Thursday, August 28, 2014

Women Spies, Sex Scandals & Sabotage – Part 2

Research for RED TAPE was extensive and fascinating. I had no idea there were so many women spies in history. Here are a few. Maybe my book isn't so far fetched???

Think high stakes espionage is a man’s game? Women operatives tend to be overlooked in history books, but they have demonstrated their bravery and played a major role in protecting our nation as well as working in many parts of the world. Sometimes their techniques may be different than men, but the results are quite impressive. Many of these women will never be recognized for the work they did because they kept a low profile and died while working undercover. These women have conducted missions such as information gathering, assassinations, and sabotage, sometimes using seduction and even stripping to get what they want.

This is part two of three highlighting a number of well-known women spies.

Brita Tott was born in Denmark and holds allegiance to Denmark. As a daughter of Danish nobility, Brita married into the Swedish royal family. There she became a courier passing military secrets onto her family. She betrayed the Swedish military and assisted in conspiring to kill Sweden’s King Charles VIII

Lona Cohen was born American but held allegiance to the Soviet Union. She worked as a courier for Manhattan Project physicist, Theodore Hall, who leaked atomic secrets to the Soviets. She and her husband formed the Portland Spy Ring in London, passing British naval secrets to the Soviets. Husband/wife spy team. Can you picture Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Stephanie Julianna von Hohenlohe

Princess Stephanie Julianna von Hohenlohe – She was from Austria and held allegiance first to Germany and later to America. As a socialite among London’s elite, she seduced cabinet ministers and other royalty, then turned her attentions to Hitler. When she moved to the US, she helped created a psychological profile on Hitler- her former friend.

Violette Szabo

Violette Szabo was born in France and her allegiance was with England and France. The Xbox video game Velvet Assassin is named after her. She was a secret agent for Special Operations Executive in England. Her varied missions included intelligence gathering and sabotage. After D-Day, she was caught in an intense gun battle, emptied every clip of ammunition, then captured by German soldiers. She was imprisoned at Ravensbruck concentration camp and executed in 1945 at 23 years old.

Look for part 1  of Women spies, Sex Scandals and Sabotage ( )

Part 3 coming soon.

Some of these stories gave me ideas for my new book RED TAPE and the series: The FLC (The First Lady’s Club).

Sex, lies, manipulation and coercion are powerful weapons when used creatively, especially when women are in charged with the help of some hunky, dangerous men.

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