Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Adventures & New Digs

Harry Houdini

New Adventure? I'm not as adventurous as Harry Houdini but I've been busy with an exciting new project for Ellora's Cave and that's why I’ve been behind on blogging. It's a new adventure because this story is a little different from my usual work. There's still passion and adventure, and I think you'll fall in love with the characters. It was a fun and challenging story to write. If accepted, this book will be part of the 1-800-DOM-help author series. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted.

1 800 DOM helpThe premise of the stories of this series involves the mysterious appearance of a business card with the text: ‘1-800-DOM-help’ written on the card. The card will appear to someone—a Dom/Domme or sub who is in need of a special kind of help in his or her D/s relationship. Upon calling the number an Operator will assist them and may guide them to a club called Unfettered.

That’s the basics for the world building, except for a few common characters. It’s amazing to see the creativity of the authors in coming up with a variety of erotic BDSM themes to fit. The locations are different and there are MM, MMF, and MF stories so far. They also contain both male and female Dominants and submissives. The stories are hot, edgy and emotionally satisfying reads.

Althought I do have elements of BDSM in some of my published stories, for this one, I needed to do a lot more research to better understand the lifestyle and dynamics of a D/s relationship. EC authors are great sources for research. I read a number of their books and got recommendations for non-fiction books and also checked out the BDSM and fetish communities on-line. Of course, my interpretation may not be someone else’s interpretation, especially someone who’s a part of that lifestyle. And it’s a fantasy, it’s fiction. The true test will be what the readers think. If it flies, and the readers (and my editor) likes it, I have a couple more ideas in the same setting.

The next question is, while I finish editing this book to send off to my editor, which book do I start working on next? I’m in the middle of two projects a demon book (the third in my Demons in Exile series) and a vampire book. Any preferences???

My new digs?: Is actually a new desk. I have a new writer’s cave!! YAY! For Christmas I received a new desk with credenza, hutch, L-shaped table, filing cabinet, corner table and wall unit (bookcase). The wood stain matches the hardwood floors and wood trim in the spare bedroom. I have three big windows to look out of and the best part is my dining room gets turned back into a dining room. I’ve been using it as my office for seven years. What do you think?

Okay, so Demon book next? Or Vampire book?

CONTEST REMINDER: Don't forget to check out the post on January 9th for details on how to win a copy of Secret Soiree or a surprise print book. Leave a comment and include your email or send me your email and I'll add you in the drawing on Valentine's Day. Details on my website too.


Nickie Asher said...

Vampire book. Can one ever have enough vampire books? I think not.

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Nickie, Thanks. I always love vampire books too.

Lynn LaFleur said...

Very nice desk, Kathy! Of course, it'll be completely cluttered in a matter of days. As for which book you should write next, I know I'll love whatever you pick.

Cris Anson said...

Delighted to hear you got your wish at Christmas! What a lovely setup. Hope you gave Joe lots of *ahem* feedback for such a great present.

I vote for another demon :-)

Kathy Kulig said...

Ha, ha, Cris. Yes, Joe enjoyed giving me the desk set as much as I did getting it. :) Demon, cool. One way or the other, both of these stories will be done this year.