Monday, June 28, 2010

Coming Attractions: DRAGON WITCH

Soon, I'll have a new book coming out from Ellora’s Cave, an erotic paranormal romance—a futuristic. DRAGON WITCH is my first erotic science fiction. This Sci-fi has space travel, a shapeshifting dragon, a sultry witch, harsh planets and rebel pilots. AND a hot, alternative romance between two men and a woman. Not to mention a passionate love story and an unexpected ending. I'll keep you posted on the release date.

I've included a few Sci-fi heroes who could be the hero in my story, depending on your taste. Who is your preference?

I loved writing this book. It started out as an Ellora’s Cave Quickie (less than 15,000 words), but the story took over and the characters had more to share. I put it on the side for a while to finish other projects and finally got back to it.

The setting is in the future on a planet called Somerled, a harsh, tropical planet. Biologist and witch, Jaida Chel combines nature magick with herbal science to protect Kai, the last shapeshifting dragon on her world of Somerled. But when Captain Brayden Stokes reenters her life not only is Kai’s life at stake, but so is Jaida’s secured position in the colony. Brayden and Jaida can’t resist the sexual heat between them, even though she knows a relationship would be doomed. Fleet pilots don’t stay planetside for long.

Jaida is torn between Brayden and her dragon and companion, Kai. When Kai morphs into a human twice a year, his sexual desire is ravenous. He must mate for twenty-four hours or die. Unrestrained passion between Kai and Jaida draws Brayden into a ménage. The three cross boundaries, exploring erotic encounters beyond anything they could’ve imagined. When secrets and betrayals are revealed, Brayden must risk everything for one last chance at love.

If readers like this story, I would love to write more like it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DARK SHADOWS & Tote Bag-Winner


I'll be doing an interview and guest blogging for Bitten by Paranormal Romance tomorrow 6/24/10. I'll also be giving away an ebook copy of Desert of the Damned I hope you'll stop by and check out the site. She has some awesome paranormal pics. I especially like the old Dark Shadows pics. Anyone remember that supernatural soap opera? We used to run home from school to watch it. We were hooked. The pics of Barnabas Collins, a vampire in the show, brought back memories. Dark Shadows featured werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, time travel and alternative universes. Cool stuff for a kid. After all these years, paranormals are still hot.


WOW! I had a huge response for the tote bag of hot books. Thank you all who entered. The WINNER is:

Sheila from Golden Valley, AZ

Enjoy all your great reads and the cute tote bag!

I also gave away a tote bag with a few extra goodies on June 1st to Eva form Henrico, VA. This tote bag was a hot item at the Romantic Times Convention. Jimmy Thomas made them up with pictures of a number of the book covers he's on. Lots and lots of sexy covers! I stuck something entra along with the bag too.

I'll be giving another one away on July 1st. This is a special thank you to my Passion Sense newsletter members. All members are automatically entered and only open to newsletter members. So if you join before July 1st, you can be included in the drawing. Opting out later is always open. And I never share info. There's a link on my blog below my website link and there's also a link on my website


***How many Dark Shadows characters can you remember?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

RomantiCon 2010, Wicked, Wild & Fun

Last year in Richfield, Ohio, I attended the first RomantiCon Convention sponsored by Ellora’s Cave, and I’m so glad I’ll be able to make in again this year.

I have to say it was the most relaxed convention with the friendliest atmosphere of any writer’s conference I’ve ever attended. Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen authors, fans, EC staff, industry professionals and don’t forget the hunky Ellora’s Cave Cavemen were there at the events—parties, workshops, book signing and more. There’s lots of time to mingle and meet with authors, fans and the Cavemen. The workshops are fun, entertaining (very entertaining) and informative for both fans, authors and aspiring authors. By the photos in this posting you’ll see what a good time it was. These pictures are taken from RomantiCon 2009.

EC/CP authors and staff are very warm and supportive people. There is no way you can attend this event without having a great time. Even Bingo is exciting when Caveman Rodney is calling out numbers while flexing his muscles.

The theme party this year is Roaring Twenties, so if you have a flapper dress, or gangster, moll, or bootlegger costume, go for it! It not, no worries. Bring your favorite party dress or outfit. Not everyone dresses in costume. The idea is to be comfortable and have a good time.

This year Ellora’s Cave will be celebrating their 10th year Anniversary and the 2nd year of RomantiCon so you can expect of lot of good things—goodies, books, lots of books, and more books, photo opts with those hunky guys walking around sans shirts, plenty of dancing and lots of good memories. I hope to see you there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Island RWA Luncheon with Editors & Agents

The Inn at Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY, a gorgeous restaurant and hotel on Long Island’s north shore, was the venue for Long Island Romance Writer’s Luncheon on June 11th. This was my first year and I rode with my friend Diane Sismour—she drove, I navigated. If you’ve ever tried driving around NYC and you’re not familiar with the area, it’s quite an adventure. Diane’s GPS kept getting lost. Too many parallel roads, I guess. It kept saying, “Recalculating trip,” or something. Diane finally said, “Oh, shut up, Lucy,” and switched it off. With Mapquest directions and a NYC map, I kept Diane in the correct lane, watched for signs and exits. And there are a lot of signs, last minute exits and a thousand trucks. It’s a two-person journey if you aren’t familiar with the area. NYC is insane.

