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BDSM: Part III - "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This"

In a BDSM Dungeon, Part III
"Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” from the 1983 hit song by the Eurythmics. If you’ve seen the video and Annie Lennox wearing a man’s suit, close-cropped orange hair and brandishing a cane, and listen to the words, you’ll get the D/s undertones.  This blog post is a continuation of the 4-part BDSM series. Part IV will be posted on October 3rd.

Electrical Play - During our class, we got a demo on electrical play. You may have heard of the violet wand. This is similar. Have you ever been to a science museum and touched a large glass globe and felt and saw the electric sparks? It’s the same technology. This type of equipment is safer than a TENS unit because the electrical charge isn’t dangerous to the heart. It’s static electricity. A gentleman and his partner demonstrated the instrument using a variety of attachments that sparked different colors, made distinct sounds and different sensations. They used tinsel like you’d get from Party City and swirled it over a volunteer’s body, making the sparks dance. Pretty cool to watch. The person experiencing it seemed to enjoy the sensation too. But the sparks do hurt a bit. Ow! At the club, he set up a table for patrons to try out which, in the dark club, made me think of Frankenstein with all the visual sparks. That was fun to watch.

Purposed of a Leash and Collar – Personally I’d always felt the leash/collar thing was a bit demeaning. If someone had tried placing one around my neck, I would’ve punched him in the nose. I have a new understanding now. The collar is a sign of ownership but it’s also given and worn similar to a wedding/engagement ring. The leash is also a sign of ownership and an increased level of Dominance and control. It’s also used for presentation in a public setting. It’s considered very bad etiquette for someone to pick up a leash if a Dom/Domme lets it go for a moment. A Velcro collar isn’t respected because it’s looked upon as meaning the person is a slut for anybody since the Velcro can be easily removed.

Sadists and Masochists – This was the one scene that I found very difficult to watch. It was a scene between a sadist Dom and his masochistic submissive. I watched with another woman in our group and she saw me sitting on my hands. It was my way of reminding myself NOT to interfere. All the books I’ve read hadn’t prepared me for a scene between a sadist and a masochist. Even a submissive in our group said she can’t watch this particular couple. Apparently, they’re regulars. The Dom got very physical with his sub. I had to remind myself she could stop it at any time by calling her safe word. This was their thing. I had to resist the urge to jump up, slam him into the wall and kick the crap out of him. All the other scenes, I had no problem with, this one was over the top for me. I eventually left. Later, I saw him her holding her hand protectively and very lovingly, gently caressing her. Quite a switch from what I’d seen earlier. He seemed very attentive in aftercare, or tending to the physical and emotional needs of his sub.

Mind Fuck – This is a mind game where the Dom uses fear to control a sub. An example would be where a Dom threatens to cut his sub’s hair if she doesn’t do something. The sub doesn’t believe it and the Dom either makes believe that he is by making the sound with a pair of scissors, cutting a small piece of hair or planning a head and saving a piece of fake hair similar to his sub’s hair color and hiding it for this purpose. I saw a bit of this where the sadist threatened to punish his masochist if she dropped a particular item she was holding in her mouth. She didn’t know how he was going to punish her. By what he was doing to her (needle play) it wouldn’t be long before she would have to drop the item to cry out. His punishments were severe and this was the point I left the scene.

Saturday night. Saturday was a much busier night. A social group called The Eulenspiegel Society or TES (  came in and they were a lively fun group. They knew there were a group of writers visiting and were happy to chat with us. Or let us watch. I should say they do have safety guards or dungeon masters. Not sure of the correct term. But they did wear a vest with florescent tape resembling a crossing guard vest. They walked around the club making sure the rules were being followed and safety practices were being upheld. A few of us in the writers group tried out a few things. I asked if I could try out flogging. Dr. Charley set me up with the woman whose partner does the electrical play. She, however, is a Domme and a sadist. Gulp. I laughed nervously and said, I only wanted to try it out, you’re not going to kill me are you? She was very sweet and no, she didn’t kill me. She kept checking to make sure I was okay. So now I can accurately write how a flogging feels. Dr. Charley called me her Flogger Girl. We also watched some expert floggers who used two floggers in a Florentine whipping. For the coordinated BDSMer.

