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FREE Demon Sex #eBook #eroticromance #Kindle

Demons need love too! 
Demons, shapeshifters, hunky bad boy demon on a Harley, an immortal and mortal war and a love triangle. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Damned and Desired, you'll find all those things.
FREE Demon Sex? Well, in eBooks. It’s FREE on Amazon, Barns and Noble and a few other vendors from January 20-February 2. Watch for the BookBub ad on the 21st.

There are lots of FREE reads out there, but it you’re looking for an erotic paranormal from Ellora’s Cave, I hope you’ll check this one out. (A blurb and excerpt is below.) Book 2, BTW, Damned and Desired was an EPIC Award finalist and Book 3, Damned and Defiant is one of my favorite books because Dante, the bad boy demon, really meets his match and if he manages NOT to destroy two worlds, he might find true love. 

BLURB for Desert of the DamnedDemons in Exile, Book One. One woman caught in a war between worlds and torn between the love of two men-immortal demon and mortal shapeshifter.
Dante Akanto lures research scientist Amy Weston into the desert to explore the dark side of her passions, pleasuring her in erotic ways she never thought possible with his bizarre sex games. And park ranger Jake Montag has a compelling mysticism and powerful sensuality that's HOT and impossible to resist.But the two men, demon and shapeshifter, are engaged in a supernatural fight between worlds. Amy and her high level of life force energy is the key. Dante's world and his immortality depend on claiming her as his own. The choice Amy makes between the two men will affect both her world and her future.Reader Advisory: Contains  scorching scenes of bondage.

EXCERPT: The smell of smoke drew Amy Weston out of a deep sleep. As her mind fought through her grogginess, she stared at the orange shadows flickering across her stucco walls. The waving colors nearly hypnotized her back to sleep then logic shook her fully awake.
She bolted upright in bed.
From the window on the opposite wall she could see that the fire was outside. A chorus of toads and crickets sang their night song as the desert breeze stirred her sheer curtains. She rubbed sleep from her eyes and inhaled deeply.
Not dreaming.
Hopping out of bed, she rushed to the window and peered out. The glow of a campfire shone behind the saguaro cactus and the mesquite bushes about fifty yards from her house.
The silhouette of a man stood beside the fire. Dante Akando was summoning her.
The digital clock read twelve a.m. The hour. She groaned as if complaining but between her legs the throb of her pussy gave away her desire. Thanks to all the subtle teasing at work and impromptu meetings in Dante’s office, where he’d described raw details of his sex games, her body hummed in anticipation.
He was good—very good—impossible to resist. And he was just what she needed right now—a man who had a taste for adventurous sex and was eager to explore the dark side of her passions. Like her, Dante didn’t want any emotional ties. She had been intrigued by his looks the day she was forced to transfer to the new division of Drake Diagnostic Labs and, since she didn’t plan to stay long, having a brief affair with her boss didn’t seem like a problem. The sexual chemistry had been immediate and bone deep. How could she say no? Someday she would find someone special and consider a more permanent arrangement but for the moment, she didn’t need the hassles.
As much as her body ached for Dante, she should resist him. She had to get up for work early and she was exhausted. Did she dare ignore his campfire call and curl back in her comfortable bed? Her hand reached beneath her silk chemise and slid over her breasts. Her nipples were raw and erect, sensitive to the touch. She squeezed them and imagined Dante’s hands on her then glided her hand down her flat belly, over the curly hair and patted her bud. In moments it was swollen and throbbing, aching for more. Oh, she wanted him all right. Damn him. I’ll never get back to sleep now.
What was the use? The dancing lights on her bedroom walls grew brighter, signaling his impatience.
Tugging the thin chemise over her head, she tossed it on the floor, then yanked the Indian blanket from her bed. Why did he affect her this way? She walked back to the window but there was no sign of him—only the silhouettes of the saguaro cactus with its outstretched arms. Stepping into moccasins, she grabbed a flashlight, then strode out of her house.
The night air was cool and she pulled the red, black and orange blanket tightly around her. Dante had bought it for her at the flea market, not the trading post, so it probably was a Mexican blanket and not Indian but it was beautiful just the same and a thoughtful gift. Still, it was a puzzling gift considering Dante Akando said he was part Navajo. She would’ve thought he would only buy native crafts. As she followed the path off her property onto open land, the light of her flashlight and the campfire lit her way. The sky was dark, millions of brilliant stars glittered like shards of crystal. Stepping around scrub pines and clumps of prickly pear cactus, she approached a large mesquite bush. On the other side of the spiny tree the campfire blazed.
Another Indian blanket lay beside the fire. Dante was nowhere around. But she knew he had to be close, watching her.
“Dante? I’m here.” She pulled her blanket up to her chin. A breeze swirled around her and under, teasing her moist pussy. She felt a growing heat and moisture between her legs. Where was he? Every nerve simmered with anticipation. “Dante, come on. I’m here. We have to work tomorrow. I can’t stay long.”
She wasn’t afraid of the desert night. He said the fire would keep her safe from the night creatures. Recalling his game of seduction, she dropped her covering and stretched out naked on the blanket, her body raw, exposed, vulnerable.
The flames crackled and sent sprays of sparks into the air. Peering into the dark shadows surrounding the campfire, Amy tried to spot her mysterious lover but saw no sign of him. She was supposed to wait.
As she closed her eyes, a shiver that was a slightly panicked feeling mixed with desire rippled through her body. Ignoring his instructions, she opened her eyes again and scanned the area. Still no Dante.
Only a cool breeze brushed over her skin, tightening her nipples to hard points. As she stared into the fire, her vision blurred. How long had she been there? She chuckled to herself. What if she fell asleep when Dante returned? How would he react? She suspected his ego wouldn’t handle that well. Was this a test to see how long she’d wait? Well, she wouldn’t wait for much longer. Damn, she forgot her watch. She had no idea how long she’d been out there.
Sighing heavily with impatience, she decided to go against his game and move. She stroked her breasts, drawing circles around her nipple with her fingertip. Maybe she could entice him. Her body sizzled with need, wanting his touch. He had promised to meet her. She wanted him on top of her now. She slid her hand across her breasts and squeezed each mound. Damn him, where was he?
The turpentine scent of the mesquite bushes and pungent earth drifted on the breeze. Her fingers pinched her nipples until they were sensitive and erect, then she slid her hand down across her stomach to her mound. She spread her folds, dipping one finger inside for a moment, then rubbed her bud until it swelled. She sucked in a breath.
“Mmmm. That looks nice,” said a husky voice behind the massive saguaro cactus.

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Cris Anson said...

Kathy, I love your Demon series. I hope everyone takes advantage of this free book to get you started on a bunch of great reads.

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Thanks so much, Cris. Never did a FREE book before offer. Anxious to see how it works out. :)