Monday, January 13, 2014

Lynn LaFleur's Hot Bundle Now @EllorasCave

BUNDLES anyone? Ellora's Cave is doing bundles now!! What are they and why are they so HOT? They're the collection of three or more books, sometimes by different authors, and sold at a great discount. This became popular recently with many bundled books hitting the best sellers Amazon lists. Ellora's Cave has started doing this with some of their series books. YAY! Exciting for their authors and readers.

There are so many awesome SERIES at Ellora's Cave and they're selecting a number that will be brought together and sold as a discounted collection. Maybe you read only one book in the series? Here's your chance to get the whole group together when they're released and read the entire series. (And save money)

LAVENDER LACE by Lynn LaFleur (available now) is a collection of three books from her Lavender Lace series:
1. Business and Pleasure
2. A Date with Mr. Wonderful
3. Two Lovers for Molly

Ashlyn, a Celtic goddess in modern-day Seattle, uses her lingerie store along with a touch of paranormal magic to help three friends meet the men of their erotic fantasies.

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More Bundles by Lynn LaFleur coming February 3rd:

TAROT CAFE SERIES: Join the Tarot Cafe's owners Leandra Day and Synda Knight as they share their knowledge of the Tarot with those willing to believe in its message to help them find love.

1. Premonition
2. Turning Point
3. Whispered Surrender
4. A Different Path

More Bundles by Lynn LaFleur coming February 24th.

A male escort service in Fort Worth, Texas, owned by the three Cooper siblings, is the backdrop to help them find love.

1. Rent a Stud
2. Michelle's Men
3. Almost Perfection
4. Armed and Delicious

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Lynn LaFleur said...

Thanks for posting about my book bundles, Kathy! I'm very excited about this new venture from Ellora's Cave. I can hardly wait to buy some of the bundles from my favorite authors.


Kathy Kulig said...

You're very welcome, Lynn. I think this is an awesome idea. A great chance for readers to get caught up on series.