 J The next day Dr. Charley gave those of us who tried out something in the club (explored some element of BDSM) a “red badge of courage” a pretty red silk book mark with tiny handcuffs. Very cute.

Don't forget to check out Cris Anson's blog today. She's also posting a BDSM series on the same workshop. Francesca Hawley will be posting her blogs too.  

In the last post of the 4-part BDSM series I’ll talk about  Subspace, Frogs, ah, the strange things we do with cellophane, and also answer the question - Is Paddles haunted?

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BDSM: Part II - “Baby Let’s Play Rough"

This is Part II of my In a BDSM Dungeon series.

I’m continuing with my evening at Paddles the BDSM club on Friday night.

In one room, I watched people who were doing some RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), needle play, knife play and fire play. For needle play, they injected sterile saline under the skin or one lady had a red ribbon laced like a corset along her back. They invited me to watch a session of needle play on a guy’s privates. I declined. Eeeks! I also saw knife play where they gently scored the skin, no deep cuts. And fire play.  Sticks coated with alcohol were brushed over the skin, then another stick that was lit was brushed over that area. The skin ignited in flames and then immediately the flames wiped away. 

Eeeks again! Now you know why they don’t allow alcohol in the club.

One difference between a regular night club and a BDSM night club, is in a regular night club, a guy might come up and ask to buy you a drink, ask you to dance or compliment your dress. That doesn’t happen in a BDSM club. I noticed submissive males will tend to hover around or even approach you looking to hook up with a Domme/Dom. But I was told it’s rare for a Dom/Domme to approach you. They will usually ask to be introduced to you, or you’ll have to meet them through friends or an online site prior to meeting them at the club. An interesting thing happened though when I got my lesson in flogging.


Lesson in Flogging:  We got a lesson in flogging. How to swing one properly without injuring the person. I went to the room of toys and traded my driver’s license for a flogger. When I came back to the main area, I found that I was suddenly surrounded by about a half dozen submissive males. I felt like Queen bee with a number of drone bees swarming around me. One gentleman approached, the same gentleman who had early ‘accidently’ bumped my arm when he passed a couple times. With the flogger in my hand, apparently that was a signal I was ready to play. He asked if I’d like to use the flogger on him. I politely said, “No, thank you, I wasn’t playing this evening.” He nodded and walked away. Overhearing my answer, the other subs also left. I followed the instructor up to the loft area to practice my swing where I couldn’t hurt anyone.

A comment about male submissives. Cris Anson makes an excellent comment on her blog post. Male submissives are not weak, nor should they be weak characters in BDSM novels. On the contrary, it takes great courage and strength to kneel and submit to another person and offer your trust. Many submissives are men and women of power like CEOs who are constantly in a state of control and power. To give that up that control completely, to submit to another person they can trust, even for a short time, is ecstasy to them.
Pandora. The not so secret private rooms of Pandora. Friday night was a good time to see more of the club, since it was quiet. Michael the owner took us on a tour of Pandora, the private area of Paddles. These rooms are rented out for private scenes. People who don’t like to have an audience or be recognized for one reason or another. Reason for that should be obvious. Again, thanks to Michael and all the staff of Paddles who were so welcoming and accommodating to us. Also to Dr. Charley Ferrer. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed and safe. Although, once we were at the club, everyone made us feel welcome. Dr. Charley and her assistant Allison were extremely helpful with answering tons of questions.

Chinese themed room in Pandora

The rooms in Pandora have a variety of themes. There’s a medical examining room for those who want to play doctor. And it looked like a detailed Emergency Room with stainless steel walls, florescent lighting, tray of instruments, IV stands, etc. A dress up room, an old fashioned school room with teacher’s desk, child’s desk, blackboard and a computer and webcam. Use your imagination. Another room has padded mats for wrestling, a Chinese theme room with a throne, pillars, and pillows, and a dungeon with a large wooden wheel where one could be strapped in and spun around and another jail and cross. I was told these rooms rent out for $200-300 or more per hour. On busy nights these rooms are open for public use.
Wheel & stocks in the dungeon room of Pandora

