Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Spark, Featured Author Delphine Dryden

The Eve of Christmas Eve is a special day for me and I'll explain at the end of this post. But it's also special because I'm helping to celebrate a new book release with fellow author Delphine Dryden.
Her new release at Ellora's Cave is XMAS SPARK one of the stories in the Merry Kinkmas series. The cover is very sexy and the story line sounds fun and sexy too.

Here's the Hot Blurb:
Jack's Christmas list is short. He wants
 1. A violet wand
 2. And his willing sub, Katie
 When he finds both under the tree, Jack decides their first Christmas together is the perfect time to create some delightfully shocking traditions.

I’d angled us into a corner of the Benedicts’ spacious living room, so at least nobody was looking over our shoulders as we opened gifts. I wished, for about the thousandth time since the whole “let’s open all the presents over there” plan had been announced the day before, that I’d had time to just go out and get him something else. But aside from the time consideration, I really couldn’t justify the expense of buying another present of this…magnitude.

And now the clock was ticking, the wrapping paper was flying and fortunately the mulled wine was also flowing, so all the grownups were a little less than completely sharp by the time Jack hoisted the solid, heavy box into his lap. The shiny red paper and crisp white ribbon looked so blameless and conventional.

“That’s from me,” I said unnecessarily. He gave me a sideways little smile.

“I’ve been looking at it under our tree for two weeks. Hey, it’s okay if I’ve been shaking it, kicking it around a little, right?”

He snickered at my horrified expression then proceeded to peel the paper off the box with typical Jack-like precision and efficiency. He opened the plain brown shipping box I’d used to wrap it in, looked down at the handsome, custom-made metal case inside and cocked his head as he ran his fingers over the small, discreet logo.


“Hmm,” I agreed.

Clearly unable to resist, he reached for the latches and let the lid swing up. The packing box and the raised lid still obscured the contents of the case from everybody else in the room, but to my dismay, Jack reached in and carefully tugged the main component of the kit free from its molded foam compartment and held it up for a closer look. It had no attachment hooked up. The cord dangled down from the end like a whip tail.

“That one of those power multi-tools? Your mother got me one of those last year. I use it all the time.” Jack’s father gave me an approving nod from across the room. And then Jack’s mother looked at her son and pointed to her watch in a way that was not subtle at all.

The moment was past, the box set aside, and Jack was thanking me and then getting up to talk to his mother about something. It was almost a letdown.

They hadn’t recognized the violet wand as a high-end electric sex toy.

To find out more about Delphine and her books check out her website:
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I enjoyed having Delphine as a feature author today and wish her many sales with her new book.

So why is the Eve of Christmas Eve special to me? Dh and I have a tradition. It was my idea we started ten years ago when we first got engaged. The holidays are so busy and with trying to spend time with both families and friends, it's hard to spend time as a couple. So I suggested to set aside one special night around Christmas just for us. We have dinner out at a very nice restaurant and we get dressed up. One year he surprised me with a limo and we went to New Hope, PA for the evening. This year we're trying out a Mediterranean restaurant in Allentown called Sangria's

Do you have any special traditions?


Delphine Dryden said...

*hugs* you rock, Kathy!

Kathy Kulig said...

You're welcome, Del. Sounds like a great story. And sounds like an "interesting" item to find under the Xmas tree. :)