes HOT books!


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Welcome Guest Shara Lanel and a Sneak Peek of A Twisted Magick

I'm so excited to have Shara Lanel here to give us a peek into her hot new paranormal release from Ellora's Cave: A TWISTED MAGICK I've always loved her books and I know this one will be a hit too!

Now, A TWISTED MAGICK Blog Tour needs a fab PRIZE at the end, don’t you think? How about a $20 Amazon gift cert! Comment on any of my blog posts during the tour, then refer to the contest page ( on my Shara blog to get yourself entered to win! I’ll draw the winner on Nov. 1st.


Shylah, a small-town teacher, has put her arcane history behind her, until two students are murdered occult style. Her Wiccan religion is outed. She loses her job and deals daily with ridicule. The obvious thing would be to leave town, but she refuses—she’s innocent.
Gabriel is a PI from California dealing with his aunt’s cold shoulder. She wants him to fly to Virginia to solve his cousin’s murder, but he doesn’t have the money or the time until he breaks a big case he’s been working on. Now his cousin’s case is three months cold with one hot witchy suspect and no proof. As soon as he sees Shylah, he wants her, for a lot more than just questioning.
Gabe has the power to make Shylah’s insides melt and her judgment fade. She knows he can bring her down if he discovers the twisted magick of her past, but every time he touches her, she can’t say no. She needs to get him to see past prejudice and help her find the real killer. Together, they make magic in more ways than one.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave Twilight line.


Shylah was beginning to hate eggs. She’d thought of asking the local grocer to stop stocking them since they all seemed to end up on her house. Honestly, what was the point of buying a dozen eggs and throwing them against her wall, or buying a twelve-pack of toilet paper and wrapping it around her trees? At least the more destructive attacks had waned, no more using her mailbox for baseball practice or slashing her tires. A few more scrubs and she dropped the sponge into the bucket, satisfied. The paint was back to its usual color and texture and the smell had dissipated. She did a backstretch, then turned as she heard a car pull into her drive.

One drop-dead-gorgeous man stepped out from behind the wheel. His skin was a dark olive and his hair dark and neatly trimmed. As he moved closer, the afternoon sun illuminated gold flecks in his rich brown eyes. He had a jacket slung over his shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up. He was probably six inches taller than her. All in all, a fine specimen.

But since the only men who seemed to visit her in the past few months had been cops or private eyes, Shylah greeted him with a scowl. “Can I help you?” She carefully dumped the bucket at the base of her azalea bushes.

When she straightened, he offered her his business card. “I’m Gabe Niguel. I’ve been hired by Angela Gustava to investigate the death of her daughter.”

“Another investigator? She’s got to be going broke from this! What does she think you’ll learn different than the last three investigators who talked to me?” She noted the goose bumps on his forearms.

“It’s very cold out here. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Put your coat on then.” Although she was getting chilly, despite her jacket. She’d splashed some water on her sleeves as she’d washed off the egg spatter.

He smiled and Shylah had no doubt he had women swooning everywhere he went. “It’s easier to talk when we’re at ease in your living room, don’t you think?”

Shylah glanced at his card again, buying time to sense his aura. It wasn’t something magical; it was just a heightened awareness that most people didn’t take the time to feel. Auras were usually described in colors, the different colors having different meanings. Gabe’s aura blended shades of red with a gray rim. The gray meant he was on his guard. She imagined most PIs had that about them, if it wasn’t overwhelmed by other emotions. The reds were more difficult to decipher—he was angry and strong-willed, but that didn’t overtake his realism and fairness. He would search for justice, not revenge. The clearest red meant he was passionate, powerful and sexual. Shylah felt a zing at this. She tamped it down, reminding herself that the previous investigators had been determined to prove her guilty, despite the lack of evidence.

But nothing in his aura said untrustworthy or violent. She decided to let him in, so at the very least she could take her own wet jacket off.
Once they were inside, she said, “You can take the armchair closest to the fire. That will warm you right up. Would you like some tea?”

