Friday, August 8, 2014

RISKY PLEASURE? What Are They? And Risky How? #erotic #romance

To what extent would you call certain pleasures risky? Some people might get an adrenaline rush by doing extreme sports like skydiving, rock climbing, surfing mountainous waves, wrestling with alligators, etc. Do you have a few more to add?

I’m talking more along the lines of sexuality. Even here, the pleasures of riskiness can be broad, depending on who you talk to. One night stands with a stranger, having an affair, bondage and flogging in BDSM, going to sex clubs, having sex with multiple partners at the same time (ménages and more). Of course, others wouldn’t think there is anything risking in any of the above. It may be all fun, part of their particular lifestyle or taste. Different strokes as they say.

But in my new short story RISKY PLEASURES from Ellora’s Cave (release date 8/8/14) The “risk” is life and death between demons, and their needs for sexual satisfaction, highly intense.

The demoness Gwyllain was the one who got all the demons into trouble in the first place. While on their planet of Prygos, she had an affair with her husband’s engineer, Tarik. Gwyllain’s husband-Cragen-was the ruler of Prygos, and when he discovered Tarik building a secret hideaway love nest, he had his other engineers redesign it to his specifications. This miniature world called Anartia was like a small island surrounded by an ocean. On the island was a palace that Tarik and Gwyllain could be alone with her few servants. This world was hidden between dimensions so her husband couldn’t find. But he did. He had faithful spies.

Anartia became an exiled prison for his unfaithful wife, Tarik and her servants. And this miniature world was sent on a journey into another solar system—close to Earth. In order to keep the world from disintegrating, both Gwyllain and Tarik must take offerings of chi, or life force energy acquired from mortals on Earth. The drones collect the energy and transfer it to the two rulers of Anartia—Gwyllain and Tarik through sex. A lot of sex. This is her husband’s punishment. If they stop, their world and the drones will be destroyed. This process leaves little time for these lovers to be together. Gwyllain is evil. Tarik never wanted to be involved with her in the first place, but could not refuse his mistress.

Two drones, Sakari and Zorian, try desperately to be together. The attraction is strong between them, but their world and duty allows for little contact too. And if Gwyllain knew they were ‘wasting’ chi on their own pleasures, she most likely would destroy them and recruit new drones from Earth. But Sakari has a secret and doesn’t know if Zorian will agree with her. This secret could be their only hope for love or their final destruction. Is the risk too great?

RISKY PLEASURES is a background story, a bit of a prequel to the DEMONS IN EXILE series.

BLURB: Part of the Demons in Exile series.
Sakari’s desire burns deep for the hot and erotic moments Zorian provides in his private chambers. But to get him there alone, she must risk her immortal life and the wrath of the demoness. Sexual pleasures among demon drones are strictly forbidden and she has defied the demoness by returning to Anartia without her offering. As a skilled Disciplinarian, Zorian will do whatever it takes to train her as a proper drone by testing her sexual limits before they can indulge their own wicked urges. Sakari’s darkest secret will be their greatest risk and test of their love.

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