Sunday, December 15, 2013

Naughty Gift Ideas

Kink up your Kindle, Naughty up your NOOK. Kindles and NOOKs are the hottest Christmas gifts this year. They have big ones, small ones, paper white ones, ones for every need and preference. If you haven’t gotten one for yourself and every family member, get busy. Then start downloading all those hot sexy books to warm you up while you’re drinking that spiked egg nog or grog and sitting in front of a fire.

Ellora’s Cave ( ) of course has erotic titles that will please everyone: BDSM, ménage, contemporary, paranormal, historical, futuristic/scifi, multi-cultural, male/male, etc. Ellora’s Cave also has all the formats to suit all the various eBook readers.

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet and looking for some sexy, naughty, but nice ideas to get your significant other or get yourself or give hints to your sig other to buy?

If you’re really in a rush and don’t think if you shop online you’ll receive your items in time, then search for stores in your area. Use Key Words: Lingerie, Adult Sex Toys, Adult Novelty Store, BDSM shops, etc.

Some other naughty gifts ideas:
-BDSM equipment for roleplaying. Nylon Velcro straps, fur-lined cufflinks, blindfold, collar, nipple clamps, flogger, Nylon rope. If you’re going to attempt fancy rope bondage (Shibari) I recommend reading up on it first. Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes is a good book. It could be dangerous if not done right. Keep scissors handy.
-A new vibe. Big ones, small discreet ones, ones with attachments and extensions that hit just the right spots. Ahhhh.
-Sexy stockings: Thigh-highs, crotchless pantyhose, fishnet, patterned, colored, etc.
-Massage oil and lube gel in various flavors and scents, some that warm the skin too. Nice!
-Scented bath salts or bubble bath-two in the tub with candles, wine and party down.
-Naughty videos to watch with your honey. 9 ½ Weeks, Wild Orchid, Deception, Lolita, Memoirs of a Geisha, Crazy Stupid Love, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, In The Cut, Little Children, Cruel Intentions, Twilight, Mulholland Drive, Savages, Ghost, The Lucky One, The Lover, Match Point, Unfaithful, Titanic, A History of Violence, Black Swan, Love and Other Drugs, Eyes Wide Shut, Body Heat, Troy, and more. That’ll keep you busy for a while.

 -Sexy Romantic Evening or Weekend gift basket- fill with dinner gift cards, bottles of wine, bath salts, chocolates, massage oil, B&B reservations, etc. Get imaginative.
-Plan a secret get-away weekend - Make reservations out of town and don't tell your loved one where. Tell him/her what to pack and let them enjoy the surprise!

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Lynn LaFleur said...

Can I have the four guys in the picture at the top of your blog? :-)

Merry Christmas, Kathy!


Kathy Kulig said...

Can we share? LOL I think there's plenty to go around.

Cris Anson said...

What a wonderful list of naughty things! I want one of each, except for the photo of the Christmas guys... I'll take all of them *grin* or, at least whoever Lynn LaFleur doesn't want.

Have a great holiday, Kathy.


Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks, Cris. We can share. Or have a party. LOL