Monday, September 3, 2012

Demons Escape & the Party Begins


If you were imprisoned on an artificial micro-universe—a prison designed specifically to trap a demoness who betrayed her husband and you were stuck here with this mad woman for over 1,000 years and suddenly you had the chance to escape, wouldn’t you party it up?

Well, the demons are partying from 9/3 – 10/29/12!! And giving away PRIZES!

The demons are feeling generous too since Damned and Defiant was released on August 15th. At each virtual stop they visit, they’ll be giving away a FREE eBook to one lucky commenter. They’ll also be giving away two grand prizes along two separate tours (that’s 4 total grand prizes). Two $20 Gift Cards for either Amazon, Barns & Noble or Ellora’s Cave, and two cute tote bags filled with HOT books.
The premise for the Demons in Exile series started when Gwyllain, demoness and ruler of planet Prygos, wanted her lover and engineer to create a secret love nest where they could go to be alone to have their affair. Her lover created a miniature universe hidden between dimensions about the size of a small tropical island. But her overbearing and cruel husband discovered their betrayal. He had his scientist and engineers redesign this world to trap his cheating wife and her disloyal servants. To keep this world in existence, Gwyllain must have her demons collect lifeforce energy from mortals on Earth through sexual encounters and transfer that energy to the demoness, again through sex. If a continuous supply of this energy is not delivered, she and her world and her demons will be destroyed. She’s so busy ‘collecting energy’ she has no time to be with her lover. Her husband feels it a just punishment.

Her engineering lover has been trying to find a way to escape their prison. The immortal demons must not get personal or emotionally connected to their mortal prey. It’s dangerous. Collecting too much energy can kill mortals. But what happens when these demons begin to fall in love with mortals??

Damned and Defiant is book 3 of the series where Dante, the demoness’s favorite demon, does more than defy her. He risks two worlds for the woman he loves.

I want the thank Goddess Fish Tours and Bewitching Book Tours for doing a fabulous job of setting up this tour.

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