Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Husband and Wife Balancing Love, Marriage, Whips, and Chains #BDSM #Erotica

My Story: My Wife Writes Erotica

This has been a busy month with interviews about writing, marriage, BDSM and erotica. I've had a number of interviews talking about how my husband and I balance my writing life, research and our marriage, especially with the material I write about: BDSM, ménage, swinging and more. We also published a couple articles this week about our experiences in Blast Magazine (see below).

This type of writing comes with a fair amount of research: reading non-fiction and fiction books about alternative lifestyles (You should see my book shelves. It might make a few people blush). I also search the Internet, talked to authors, people living a D/s relationship and have visited BDSM clubs for research. I've talked about this in detail in earlier blog posts:

In the News:

12.18.13 Two articles were published in this week. Blast magazine is an online Entertainment Magazine in Boston, reviewing video games, movies, music, TV and talking about Gen-Y issues and more.

In our articles we wrote a kind of He said, She said complimentary set of articles talking about how we balance love, marriage and my BDSM/erotica writing life. One story is in the men’s section of My Story and one in the women’s section.
The first one is titled: “My Wife Writes Erotica” 

The other one: “I’m a Loving Wife Who Writes Erotica” 

12.18.13 I was also interviewed by Florida Weekly Magazine. Talking about Naughty Christmas gift ideas. Check out the article here 

by Artis Henderson

In this article Ms. Henderson interviewed me about a few naughty gift ideas for Christmas. Similar to an earlier blog post I wrote, but with her fabulous twists and lovely writing talents.

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