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Laird of her Heart Scorching, Funny, #Highland #TimeTravel #Romance

Laird of her Heart: Book One in the Dundragon Trilogy by Sabrina York
When Maggie Spencer is mysteriously transported to the Scotland of her ancestors, she is stunned to come face to face with him. Dominic Dundragon, the man she’s been half in love with her whole life. A man who’s been dead for 700 years.
They both have enemies aplenty. Will she have a chance to win his love, or will this adventure end in disaster?


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Maggie yelped as, without warning, the burly warrior named Declan whipped her up into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder. To her horror, she lost the hold on her locket.
“Wait,” she cried. She wriggled to get free, but his grip was too hard. When she pummeled his back with her fists as he strode from the circle of stones, he chuckled. The beast. But to be fair, he was so large, it would have felt like a kitten batting him. “Put me down.”
“I willna,” he said. “The Mackintosh will decide how you die.”
All right. That shut her up. For a minute. “Die? Why do I need to die?” What the hell had she done to him?
The man following, an enormous blond with a scar tracking his cheek bent down to peer at her. “The Mackintosh’s doona tolerate spies.”
“I’m not a spy.” Seriously. She wriggled more and Declan smacked her ass.
Smacked her ass.
She’d kill him when she got free. Just kill him.
“Yer wearing the Cameron colors,” the blond said. “And the Mackintosh’s doona—”
“Right. I know. The Mackintosh’s doona tolerate spies.” Her head was starting to spin from being upside down and jounced around with each step. Her temper was on a short leash. “But honestly, if I were a spy, would I wear the Cameron colors? It seems a little counterproductive in my opinion. I mean, if I’m spying and all. I might as wear a sign that says, oh, I dunno, honk if you love spies.”
His brow rumpled but he didn’t respond. At least, not to her. “She speaks strangely,” he complained to Declan.
Her captor snorted a laugh. “She dresses strangely too.”
“Aye. She does at that. I’ve heard the Cameron lasses are a wild lot, but I had no idea—”
“I’m. Not. A. Cameron.” She reached out and smacked the blond, but only because he came close enough. He reared back and gaped at her—as though he’d never been smacked before—and then he quickly moved out of range.
It hardly mattered, because, apparently, they had reached their destination, a camp on the edge of the woods. The sounds of nickering horses and clanks of pots gave her her first clue—she was facing the other way, after all.
Her second clue was that Declan dropped her on the ground. She landed with an oof. She glared at him. He didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. “Go get my brother, Ewan,” he barked, and the blond trotted off to one of the larger tents.
When she stood and brushed off her jeans, Declan bristled and she shot him a sardonic glare. Did he think she was stupid enough to run away? For one thing, these enormous men had her surrounded. For another, she never ran. Not if she could help it.
Instead, she made a quick survey of her surroundings. The camp was little more than a huddle of tents with the forest on one side and a sweeping plain on the other. A small herd of horses were hobbled to one side and a deer roasted over a pit fire. An entire deer. Before she could silence the thought—she often had that problem—she said, “You killed Bambi.”
Declan’s brow rumpled. “I dinna kill anyone.” And then he asked, “Who is Bambi?”
“Never mind.” She crossed her arms and turned away pretending to ignore them. But she wasn’t. She was aware they were all staring at her like she was a curiosity in a zoo, but she was taking in tiny details as well. Like the fact that their clothes were all handmade and simple. Their hair appeared to have been cut with a chainsaw and their beards were scraggly and long. Their weapons were what made her mind really start to spin though.
One held a crossbow that dated from the thirteenth century. Another had a Mackintosh dirk that resembled one she’d seen in a museum once. Declan had a simple calfskin sporran tied to his belt.
Odd. Could she have wandered into some renaissance faire? But no. It had been evening when she stepped into the woods and now it was daytime. Early afternoon. And the acres of woods around the house belonged to the family. It couldn’t be—
“So.” She flinched as a deep, melodious voice wafted to her on a hint of humor. Shivers danced through her, along with a prickling sense of premonition. “You’ve captured a Cameron spy?”
She turned slowly and froze as her gaze landed on him. On that so-familiar face. Broad, handsome, savage. Much more captivating than the sketch had been. Much more captivating by far.
She must be hallucinating. She had to be.
He was the hero of her dreams come to life.
Dominic Dundragon, Laird of the Mackintosh clan.
Large, looming and in the flesh.
Her head went woozy. Her vision blurred. And then, for the first time in her life, she fainted.


Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

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When the Real World Meets the Paranormal Romance World #PNR

Paranormal stories, myths and folklore are often times based on true events, embellished truths or superstitions. These stories have been passed down for centuries. It’s no wonder their themes didn’t wind up in our present romance novels. Does the paranormal romance novel get your heart racing? It does mine. I’ve been reading books on the supernatural since I was a kid and I love them now especially the steamy romance kind.

What types of paranormal romance gets your heart racing and keeps you up reading until the wee hours of the morning??? Shapeshifters, vampires, witches, demons, ghosts??? Or are you like me and love them all?? If you’ve noticed the ‘soup du jour’ in the paranormal romance genre is shapeshifters, mainly bear shifters. As with any trend, they change, (who wants to eat the same soup day after day?) so authors should write what they have a passion for and readers will look for something different when their taste for the soup du jour changes.

Readers and Authors!! Please feel free to share your favorite paranormal romance here, including your own. A tell us what your favorite paranormal theme is. See choices at the end.

Even though paranormal is for the most part made up, I do a lot of research for my books. The Cryptopedia: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange and Downright Bizarre, The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference, Vampire Universe, The Science of Vampires, Vampires: The Occult Truth, and several books on Wicca, ghosts, myths and folklore. I’ve also talked to people about experience or their specialties. Like for His Lost Mate I met and spoke with an archaeologist who had been in the business for over 35 years. I also visited the pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala.

So is it possible for these paranormal themes to cross over into the real world? I can’t say I ever met a real shapeshifter or a demon. As for vampires…I’ve been in contact with a few who believe they are vampires. Ghosts- some believe, some don’t. Do you?? I do! I’ve seen them a couple times, heard them, felt them, smelled them. Just recently I had an experience at a restaurant/bar where I work as a part time bartender/server. It’s a lovely old Victorian house and the owner’s mother owned the restaurant and lived in the house above. Now the daughter runs it and the mother has passed on. It was a quiet night. The other evening, one of the servers went into the back room the check that the tables were set properly. It’s their formal dining area with a little alcove that has a fireplace and a hutch that hold our linens and glassware. No one was there. She said out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone walk in and into the alcove. She thought it was me. When she turned, no one was there.

She came out by the bar and told us about her weird experience, then I noticed the strong scent of vanilla. I asked if she sprayed perfume. She said no. The table of guests seated by the bar also noticed the scent. The owner smiled. I asked if that was a sign of her mom visiting. She didn’t say.

Besides the types of paranormal characters, what about locations and times?
Paranormal stories can take place in present ‘semi-normal’ day settings, future, alternative history, historical, or a time travel setting, a story that takes place on another planet or alternative universe. So many great locals and themes, so little time to write them all!

More crossover reality/paranormal experiences: the archaeologist I spoke with knows of others in his field who had experiences with ghost at excavations sites. I also had an experience while climbing one of the large pyramids in Tikal and had several nightmares after where I saw or imagined slaves or workers climbing the pyramid and building it or working on it, and hearing the screams of someone being sacrificed at the top. It shook me so badly, I froze in the middle of my climb and my friend had to coax me to finish climbing to the top. Maybe it was the heat and my overactive imagination, but it chilled me to the bone.

In my New Release: HIS LOST MATE, there’s a ghost. An ancient ghost of a shaman who claims to be the father of the heroine. He says in her past life, he was unable to protect her, he’s returned because she again is in danger, and so in the archaeology team working with her in the jungle. Lauren (the heroine) along with the Deven (the hero) must solve the supernatural mystery and the real threat, while battling an evil entity before it’s too late. The question is: Will history repeat itself and will the two lovers be lost again forever?


Available for PreOrder at the discount $2.99. or FREE for Kindle Unlimited. It will be Released on July 21st and revert to its regular price of $3.99. Print copy coming soon!

Don’t forget to share your favorite Paranormal Book here on your post then share on Twitter if you like!

Who’s Your Favorite Paranormal Hero? 
-         -Vampire
-         -Shapeshifter
-         -Demon
-         -Witch/Warlock
-         -Sexy Alien
-         -Ghost
-         -Immortal other than vampire
-         - Other (let me know what sexy creatures get you excited)