One thing I was impressed about was an incident I had with the safety officer. He stopped me at one point. I felt bad because I was being careful not to interrupt any scenes and was worried that I had done something wrong. Close by, a Dom was wrapping his sub up in blue cellophane in an elaborated bondage scene, then suspending her. It was quite fascinating to watch. Then he was taking pictures of her. The safety guard stopped me and said wait here or you’ll be in the picture. I was confused at first because I was no where near the stage and wasn’t going to walk in front of the Dom taking photos of his lovely wrapped up sub. But then it clicked. There was a mirror behind them, and the guard was concerned for my privacy. If I got closer, I could’ve been in the mirror and the photograph. Nice.

In part III, I’ll talk about the one scene I had a hard time watching. And what a Mind Fuck is all about. Don't forget to stop by Cris Anson's blog for her continuation in this blog series. and keep an eye out at Francesca Hawley's blog she'll be doing a series of blog posts too.

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Reading on the Riverside

If you happen to be looking for a fun thing to do this Saturday and Sunday the 22-23rd and are near Easton, Pennsylvania, check out the Riverside Festival of the Arts. It's free!! And I'll be reading a scene from my novel Damned and Desired, book 2 in my Demons in Exile series on Saturday at 1:30 in the Riverside Amphitheater.

Artist, musicians and writers of all types will be there. Featured poets: Diane Lockward and Ann E. Michael will be there. Other writers will read from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, science fiction, and more.

Artists will be showing painting, jewelry, pottery, photography, sculpture, glass blowing, etc. And quite a variety of live muscians too.

I'll be signing before and after too.


Riverside Festival of the Arts along the Delaware River

Romanticon is only a few weeks away!! Hope to see you there!
October 11-14th, Canton, Ohio.
I'll be doing three workshop/panels:
-BDSM Romance. Why do we love it?  (Friday 3-4 PM)
-BDSM Hurt So Good  (Saturday 2-3 PM)
-Paranormal Creatures: The Good, The Bad, The Undead  (Saturday 3-4 PM)
Featuring a new anthology available for release at Romanticon: WORK AND PLAY with my novella Spring Break and also His Toys by Ruby Storm and Mixing Business with Pleasure by Virginia Cavanaugh.

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BDSM: "Whips and Chains Excite Me" Part 1

In a BDSM Dungeon

It’s no big surprise that Rihanna’s hit song “Whips and Chains Excite Me” is about BDSM. When I did a search for BDSM songs for possible titles for my blog series, I was stunned by some of the songs and artists that had BDSM overtones or themes. And there are a ton of songs. I think I’ll leave that for a later blog post. The video for this song is very hot too.

Author Cris Anson is doing a 4-part blog series of her experiences too. She’ll be posting on the same days as this series. Please check out her blog as well:

BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Sado-masochism. Ever wonder what it’s really like inside an actual BDSM club dungeon? Recently, I had that opportunity while attending a 3-day BDSM Writers Workshop given by Dr. Charley Ferrer in New York City.

Whips and Chains, etc.

Before attending the club for the first night on Friday, we had an extensive full-day workshop of detailed lectures on various topics about the BDSM lifestyle, definitions, psychology, etc.

Even with all the research I’ve done on this topic, I came away with a much broader knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle. Some things I knew, or thought I knew, but ended up being a quite different. And some things I totally had no clue about.

·         BDSM is not all about whips and chains. The power exchange between the Dominant and submissive can be experienced in other ways. These individuals desire a deep spiritual and emotional connection.

·         A BDSM club isn’t a sex club. Intercourse isn’t allowed unless there is a private area. Most open clubs don’t have this.

·         Knife play, needle play and fire play are high risk BDSM activities but they are common in a club. This really surprised me. No wonder they don’t serve alcohol.

·         The clubs Dungeon Masters or safety guards may wear a reflective vest like a school crossing guard. I thought this was rather cute. But they wandered around observing the scenes, especially the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) scenes for participants not following safety precautions, scenes getting out of hand, not following club rules, etc. They work in shifts so get to “play” after their shift.

·         Subspace is real. I saw a number of participants in deep subspace and have a better understanding of it. More on this in a later post.

