Monday, December 6, 2010

A Search for Ghosts - Part 2

Ghostly mist and orbs in photo

(Part 2)

While doing research for the topic of ghosts and ghost hunting, I discovered a huge number of paranormal investigators in Pennsylvania where I live. Pennsylvania must have a lot of ghosts or supernatural activity because when I checked out this site:

I counted over 150 paranormal societies located in PA and dozens more outside of the state that participate in activities within PA. This is one of the local sites with some detailed information:

I talked about the first three types of ghosts in the previous post on December 2nd. The other four types are explained below:

4) Non-Human Manifestations- This type of ghost is reported to be interactive, intelligent and can manifest emotions. To believe in the theory that this type of ghost exist, you have to also believe that there are non-human sentient beings in the universe. These may be malevolent or benevolent in nature.

5) Poltergeist- The word

poltergeist means “noisy ghost” in German. They are the most interactive of ghosts and tend to move objects around a room, cause rapping, push or touch people, even start small fires, yet some investigators don’t believe they exist. One explanation for these manifestations seem to occur in the presence of a prepubescent girl or a high strung teenager. It’s thought that the activity is telekinetic energy from the humans not the ghosts. But this doesn’t explain all activity.

Vortex in photo?

6) Inanimate manifestations- Inanimate objects like planes, ships, cars, etc. have been reported to appear and disappear as ghostly images usually where a tragedy occurred. What about the appearance and disappearance of personal items? Remember the bumblebee pin in The Sixth Sense or the wedding ring?

7) Animal Ghosts- Can a family pet return as a ghost? Some people think so. I have creepy images of Steven Kings Pet Cemetery.

Have you had any encounters with any of these seven types of ghosts??? Please share your stories.

(Part 3 will be posted on Thursday December 9th.)


V. J. Devereaux aka Valerie Douglas said...

Oh, PA has always had ghosts and ghost hunters. I remember The General Wayne Inn in SE PA had several, but it doesn't exist now since being the site of another murder in 1997. It's now a Jewish center.
I had an encounter with a ghost as a child, but it was relatively benign.

Nina Pierce said...

The lights are on AND it's day ... and still, I'm totally creeped out. I am so fascinated by them Kathy, but ghosts totally give me the willies. ;)

Rebecca said...

Great blog post! The picture is sooooooooo creepy. :)

Robin Hillyer Miles said...

You should attend the River City Romance Writers retreat April 8-10, 2011 in Millington, Tenn. (near Memphis). We're getting prices together but we will have ghost hunters come on Friday night to rid the mansion of its ghost. This couple are sensitive - she can speak to ghosts and he can tell you the gender of the ghost upon walking in the house. Cool!

Robin Hillyer Miles said...

Geez - this couple is sensitive ...

On another note, I lived in a room that had a ghost come and fix the window about five nights out of the month. I babysat in a few houses with ghosts. I stayed at a house in Hilton Head that was haunted. All the houses where I had ghostly encounters are located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Since I write as Pamela K. Kinney and have two nonfiction ghost books out and a third coming out May 2011, plus do paranormal investigating with a couple of groups, yes, I do. My latest was for my 4th book, at a historical place no one has written about it's ghosts yet-Citie of Henricus--second English settlement on Eastern side of US. I even got a picture and no, not an orb, though an orb is in it too. Got three evps too!

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi V.J., That's too bad about that Inn. Sounds like a lot of people had experiences with ghosts in their lives.

Nina, I don't blame you. It is creepy.

Hi Robin, Wow that sounds cool about the ghost hunters visiting that mansion. I'm sure it'll be an interesting event. Creepy to babysit in a house with ghosts. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Pamela, sounds like you've had a lot of experiences and your books sound interesting. Cool! Feel free to post a link to your site.