From Pennsylvania, the drive should’ve taken less than 2 ½ hours. We were delayed by an accident on the LI Expressway (why unearth do they call it an Expressway, it should be the LI Parking lot). Four hours later we arrived, only a few minutes late. The luncheon with about a hundred people was already in full swing.

Check the link for the list of editors and agents who attended. There were about a dozen agents and around eight editors.

Diane and I got our badges, bought raffle tickets for the baskets and found a table. But we didn’t sit. We skipped the hors d’oeuvres and dove right into the mingling with a stack of business cards and a pen in hand. The editors had a purple dot on their badges and the agents had a red dot, so you wandered around checking out badges and deciding who you wanted to talk to. I had my list in hand, with an elevator pitch (a two or three line pitch with the title and genre of my book).

Usually, I’m fairly shy in groups like this, but I didn’t have time to worry about that. After the four-hour drive, I wasn’t going to go back without making some contacts. I had a number of pleasant conversations with writers, editors and agents. I introduced myself, asked a question or two, asked if they were looking for such and such (the subgenre of my book), gave them the title, told them more if they seemed interested. If they were, I asked for a business card. I'm sure next time, it'll be a little easier. The editors and agents were very gracious. They patiently listened to the pitches—a ton of them—shared information and were very receptive to talk about the latest in the publishing world.

Their guest speaker was Steven Zacharius, President of Kensington Books. Obviously, he’s a man who loves his job and has great enthusiasm and a positive outlook for the future of the publishing world. He talked about the history of Kensington, how he got started in publishing, and how Kensington was adapting to the changes in the marketplace, especially with ebooks and ereaders growing in popularity.

I highly, highly recommend going to the luncheon. Well worth going. Thank you to the members of the LIRW group for putting on an awesome function.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summertime HOT Reads

Head for the beach, the pool or a cool spot on your porch, grab a tall glass of iced tea and something hot to read. Whether you prefer your Nook, Kindle or a paperback there are lots of great books out there. Check out Romantic Times Magazine for some ideas or peruse Ellora’s Cave for all their sexy titles.

*Please share what you're reading this summer and don't forget to check out the CONTEST at the end of this post.

If you like sexy paranormal romance, hunky guy pics, interviews and reviews there's a cool site called Bitten by Paranormal Romance. They'll be posting a review and interview for Damned and Desired soon. So stay tuned. As you stack up your summer to be read pile, I hope you’ll consider my books:

Book One in the Demons in Exiled series from Ellora’s Cave
Available in print and ebook at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon

In the Arizona desert, while exploring the dark side of her passion, a woman is torn between two men, but discovers she’s caught in the middle of a war between demon and shapeshifter. And one is an ancient evil intent on possessing her soul.

“This is a hotly erotic tale of skin walkers, shape shifters, old legends, and new desires.”
~5 Stars, Bitten by Books

“...the steamy sex scenes will leave you panting for more.” ~ 4 Stars, Romantic Times Magazine

Book Two in the Demons in Exile series from Ellora’s Cave
Available in ebook at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon

She’s a demon, he’s a shapeshifting leopard. From their first meeting in the Sedona desert, passion ignites and trouble begins. When immortals from an alternate dimension try to free their exiled world, Brad Montag is caught in the middle of a battle that could destroy not only him, but the land he loves. If Sakari Lock chooses to save him, she stands to lose everything, unless…

“Very entertaining. I couldn’t stop reading, wondering what was going to happen next. I recommend this book as one you must pick up.” ~4.5 Cherries, The Long and the Short of It

“I would highly, highly recommend this book to you if you like paranormal erotic romance. Really, an amazing book.” ~5 Stars, The Pen and Muse

“Kathy Kulig has a vivid imagination and a wonderful writing voice to make it come to life.” ~4 Cups, Coffee Time Romance.

Cerridwen Press
Available in print and ebook at Cerridwen Press and Amazon

An ancient supernatural mystery returns to the sultry jungle, igniting dangerous obsession and untamed passion. When an archaeology student and her director uncover a 1,300 year-old tragic love story, one in which they were directly connected in a past life, a new menace threatens their project and their lives. Will history repeat itself?

“I found that the exotic locale and the potential for danger make WILD JADE captivating.” ~ Joysann, Beyond Her Book Blog, Publishers Weekly

"Kathy Kulig tells Lauren/Cimi and Deven/Kayab's tale with such passion and fervor that I was completely captivated by them...” ~ Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 ~ Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

****CONTEST: Still need some more books? Don’t forget to check out my website for details on how to WIN a tote of HOT books. The drawing will be on June 22nd.