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Paranormal 4th July Holiday Bash - A.S. Fenichel & Lisa Carlisle

PARANORMAL 4TH of JULY Holiday BASH with authors
A.S. Fenichel and Lisa Carlisle

Kane’s Bounty by A.S. Fenichel

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Telepathic bounty hunter Kane has one rule—never get involved with a fugitive.

It’s a simple assignment with good money at the end. Picking Lena up is no problem. Protecting her when her ex-husband, mercenaries and another bounty hunter threaten her turns into the fight of their lives.

Together, the Stones of Adeline and Lena are powerful magic. She never considered the complication of the sexy bounty hunter and her undeniable desire for him. Their paranormal bond will need to be strong if they’re to survive together.

Character Interview:

Kane Lakeland, Thanks for visiting the Passion Sense blog. We have a couple questions we’d like you to share with readers:

  1. If you celebrate the 4th of July holiday, what’s your favorite or worse memory?

I’m American, so yeah, I guess I celebrate Independence Day. I grew up in an orphanage. When I was really young the Psi Alignment took me to their training facility. I don’t really remember much celebrating.

  1. Tell us about your most current adventure.

I’m a Psi fugitive recover agent. A lot of people call us bounty hunters, but I don’t really care for that term. I recently had to pick up Lena Cruz and bring her back to Boston for trial. Once picked her up in Savannah, I realized she was in big trouble. Her ex had sent some pretty bad dudes to bring her in. She’s the custodian for the Stones of Adeline. They don’t look like much but those little rocks can tell the future. That bastard she was married to, was willing to do anything to get Lena back with the Stone of Adeline. She wouldn’t have lasted out there on her own, and if you saw her, you’d know why I had to try to protect her.

  1. What is your most favorite thing to do? Or, do you have a super power?

I don’t know if I would call it a “superpower” but I’m telepathic. Everyone trained by the Psi Alignment, is chosen for a particular set of skills. I know what people are thinking. I know when the gunman is about to pull the trigger. I can tell if a mark is nervous or confident. It’s pretty handy in my line of work.

  1. What is your favorite barbecue food?

I guess I’d eat it all, but there’s nothing better than a good rack of BBQ’d ribs where the meat is falling off the bone.

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An All Romance Ebooks Summer Pick!

Rock Me Tonight  by Lisa Carlisle

Lily Everett wants a lover, but won’t consider a permanent relationship, because she harbors a secret she’s certain no one will understand. When she meets the singer of a rock band at an underground nightclub, she’s disarmed by his sensual voice and mischievous good looks. After an icy introduction, Lily warms up to Nico’s charms.
A computer geek by day, Nico dons a rock singer persona by night. He’s tired of women pursuing him just because he’s in a band—the sex may be handy, but he wants something more. He’s intrigued by Lily’s reticence.
Keeping her emotional distance proves difficult the more Lily uncovers the intelligent, considerate man hiding behind Nico’s bad-boy persona. Their encounters are hot-hot-hot, but Nico wants more from Lily than sex. When Lily lets down her guard and reveals her other side, Nico’s shock destroys their closeness and they both doubt they can overcome their differences.
A Romantica® paranormal/shapeshifter erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Character Interview:
Lily, thanks for visiting the Passion Sense blog. We have a couple questions we'd like to share with readers:

1.      If you celebrate the 4th of July holiday, what's your favorite or
worse memory?
That would involve a full moon occurring one 4th of July. Let's just leave it at that. 
2.      Tell us about your most current adventure. 
I like to venture into the White Mountains, to uh, hike. Yeah, that's what I do in there, hike. 
3.      Do you have a super power? 
I'm in touch with what I'd say are my animal instincts. 
4.      What is your favorite barbecue food?
Any kind of meat. The rarer, the better. 
That's all I'm going to discuss right now. I have to go. 
Lisa Carlisle
Author of the Underground Encounters series

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