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PARANORMAL 4TH of JULY holiday BASH WITH Gilbert Stack and Alexandra Christian

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His Phantom Caress by Alexandra Christian

Blurb: What would you give for one more night?

Rhys and Elizabeth Grayson had a charmed life. A beautiful house, a passionate marriage and a bright future ahead, until one day, their dreams were shattered when Rhys suddenly died. Alone and drowning in grief, Elizabeth has nowhere to turn until she stumbles across Cali Barrows and The Oubliette. The otherworldly talents of Cali and her vampire lovers, André and Leo, are Elizabeth’s only hope for being reunited with her beloved. But the journey into the ethereal is a dangerous one and lost souls are not easily found. How far is Elizabeth willing to go to say goodbye? How far to feel the warmth of his phantom caress?
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An Interview with Andre deBeaumanoir, vampire.

Andre, thanks for visiting the Passion Sense blog. We have a couple questions we’d like you to share with our readers:

1.       If you celebrate the 4th of July holiday, what’s your favorite or worse memory?
You might be surprised to know that though I am not American, I do tend to celebrate any holiday where there’s food and pyrotechnics involved.  You probably don’t know that I’ve been alive for quite some time and have a bit of firsthand knowledge of your country’s independence.  The French have always been supportive of the American causes.  In 1773, I just happened to be in Boston when some friends of mine let slip that a group of their fellow countrymen were going to be having a little party over at Boston Harbor.  Naturally, I insisted that they take me along.  After all, no one loves a party as much as I do.  Besides, a large gathering of people is, to be a little indelicate, like a vampire buffet.  All you can eat.  So, we get there and there are all these rough looking folk standing around a ship wearing native dress and tossing tea into the harbor.  They were so enthusiastic that I couldn’t help but join in!  Two years later, your country declared its independence and I had a new appreciation for having tea with my meal.
2.       Tell us about your most current adventure.

I’m a star of the Strange Bedfellows series written by Alexandra Christian.  In the last adventure, our damsel in distress took us into the afterlife to rescue the spirit of her dead husband.  We ended up contracting the services of a rather dubious necromancer, a Grim Reaper and a golem.  The story ended on quite a cliffhanger, but no worries—the next installment is due out this year.  I’ll be going into Hell to rescue my human lover from the clutches of the afore mentioned sexy necromancer. 

3.      What is your most favorite thing to do? Or, do you have a super power?

I’m afraid that my favorite thing to do is something I’m not sure I can discuss on a public blog (wiggling eyebrows), but I’m quite certain you could guess.  I suppose that could also be counted among my super powers…

 Samaritan by Gilbert M. Stack and Marc Hawkins

Categories: Romance, Urban Fantasy, MC/IR, Suspense/Mystery 

The hit and run driver that nearly killed her sister changed Mina's life forever. Editing the trendy Philly Chic magazine did not prepare Mina for a life of crazy-eyed assailants trying to kill her and her niece. Nor did it prepare her for the handsome Samaritan who first prevented her sister from bleeding to death on the street and then introduced her to a world, hidden from most, where only her quick wits and instincts could keep her alive. But would this mysterious Samaritan prove to be part of the solution or the ultimate root of her problems?
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Trev, thanks for visiting the Passion Sense blog. We have a couple questions we’d like you to share with readers:

Thank you, Kate. I have lived most of my life in the shadows but am delighted to speak with you when urged to do so by the love of my life Mina who I met when performing a small service for her family.

1.       If you celebrate the 4th of July holiday, what’s your favorite or worse memory?
One of the great things about American holidays is that you don’t have to be American to celebrate them. American independence was so much more than a shout of defiance at Britain. It set forth ideals that challenge the world to embrace a higher standard—equality, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. So to honor those men, my friend, Swan and I, prefer to celebrate the holiday by taking strong action against those of my own kind who have not yet learned to appreciate those immortal worlds: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

2.       Tell us about your most current adventure.
All of life is an adventure, but I assume you refer to the incident in which I was most fortunate to play Samaritan for my lovely, Mina, when her sister faced death on the streets of Philadelphia. It was the child, you realize, that made me intervene. She stared at the accident with those wide eyes as if her whole world were bleeding away with her mother’s life. And afterward, while it might have been more sensible to step back in the shadows, what sort of man would abandon my Mina to the troubles her sister had foolishly stirred up for her?

3.       What is your most favorite thing to do? Or, do you have a super power? (for non-human characters)
Music is the pulse of life. So when I get an evening free I enjoy attending a concert. Live music is so much more vibrant than recordings.

4.       What is your favorite barbecue food?
Baby back ribs—no wait. Let me think about that a bit longer. Barbecue has come so far these days. It’s not just about meat anymore. It’s taken its place as one of the great cuisines and I feel I should offer you something a bit more sophisticated. But alas, the first instinct is often the correct one. You can never go wrong with baby back ribs. 

Tomorrow we have authors Tracy Cooper-Posey and Nancy Henderson. They're giving away eBook copies of their books too!!

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