Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Sexy, Scandalous, or Strange Things I Learned While Writing Red Tape

Are you a fan of the TV shows Scandal or House of Cards? You might like my new book RED TAPE, an erotic romantic suspense/political thriller with some BDSM.

Even fiction requires a certain amount of research. RED TAPE required a variety of research. One Goodreads reader said this book was, “suspense with National Treasure (the movie) bits and BDSM elements.”  For this book I dug information on the Freemasons, Washington DC, CIA, White House, merchant marine, Coast Guard, and many other things.

  1.     I learned there were 14 American presidents who had been Freemasons, including George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt and Gerald Ford.
  2.     I  learned there’s a website that you can use to locate the position of any ship at any place in the world and what port it’s heading. (Except military ships for obvious reasons) http://www.aislive.com/ and https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ 
  3.     I learned how Navy ships and aircraft carriers fill up with fuel in the middle of the ocean. I talked to a merchant marine who said he worked aboard a ship that could be called a floating gas station. 
  4.       Even though I was once a dive master and once rescued a struggling diver, I had to research how to rescue someone at sea.
  5.            The number of women spies throughout history might surprise you. I’ve posted early articles are on this topic. Part 1 and Part 2 
  6.     I was surprised how many sex scandals—real ones—there have been in Washington DC and how the press will blow someone’s sex life out of proportion in the news to gain headlines, while thousands are dying in a war or a natural disaster.
  7.       Conspiracy theorists are everywhere—pretty scary to think what people think and believe. They’re all over the internet. 
  8.            I looked up floor plans of the White House and the West Wing to write this story. Now I wonder if by searching the internet for this info. if I’m on someone’s watch list for Homeland Security. I’ve been told that’s all Hollywood.
  9.       Although I have these floor plans, I added in my own rooms and secret passages—artistic license.
  10.            I watched the TV shows West Wing, Scandal and House of Cards, so compared to those shows, RED TAPE isn’t that far out. I'm almost finished with Book 2 and those who've read Book 1 might be in for a surprise. I'm learning about remote viewing for book 3. That takes peeping toms to a whole new level. When no doors or locks can hide national secrets, what are the consequences?

Kathy Kulig
RED TAPE, Book 1 FLC series

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