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Steamy Winter Preview - Lynn LaFleur

Featured Author Lynn LaFleur
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Today I have a good friend and fellow Ellora's Cave author Lynn LaFleur visiting the Passion Sense Blog to share a blurb and excerpt (a sneak peek) of her new book coming out on February 21st. I've had the pleasure to sit next to Lynn during a couple book signings and she's always a bubbly, friendly person. Not to mention an awesome author.
Lynn was also interviewed in Kathy Kulig's February Passion Sense Newsletter I've included a sneak peek of the interview in this post. Clink on the newsletter link if you'd like to subscribe to the once a month newsletter to read the full interview. Besides Lynn's interview, you'll find bonus contests, news, excerpts and more.

Interview sneak peek:
- What is your writing schedule like?
I write at least five days a week. I don’t have a set schedule, but do write several hours a day. Some days, when the words are flowing, I’ll write longer. On the days when the words are being stubborn, I’ll get away from the computer and do other paperwork or scrapbook. Sometimes I’ll even clean my house.

- Which actor screams SEXY to you?

Hugh Jackman. Handsome, great body, and that accent. Wow.

- Do you write full time or work outside of the home?
I gave up my day job three years ago to write full-time. I’m having the best time in my life!

-Do you write a novel straight through? Or revise as you go? Plan a whole series in advance? Or does the series evolve?
I write straight through and revise as I go. I’m a slow writer, but by the time I finish a chapter, it’s usually a final and doesn’t need a lot of revisions. The series I’ve written are planned in advance. I figure out the characters and the basic idea for the plot. After that, I let the characters tell their stories.

Blurb: The Birthday Gift
by Lynn LaFleur
ISBN: 9781419932427
What does a man give the woman of his dreams for her birthday? Her fantasy, of course. When Amanda admits to her husband that she'd like to be part of a ménage a trois, Jake isn’t sure if he could ever share his wife with another man.

Then his cousin Patrick comes for a visit.


Patrick came back a moment later carrying one of her older quilts and a white plastic bottle. He set the bottle on the coffee table before spreading out the quilt on the floor. Amanda wondered how he’d found the quilt so quickly in the upstairs linen closet, and where he’d gotten that bottle.

A tiny bit of suspicion began to grow inside her head.

Jake squeezed her shoulders. “Lie down, babe.”

Amanda watched Patrick drop to his knees at one end of the quilt before she rose from the couch and walked the short distance around the coffee table. She wasn’t sure if she should do this. A massage on her back and feet would feel wonderful, but she knew her own body…and how she reacted when Jake touched her. She loved her husband and desired him fiercely. It wouldn’t take but a few moments of his hands on her before she’d be breathing heavy and trying not to moan. If she embarrassed herself in front of Patrick, she’d never be able to face him again.

Jake circled the coffee table and also dropped to his knees at the opposite end of the quilt from Patrick. He patted the floor in front of him. “C’mere.”

Get your mind out of the gutter. This is your husband and his cousin doing something nice for your birthday. This has absolutely nothing to do with sex and you have no reason to be suspicious.

The pep talk she gave herself helped Amanda relax. She stretched out on the quilt, resting her head on her folded arms.

“Hey, Pat, grab one of those thick pillows off the couch. Amanda needs one under her stomach since her tits are so big.”

Amanda raised her head and glared at her husband. “Jake!”

“Well, it’s true. You always put a pillow under your stomach.”

“You don’t have to broadcast that fact to Patrick.”

“You don’t think he knows you have big tits? He isn’t blind.”

The teasing gleam in Jake’s eyes made Amanda shake her head. “Good grief,” she muttered. She pulled the pillow that Patrick tossed on the floor under her stomach and rearranged herself to a comfortable position. “After a comment like that, I’d better get a damned good massage.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Jake touched her shoulders again. A moment later, she felt Patrick’s hands on her left foot. His fingers slid easily over her skin, so he must be using the liquid in that white bottle. Amanda sighed contentedly and closed her eyes. Heaven couldn’t possibly be any better than this.

Jake pressed the heels of his hands into her shoulders, her upper back, her middle back. Amanda relaxed more with every stroke…until she felt his hands on her bare back, above the waistband of her shorts. She opened her eyes a crack. She had a perfect close-up view of Jake’s crotch…and the large bulge there.

Obviously, she wasn’t the only one affected by her massage.

Amanda’s mouth watered with the desire to unzip Jake’s shorts and lick him from the head of his cock to his balls. She loved taking him in her mouth, feeling him swell as his desire grew. If Patrick wasn’t here…

Realizing Patrick was here made her concentrate again on his touch. His hands were no longer massaging her feet, but were sliding up and down the backs of her legs in a slow caress.

Heat began to build low in Amanda’s tummy.

“Raise up a little, babe.”

Not thinking anything of his request, Amanda raised her torso a few inches off the floor. Jake pulled her T-shirt up to her shoulder blades. When she felt her bra strap tighten as if he planned to unsnap it, she quickly scrambled up to her knees.

“Okay, what’s going on here?”

Jake glanced at his cousin. Amanda quickly swung her gaze to Patrick and back to Jake. The two men exchanged a look…a look of conspiracy. “We’re giving you a massage,” Jake said. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“This is more than just a massage, Jake. Patrick was nowhere near my feet and you were about to unsnap my bra. I want to know what you’re doing.”

Jake remained quiet a moment, then he cradled her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly. “Fulfilling your fantasy.”

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Lynn LaFleur said...

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Kathy. I hope all your bloggers enjoy the little taste of my upcoming book.


Harlie Reader said...

On my word.......I swear my EC TBB pile is getting taller. Thanks for the excerpt and the interview.

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Lynn, It was a pleasure having you here. The Birthday Gift sounds hot. Love the cover.

Hi Harlie, I know what you mean about TBB/TBR pile. my NOOK is getting loaded up. :) thanks for stopping by.