Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something Wicked is Almost Here!

I am SO WICKED EXCITED about the upcoming release of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. It just came out yesterday on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for pre-order and it has reached Amazon Best Seller Ranking!! I am so THRILLED to be included in this anthology and among these awesome writers.

SWTWC will be available at Amazon and B & N on Dec.20. And at Ellora's Cave and other vendors on Dec. 28.

Amazon Kindle Link

Barnes & Noble Link

Ellora's Cave Link

Here's the run down for the H-O-T stories you'll find there:

Captain of Nara’s Heart
Laurann Dohner
Nara knew she was taking a risk with illegal trading. Sure enough, she’s been arrested, caged—and will be auctioned as a sex slave. One look at the scary alien buyers and she frantically makes a deal, agreeing to be sold to Captain Vellar, who turns out to be large, sexy and seriously in heat. Offering her body to the captain is a given…but Nara didn’t expect to lose her heart in the process.
Dragon Heat
Mel Teshco
A highly skilled operative, Grace has been trained to track, fight and kill paranormal creatures. Only after she’s in the clutches of her latest target, a devastatingly sexy dragon-shifter, does she discover betrayal in her ranks. Suddenly the hunter is the hunted. Grace will soon uncover her ex-agency’s horrific agenda—but not before seeking solace in all the pleasures of the flesh her new dragon ally has to offer.
Dangerous Addiction
Desiree Holt
Having finally realized his dream to own a ranch, Cord is ready for the next step—settling down with the perfect sub. And he’s found her in Fallon. A single glance from the smart, sultry beauty makes him hard, but abuse at the hands of her ex-Dom has kept Fallon away from the lifestyle she loves. Needs. It will take bondage, mind-blowing sex, a gentle hand and expert flogging for Cord to help her rediscover her favorite dangerous addition.
Highland Tryst
Eliza Knight
Having sworn off love, Kari Howard isn’t adverse to a little lust when a hot Highlander lands at her feet. Literally. Fin has traveled through time, and given what he’s packing under his kilt (good Lord!), Kari expects the sexy Scotsman to make her quake. But she doesn’t expect Fin to shake her very foundation…or cherish her for who she is.
Tattoo Witch
Kathy Kulig
There cannot be good without evil, light without dark… At a seaside resort, lovers Sam and Anita meet a mysterious, heavily tattooed couple who refers them to Sinful Designs. The owner is a witch whose magical tattoos grant scorching, kinky sex beyond their wildest fantasies—but there’s a catch. Each successive tattoo comes with a darker and scarier curse. Sam and Anita can break the spells…but at what cost?
The Addiction
Jaid Black
The long-awaited sequel to The Possession!
John Calder has everything most men would kill for—golden-Adonis looks, endless money, a steely reputation as a savvy businessman and beautiful women throwing themselves at his feet. Then he meets Shelli Rodgers, a quirky, klutzy Ph.D. student who takes John on an emotional and sensual journey, giving him the one thing he’s never attained—happiness.

More news: I just finished the third book in my Demon's in Exile series and will be sending it off to my editor shortly. Readers have been asking about Dante and this will be Dante's story. Desert of the Damned, Book 1. Damned and Desired, Book 2.

I also have another fun, HOT story sitting on her desk awaiting her review. Keeping fingers crossed.

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