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Mistress Mine Another HOT Addition

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If you haven't checked out the new 1-800-DOM-help series from Ellora's Cave, you're missing something HOT, unique and fun. From a several talented Ellora's Cave authors, this series has taken the premise of a mysterious business card - 1-800-DOM-help - that will appear to someone involved in the BDSM lifestyle but struggling with some issue or person and turning it into an exciting and sexy read. Once the characters call the number they may be directed to a secret club called Unfettered that has a way of appearing and disappearing in any location as needed. Just think of all the naughty stories an erotica author can come up with.

MISTRESS MINE by Samantha Cayto is the next in the series (all stand alone books)and was released today.

FBI agent and ex-military man Trey Boudreau likes to be in control and issue orders. But the bedroom is not a battlefield. His secret desire is to submit his body to a strong, older woman. He discovers a card that promises him the right one to bring him to his knees.

Juliette Coyne is a Domme determined to overcome a past experience that left her questioning her ability in the lifestyle. She is challenged by Trey, a strong, younger man in need of a good lesson or two. Old habits die hard, however, and the past continues to haunt them. Trey and Juliette grapple with each other and themselves for control, trust and a future together.

Chapter One

“If you don’t stop mooning over your ex, I’m going to resign as your wingman.”

Trey Boudreau lifted his gaze from the beer bottle to glare at his friend, Mike. “I’m not mooning over Gina, and who the hell says ‘mooning’ anymore?”

Mike rolled his dark, brown eyes and shook his head. “I figured you being from the south and all it was a fitting expression. And yes, you are mooning over Gina. You haven’t stopped staring at your drink all night. Either you’ve developed an unhealthy attraction to malted beverages or you’re obsessing over your ex-wife. Either way, it makes being here pointless. Look, if you’re not interested in hooking up with any of the fine, and I mean fine, women in this club, we may as well head back to my place. No point in spending seven bucks on a bottle of beer if you’re not going to snag some bodacious booty at the same time.”

“Oh my God.” Trey put his head in his hands. This night was a disaster. He should never have let Mike talk him into clubbing. They were too old for this kind of meat market, and he wasn’t interested in “hooking up” with any woman. He wanted to find what he thought he’d had with Gina, a woman to spend the rest of his life with. He still wasn’t sure what had gone wrong. How did a ten-year-old marriage simply die? Sure, he had spent many of those years deployed overseas, but unlike other marriages killed by war, his had ended well after he’d taken a civilian job. He was still reeling from the aftershocks.

Mike’s big hand landed on Trey’s shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze. “Come on man, it’ll get better. Maybe you’re pushing it too soon. I have to tell you, though, that I can’t say I’m sorry Gina shoved you out the door.”

Startled by the admission, Trey raised his head to frown at his friend. “I thought you liked Gina.”

Mike shrugged and tossed a couple of peanuts in his mouth. “Sure, I liked her. She was a nice girl, just not your type.”

“Not my type?” Gina had been the perfect type for Trey, sweet and caring, always eager to please him in some way. Biddable, his grandmother once called her. Coming from Granny, it had sounded more like an insult than a compliment. Then again, his Granny hadn’t been sleeping with Gina. Trey had, and a more attentive lover a man couldn’t ask for. Gina had been willing to do anything he wanted, pliant and accommodating and passive as hell.

Shit, when he thought about it, and he had a lot lately, his sex life with Gina had been boring. When he’d first been back from a deployment, he couldn’t get enough of her, like a man fresh from the desert downing lukewarm water. After a while, though, he’d start to crave Dr. Pepper, or beer, or Christ, a shot of bourbon. Then he’d deploy again and the thirst built up to a point where he forgot the tedium. Once he was home for good, working for the FBI, he was with his wife every night or gone only for a few days. Always the one to initiate love-making, he hadn’t been able to work up an interest very often. Their sex life had petered out. He’d thought he was the only one missing it. Gina hadn’t said anything or done anything about it. Obviously he’d been wrong about how she had felt because she was the one to ask for a divorce. She had demanded it, actually, the most assertive he’d ever seen her.

Trey took a long pull of his beer, draining the bottle. “Crap, you may be right. I know I let her down in the bedroom. I let us both down.”

Mike raised his eyebrows. “They say the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem.”

“Fuck you,” he replied without any heat. Mike was a good friend and Trey knew he’d been a lousy one these past few months. Standing up, he added, “Let’s get out of here. This is a waste of time until I figure out what I’m looking for in a woman.”

Mike joined him and tossed a few more bills on the table for a tip. “As long as we’re talking about it, I may as well tell you what I think you might be looking for.”

“Bring it on.” Trey doubted very much his friend had an insight that he, himself, lacked in his own sex life.

“Remember Major Bradford?”

Trey’s stride hitched for a half-second before he replied. “Yeah, I remember her. So?”

“So, tell me your dick didn’t get hard every time she came into view.”

He waited until they were outside the club, the cool peace of the Boston night a welcome relief to the noisy crush of the club. “Come on, man, you’re talking about a superior officer.”

“Who is not here and we are no longer in the army. Be honest. A woman like that, tall, strong, commanding and mature. She was hot in a way all those young junior grades could never be.”

Trey stopped his body mid-squirm because honestly, he remembered the major in the mess hall one day when a mortar hit. She had been on her feet barking out orders before the dust had cleared. He’d had no problem following her orders when she so obviously knew what she was doing. And, yeah, the sight of her had aroused him each and every time their paths had crossed after that incident. Thinking of her made him hard that very moment. Hence the urge to squirm. He didn’t want to admit it to his friend, though. His reaction didn’t seem right somehow.

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