·         Wearing of a collar is a sacred thing in the D/s and M/s (Master/slave) relationship like wearing a wedding ring. A collar signifies ownership. The color can have significance too. A light blue one may mean a person is in training, a new relationship. Black used to mean available but is a popular color now for style. Gold and silver means permanent relationship.
Kathy and Dr. Charley Ferrer

Friday Night at Paddles , Intro.

Paddles,,  is one of the longest, if not THE longest running BDSM club in the U.S. Was I nervous? Hell, yeah. I knew I’d stick out as a non-player and expected to get a lot of annoyed, rude looks and/or comments. I was afraid they’d look at me as a lurker and gawker. In a way I was, but in a sincere way to learn. I also expected everyone to be dressed in fetish wear—leather, latex creations and a few were but most had club attire, dresses or jeans and tee-shirts/collared shirts. Dressed nice.

Unless you know where you are going, Paddles isn’t easy to find. 250 West 26th St. between 7th and 8th Avenues. It’s an unmarked metal door beneath a Veterinary Clinic sign. When the door is open, the word ‘Paddles’ is marked in black letters on the door.

We walked down a long concrete hallway, then down stairs into a basement. It felt a little creepy because it was dark and musty. At a window we gave our names and got our hand stamped. A gentleman in front of us was new to the club and was given the rules before he was allowed inside—No alcohol allowed, you may watch a scene but not interrupt, nudity is permitted but no sex. No touching unless given permission.

Inside, we passed a small room where you can borrow a toy: flogger, paddle, etc. in exchange for your driver’s license to make sure you’ll bring the toy back. There’s a bar for soft drinks or water.

The walls are made to look and feel like stone in a castle dungeon, the lighting is dark. The club is sectioned off but the rooms are open. There is, however, an area called Pandora that is private. I’ll explain about that in a later post.

When we first entered, we passed the main area by the bar and saw a woman at the far wall. She was naked, her wrists bound overhead and she was getting flogged. She seemed to be enjoying the attention. Victor, who has a warped and sweet sense of humor, gave us a tour. The rooms contained various pieces of Medieval-like furniture with straps or rigging for bondage. A bed with ankle and wrist straps that looked like a rack from the Spanish Inquisition, a split-seat chair with arm restraints, a spanking bench, a large chair for…well use your imagination. A cupboard contained cleaning materials and paper towels for wiping down furniture after use. Just like the gym equipment. J There’s a jail cell too. Other rooms contained St. Andrew’s Crosses, padded tables, hooks in the walls, floors and ceilings.

The one thing I did notice was how friendly, warm and open everyone was. Friday night was a small crowd. A group called DomSub Friends were there. A number of people knew Dr. Charley and knew “the writers” were there too. People would come up and ask, “Are you one of the writers?” And they were more than happy to talk and answer questions. Michael the owner was super. He was so accommodating to us by explaining things and showing us around. He even gave us a tour into the private section of the club called Pandora.

In the next segment of this blog I’ll talk about our tour of Pandora, and knife, needle and fire play.

NOTE: This blog series is about The BDSM Writers Workshop Weekend I attended last August. It was taught by Dr. Charley Ferrer. This blog series will be broken up in four parts:

  1. BDSM: Part I - “Whips and Chains Excite Me” (9/12)
  2. BDSM: Part II - “Baby Let’s Play Rough”- Part 2 (9/19)
  3. BDSM: Part III - “Sweet Dreams are Made of This”- (9/26)
  4. BDSM: Part IV - “Master and Servant” (10/3)

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Welcome Ann Jacobs


I’m in cover lust and excited to have the talented and sweet Ann Jacobs, one of the long-time and top authors at Ellora’s Cave at the Passion Sense blog to talk about her hot release coming up. SHOTGUN RELATIONS is the second in her Caden Kink series--a BDSM contemporary western. It due for release on September 21st. She writes in many sub-genres: contemporary, BDSM, futuristic, paranormal, historical, historical fantasy and comedy. Ann will be at Romanticon too, so check out her books. I will.


She has quite a bio: First published in 1996, Jacobs has sold more than fifty books and novellas. She is currently nominated for Romantic Times’ 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in erotic romance, as well as having had books nominated by RT reviewers for best erotic romance in 2007 and 2008. Her books have earned awards including the Passionate Plume (best novella, 2006, second place contemporary, 2008), the Desert Rose (best hot and spicy romance, 2004) and More Than Magic (best erotic romance, 2004). She has been a double finalist in separate categories of the EPPIES and From the Heart RWA Chapter’s contest. Three of her books have been translated and sold in several European countries.

A CPA and former hospital financial manager, Jacobs now writes full-time, with the help of Mr. Blue, the family cat who sometimes likes to perch on the back of her desk chair and lend his sage advice. He sometimes even contributes a few random letters when he decides he wants to try out the keyboard. (Most of the time Blue just curls up, hides his eyes with his paws...and sleeps!)

Book two in the Caden Kink series.

A modern-day Liberty Valance meets The Big Valley.

Jack Duval, country lawyer and bastard son of the Caden patriarch, first discovers rancher Liz Wolfe when he goes after her to spite his father. Soon, though, he learns she’s the submissive partner of his wildest fantasies.

But rustlers and murderers interrupt their hot BDSM play, and Jack must reveal a pair of secrets that may tear the two apart before he and Liz can move on to the next step toward happily ever after.

Reader Advisory: The lucky heroine is pleasured by three hot Doms in a BDSM ménage scene onstage at a sex club. The book contains anal penetration and an instance of male/male action.


No wine and roses. No declarations of undying love or even mindless lust. But Jack had allowed her no inhibitions either. When he had tied her to the bed he’d set her free.

That doesn’t make sense. But it’s true.

Liz lay there helpless, his cock down her throat, his arresting face buried in her shaved, incredibly sensitive pussy. Her nipples tingled where he kept grazing them with his lightly furred, muscular abs.

Her cunt clenched around his agile tongue. Pressure built inside her. She wanted to come. She didn’t dare. Not until he gave her permission.

She concentrated on feeling his slick, pulsating shaft moving against her tongue. The slightly salty taste of his flesh and his lubrication bathed the back of her throat as he fucked her mouth. His smooth ball sac tickled her nose each time he forced her to deep-throat him.

She couldn’t think of what he was doing with his tongue between her legs. If she did, she’d come, and he’d told her not to until he gave her permission.  She made herself stop straining against her bonds and raising her hips to intensify the contact there. If she could, she’d have closed her ears against the slurping sound of him thrusting his tongue in and out of her sopping cunt.

Her arousal intensified so much that she began to like the feeling of his fingers at her rear hole. She’d told him he couldn’t fuck her ass but when he started moving his fingers inside her and sliding them slowly back and forth, she wondered how having his cock there would feel.

He enjoys anal sex. He said so. She could imagine someday letting him take her that way. She could even imagine enjoying it. What he was doing now felt good, not painful as she’d imagined it would be.

When he raised his hips and pulled his cock out of her mouth she felt abandoned, but not as fully as when he slid his fingers out of her ass and lifted his face from her pussy.

“Look at me.”

When she did, she saw white-hot lust in his eyes. His face glistened from her juices. She’d have said something but she remembered his warning.

“Go ahead. Speak to me. You’ve got permission.”

“Yes Master.”

“Am I your master?”

“Oh yes. Yes Master.” She wanted him. All of him. Every cell in her body screamed for satisfaction.

While she watched, he grasped his cock in one hand. “Do you want this?”

“Oh yes.” She thought she’d die if he didn’t fuck her now.

He shot her a supremely self-confident smile. “Where do you want it?”

“My pussy, Master.” Remembering the strangely pleasurable feel of his fingers fucking her ass, she decided it wouldn’t be long before she’d ask him to take her there. He’d already fucked her mouth and she’d loved that. “Please.”

He grabbed a condom and ripped the wrapper open with his teeth. His gaze never leaving her, he rolled it down his erection and went on his knees between her legs.

“Tell me your cunt is mine. Only mine. Tell me and I’ll give you my cock.”

“You want me for your slave, Master?”

“Oh yeah.” He rubbed his cock along her wet, tingling sheath. “Tell me.”

