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The Sensual World of Veronica Tower

Welcome Veronica Tower to the HOT and Sexy Paranormal Memorial Day Giveaway Event.
Veronica is offering a free copy of Healing. Her sexy and mysterious, paranormal story.

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Kathy Kulig: Hello, Veronica, Please tell us something about yourself, where you’re from, and how you became a writer.

Veronica Tower: Thanks for having me on your blog today, Kathy. It’s always hard to know where to begin with this whole How did you become a writer? question. I guess it started when I was sitting on my mother’s lap listening to her read to me. I’ve always had a very active imagination and enjoyed putting myself into the plots of the books we were reading. It was a very short step to making up my own stories. Eventually I got to the point where I wanted to share them with other people enough that I was willing to risk the pain of rejection and start submitting to publishers. Thirty books and stories later I can’t imagine not writing.

Kathy Kulig: What paranormal elements and characters do you incorporate in your stories? Who are your favor paranormal creatures—Vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.?

Veronica Tower: Healing is my first paranormal story and it focuses on a young man with the power to cure disease and repair physical injuries through the magic of sexual union. I hope that isn’t a spoiler. It’s an erotic romance after all so I figure anyone who reads the book blurb will figure out sex has to be involved in the cure. As in most paranormal stories, power isn’t an unadulterated good so there’s a lot more to this tale than fixing my heroine’s broken spine. Get ready for a tense and sexy ride.

As to paranormal creatures, what don’t I like? In the right hands, vampires, werewolves, fae and angels can all be so sexy and intriguing. I’m looking forward to seeing what other books you spotlight on this paranormal weekend so I can try out some new authors.

Kathy Kulig: What are you working on at the moment? New release coming up?

Veronica Tower: My next paranormal book will most likely be a werewolf story. I’ve been playing with the plot for a few months now. My next release from Ellora’s Cave is a very hot science fiction book called Jewel.

Kathy Kulig: Where can readers find out about you and your books?

Veronica Tower: My website is at I’d love to have everyone visit.

Kathy Kulig: Thank you for interviewing today on my Passion Sense Blog. Good luck with Healing and  Jewel sounds like an awesome story too! We look forward to having you back.
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