Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Search For Ghosts - Part 3

Vortex or camera strap in photo?

(part 3)


A lot of research and time goes into trying to photograph ghostly manifestations. A paranormal investigator doesn’t just walk into a reported haunted house, wait for a ghost to appear and start snapping with his camera. Many investigators have never seen a ghost.

They usually set up sophisticated equipment—electro-magnetic equipment (EMF meter), thermometers, motion detectors, etc.—wait for hours for a sudden “cold spot” or specific reading in the equipment that could indicate the presence of a ghost and take a series of pictures. Hoping that when they check the photographs later, some image will be produced.

Usually the types of images captured are divided into orbs, vortexes and full body manifestations.

Orbs— an orb is a ball of light, white or bluish. One or more may show up in a photo. Some researchers believe these to be manifestations of spiritual energy. But other normal things can cause these images: dust, rain, snow, insects. Some say that true orbs don’t sparkle like light reflected off a dust particle would.

Vortexes— are seen as swirling spirals of light or wisps of clouds. They’re also thought to be centers of spiritual energy. These are explained away as being cigarette smoke or exhaled breath on a cold night.

Full Body Ghost— these are the rarest of photos, a true person in spirit form showing up in a photo. This doesn’t prove the existence of ghosts because even the best photos can be faked.

(Part 4 will be posted on Monday December 13th)

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