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Women Spies, Sex Scandals & Sabotage

RED TAPE, my erotic BDSM thriller, will be releasing next week so I thought I'd talk  about some of the inspiration and research that went into this book. Women spies in history. If you’ve watched House of Cards or Scandal, you can get an idea of the type of story RED TAPE is. Of course, it’s all fiction. It’s about a secret organization in the White House that uses coercion, blackmail and sex scandals to fight terrorism and manipulate domestic and foreign policy. I hope you’ll check this story out. And I’d love to hear your feedback—good and bad.

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Think high stakes espionage is a man’s game? Women operatives tend to be overlooked in history books, but they have demonstrated their bravery and played a major role in protecting our nation as well as working in many parts of the world. Sometimes their techniques may be different than men, but the results are quite impressive. Many of these women will never be recognized for the work they did because they kept a low profile and died while working undercover. These women have conducted missions such as information gathering, assassinations, and sabotage, sometimes using seduction and even stripping to get what they want.

This is part one of a three part post highlighting a number of well-known women spies.

Maria Isabella “Belle” Boyd – Born in Virginia, US, Country of Allegiance - America. She was a Confederate spy. She visited Union camps where she gathered information and also acted as a courier. Her beauty and flirtatious manner with the Union soldiers helped her to acquire the information she needed. She was imprisoned and shot at, was later released. She called herself the “Cleopatra of the Secession.” She married an Englishman who had fought in the Union army and had four children. After divorcing him, she married an actor, seventeen years her junior. She died of a heart attack at age 56.

During the American Revolution the “patriots in petticoats” were British and American housewives, young girls, cooks and maids. They had easy access to the camps of soldiers and could collect information, eavesdrop on conversation and learn about troop movements, equipment and food shortages, etc. Some reported directly to General Washington.

Agent 355 was the code used for an unknown female spy used by the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution. She uncovered Benedict Arnold’s treason and played an important role in counter intelligence. Her true identity is still a mystery.

Anna Nancy Smith Strong was part of the Culper Spy Ring and hung clothes on a clothes line to send coded messages on a farm in New York.

Sacagawea was a scout and guide for the Lewis and Clark reconnaissance expedition secretly ordered by Thomas Jefferson.

Elizabeth Burgin helped about 200 prisoners escape from a prison ship during the Revolutionary War. British intelligence has a ransom for her arrest.
Nancy Ward a Cherokee also called Nanye-hi. She helped free and save the lives of frontier prisoners, sparing them from torture and burnings.

During the Civil War, Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a spymaster and operative working in Washington DC for the Confederate. She was a socialite that hosted parties for the military and political leaders and managed to collect intelligence. She was arrested and imprisoned by Allen Pinkerton in 1861.

Look for part 2 and 3 for more women spies in history. Some of these stories gave me ideas for my new book RED TAPE and the series: The FLC (The First Lady’s Club).
Sex, lies, manipulation and coercion are powerful weapons when used creatively, especially when women are in charged with the help of some hunky, dangerous men.

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Cris Anson said...

I've read RED TAPE and loved it. It's fascinating to hear about the female spies of the past. Thanks for this blog :-)

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks so much Cris. Glad you enjoyed the book. I'm excited about it's official release date in a couple days