He walked past her. “You wouldn’t have any coffee?”

“I’m afraid not. I have my blend of Mu Tea, which gives you more energy than caffeine can.”

He sat down in the antique armchair, making the chair look small because of his size. “Um, what’s in it exactly?”

“Ginseng, cinnamon, ginger and licorice.”

He looked doubtful. “I’ll try it. None of the previous investigators died, did they?”

“Why, Mr. Niguel, I’d be a lot more subtle if I wanted to kill you.”

Find out about Shara's and her other books: 

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BDSM 2014 Writers Conference Open for Registration #BDSMWC #eroticromance

Writers and readers of the BDSM genre have an awesome opportunity at this conference to learn, observe and maybe experience if you dare the fascinating, and often misunderstood, BDSM lifestyle. The conference is open for registration! Click here. For information.
To register: Click here.

I went last year and it was amazing. Next year is going to be incredible with the expanded events and speakers. The BDSM club in NYC is something you must experience in person.

Dr. Charley Ferrer-World renowned Clinical Sexologist, TV/Radio Talk Show Host Award Winning Author and America’s leading BDSM expert will be hosting this conference.

Other guest speakers and BDSM experts:
Joey W. Hill-Keynote speaker
Kallypso Masters-USA Today Bestselling Author
Rose C. Carole
And many more involved in the lifestyle to demonstrate.

This conference is the only place to receive this in-depth information on the fundamentals of Dominance and submission, feel safe while exploring (maybe experimenting a little at the BDSM Club), asking questions, and hang out with your favorite authors—or meet new favorites.

*One of the biggest complaint from readers and reviewers of authors who wish to write in this genre is NOT writing true to the lifestyle. It’s difficult if you’re not IN this lifestyle and also difficult getting it RIGHT by just reading fiction and non-fiction books. I had this dilemma. I loved reading this genre but hesitated writing it for years. I talked to Joey W. Hill, one of my fav authors, and began filtering in BDSM elements: My Demon series. And my first BDSM novella: Emerald Dungeon. But I learned so much more through this BDSM writers conference than I ever could from books or even talking to authors. And it was fun! After the conference, I used what I learned about BDSM at the conference and wrote Summer Sins. It has been contracted by Ellora’s Cave! I’ll keep you posted on the release date.


Ten WORKSHOPS on various aspects of BDSM taught by your favorite (soon to be favorite) authors and experts in the lifestyle.
Five Lifestyle LIVE Demonstrations
Three Panel Discussions by Lifestyle Practitioners (addressing issues on relationships, creating scenes, and getting started)
Two Workshops on BDSM fundamentals

Live Demo’s Include:
Spanking & Discipline by Cassandra
Electrical Play by Jay & Maryann
Fire Play by Mistriss Eva
Mummification by Sir Viktor

An escorted night at Paddles in NYC, one of the longest (if not the longest) running BDSM clubs in the world.

There’s more: Several of your favorite authors are planning private parties for fans in their suites. Others are planning pre/post conference events. There will be a book signing on Sunday too.

CONTEST AND AWARD CEREMONY for the best (unpublished) BDSM book. And the prize is a book contract from one of the sponsored publishers!

Conference Newsletter The latest updates for the conference. We are constantly updating the website with new information and sending out a Weekly Newsletter which holds information on new workshops, presenters, BDSM Writers Con activities.

Register within the first 30-days (September 1- October 1, 2013) and you’ll receive $75 OFF the early bird registration fee. Only $275 to attend this amazing event.

Plus, three lucky winners (who reserve their hotel room along with early registration) will be chosen at random to receive one of the following prizes:
(Prizes can’t be exchanged for cash. Prizes will be awarded on August 21, 2014)
·         A free Full conference registration for a friend/spouse (value $350)
·         One FREE-Night at the hotel (value $229)
·         One FREE 50-minute consultation with Dr. Charley Ferrer (value $250)

Registration opens September 1, 2013 at Midnight. Click here to register.

Sponsors with clickable links: