Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Girl Passion for Fashion

Deep V Fishnet Bodystocking
 Body Stockings

Valentine’s Day is coming up so I had to do something a little different. I also have my CONTEST drawing on the 14th. (Details at the end of this post) Are you looking for gift ideas or hints to give your guy? Or would you like to surprise him on Valentine’s Day? If your Diva closet doesn’t contain any bodystockings why not check them out. They’re an inexpensive piece of lingerie. Whether you wear them alone or in combination with other lingerie or underneath clothing, body stockings can be quite alluring. You don’t have to be a size 2 without any figure flaws to wear them. In fact, the semi-sheer material camouflages those figure flaws most of us have. And ladies, men don’t notice figure flaws in the women they love. We’re so much harder on ourselves.

There are four main types of bodystocking materials: Sheer, Lace, Opaque and Fishnet.

Sheer- Are like pantyhose for your entire body. They give a sexy silhouette, showing a glimpse of what’s beneath.
Rose Lace Body Stocking With Open Crotch * 8743
Lace-Can come in a variety of designs from large patterned to small. These can be very sexy and romantic. I’d think carefully before picking out a squarish pattern so you don’t look like a checkerboard.
Opaque Bodystocking
Opaque-When I think opaque, I think gym or yoga class. If it’s not see-thru than it’s not sexy. That’s my opinion.
Industrial Net Bodystocking
Fishnets-Can be fun and sexy too. As long as the stocking fits well and isn’t too tight or you’ll get the cooked-ham look when you take them off—not sexy.

STYLES- Just Google bodystockings and you’ll find tons of websites that sell them online with photos. Long sleeves, ¾ , skinny straps or strapless. Crotchless or intact crotch, peak-a-boo bottom or not. Whatever is your preference or comfort level. Simple lines can be more flattering and complicated straps can be harder to put on (and take off). Follow the size guides for best fit. Some are One Size fits most. But they do have Plus sizes for the more lush and curvy figures. Colors come in black, white, red and other colors. Black usually tends to be sliming, and white may make you look larger.

Instead of chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day, a sexy bodystocking makes an inexpensive gift. Don’t think you’re guy would buy lingerie? Buy one yourself and surprise him.

CONTEST - Valentine's Day Click here to view larger image
To celebrate Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ll be giving a copy of my Quickie SECRET SOIREE from Ellora’s Cave. Either email me at with “Valentine’s Day Contest” in the subject line.*Triple your chances to win: Tweet or Facebook my blog (, or “follow my blog” ( if you are following me already, tell me) and I’ll add your name in three times for the drawing of an additional erotic print book of my choice. Drawings will be on Valentine's Day. Contest ends February 13th.


Ari Thatcher said...

The checkerboard had me giggling, but the ham had me rolling out loud! Yeah, some bodies just do better in opaque. *sigh*

Cris Anson said...

I just wanna know one thing.....

Are you buying one for Joe for Valentine's Day?

*big grin*

Harlie Reader said...

Love the suggestions. It has inspired me.

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Ari, Glad you got a chuckle out of that. LOL

Hey Cris, Maybe I already have one. Hmmm. my secret. :)

Hi Harlie, Oh you're welcome for the inspiration. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!