Sunday, May 1, 2016

We've Moved to Blog

We've Moved!

Yes, I've loved posting on the Lusty View Blog for years. Thank you to those who've been guests or submitted articles. I've decided to set up cyber camp on a fancy NEW Wordpress site and focus on a slightly new angle of material.

For the most part, ( will post mostly Sex-Positive topics, link to those who have events or do awesome podcasts, and also promote authors (and me) who write erotica and erotic romance. As always, if you want to keep up to date on my new, contests and new releases sign up for my newsletter: CLICK HERE.

Here is my introduction post:
Burnt Stilettos is a venue for sex-positive information, opinions, impressions and resources. It’s also a community for people—writers, editors, erotic film makers, artists, sex educators, activists, lovers, kinksters, and any sensual individual from all sexual orientations who desire to learn and explore their sexuality, or satisfy their curiosity. Examples of upcoming posts will include personal commentary, interviews by renowned sex educators, bloggers and writers, articles covering alternative relationships, sex news, kink, BDSM, pornography, entertainment, events, workshops, health, LGBTQ community issues, hedonistic travel and more. The latest books in erotic fiction and sexual related non-fiction books by some of the hottest authors will be featured. Interested in becoming a guest, have a sex-positive topic or would like to be interviewed? Have a new erotic fiction book or sex topic non-fiction book? Contact me through the Contact Page.
Sex is pleasurable and good. Explore and celebrate your desires and fantasies, push beyond fears and society’s rigid principles to discover your sensual BEING. Sexual freedom and joy is inherently our nature.
Please stop by the new BURNT STILETTOS BLOG And let me know what you think, or what topics you'd like to see covered.
Kathy Kulig