As much as her cunt ached for him to fill it, she wasn’t sure. “Explain what being your slave will mean, Master.”

His jaw clenched. “It will mean you hand over control of yourself to me, at least when we’re playing sex games. You’ll do as I say and I’ll do everything that doesn’t violate your limits to give you pleasure.”

She was afraid—afraid he’d steal her reason. Maybe he already had, because she wanted the exquisite pleasure nobody had come close to giving her before tonight. “My cunt belongs to you, Master. Only you. I want to be your sex slave for as long as you want me.”

“Good.” He found her pussy and slid inside. His rock-hard cock stretched her flesh as he sank deeper, deeper, until his balls lay heavily against her asshole and the thick, pulsating head of his cock pressed against the mouth of her womb. She’d never felt so full…so owned. “I like my tight little cunt,” he whispered against her lips before claiming her mouth in a deep, arousing kiss.

She liked his cock. And his mouth. He tasted like her juices and the chocolate wedding cake he’d chosen over a slice of the traditional cake at Bye’s wedding. Propped on his elbows, Jack massaged her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. When he started to move, slow and deep, in her hot swollen cunt, she had to steel herself against coming.

He lifted himself up on his hands. The muscles in his arms bulged. He looked down at her as he fucked her harder and faster. “Come for me, sweet slave.”

“Oh yes, Master.” Freed from the rule he’d made earlier, she let herself go. She savored every sensation. His cock pounded her cunt and his balls tickled her rear end. She watched the contractions of his biceps as he strained above her. The pressure built inside her, and when she looked into his dark, mesmerizing eyes and heard him encouraging her to come, she found the deepest pleasure of her life.

She’d held back for too long. Now her Master had given her permission. As she looked down and watched his cock pound the pale, slick cunt he’d claimed as his own, she came in long, intense bursts. She was still coming when he stiffened above her.

“God yeah. Squeeze my cock. Yeah, that’s it.” He shuddered as he sank to the hilt inside her one more time. His cock jerked over and over until he finally lowered his body onto her and rolled them to their sides.


Visit Ann at:





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Demons Escape & the Party Begins


If you were imprisoned on an artificial micro-universe—a prison designed specifically to trap a demoness who betrayed her husband and you were stuck here with this mad woman for over 1,000 years and suddenly you had the chance to escape, wouldn’t you party it up?

Well, the demons are partying from 9/3 – 10/29/12!! And giving away PRIZES!

The demons are feeling generous too since Damned and Defiant was released on August 15th. At each virtual stop they visit, they’ll be giving away a FREE eBook to one lucky commenter. They’ll also be giving away two grand prizes along two separate tours (that’s 4 total grand prizes). Two $20 Gift Cards for either Amazon, Barns & Noble or Ellora’s Cave, and two cute tote bags filled with HOT books.
The premise for the Demons in Exile series started when Gwyllain, demoness and ruler of planet Prygos, wanted her lover and engineer to create a secret love nest where they could go to be alone to have their affair. Her lover created a miniature universe hidden between dimensions about the size of a small tropical island. But her overbearing and cruel husband discovered their betrayal. He had his scientist and engineers redesign this world to trap his cheating wife and her disloyal servants. To keep this world in existence, Gwyllain must have her demons collect lifeforce energy from mortals on Earth through sexual encounters and transfer that energy to the demoness, again through sex. If a continuous supply of this energy is not delivered, she and her world and her demons will be destroyed. She’s so busy ‘collecting energy’ she has no time to be with her lover. Her husband feels it a just punishment.

Her engineering lover has been trying to find a way to escape their prison. The immortal demons must not get personal or emotionally connected to their mortal prey. It’s dangerous. Collecting too much energy can kill mortals. But what happens when these demons begin to fall in love with mortals??

Damned and Defiant is book 3 of the series where Dante, the demoness’s favorite demon, does more than defy her. He risks two worlds for the woman he loves.

I want the thank Goddess Fish Tours and Bewitching Book Tours for doing a fabulous job of setting up this tour.

If you want to stay up to date on the tour check out my website or my blog:


Part One:

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Part Two:

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