Sunday, December 1, 2013

Feeling Like the 5th Wheel in a Menage?

Does the third person ever feel like the fifth wheel in a ménage à trois encounter? I suppose it’s possible depending on the dynamics and relationships between those in the group.

Besides BDSM, I also enjoy writing ménage and multiple sex encounters, including encounters with otherworldly creatures like dragons. I’m working on a Christmas themed ménage right now for a special call out from my publisher. I like writing the edgy alternative sex scenes. It makes for interesting and intense conflicts and emotions between the characters. It can also be a challenge to write especially when it comes to stage directions, making sure all the positions are physically possible in this dimension. I must visualize the scene step by step or I can turn my characters into contortionists.

As for the emotional connections between the characters, that’s where the fun really lies. Usually, I write MFM, that’s two men and one woman where the men don’t have sex. But when two guys are involved in a ménage, come on, private parts might get touched. If they have a problem with another guy touching their junk, they shouldn't be engaged with a ménage in the first place.

But sometimes when two lovers bring in a third party, that third person could feel a little like a fifth wheel or cause some tension in the threesome. (SECRET SOIREE)
MMF scenes (DAMNED AND DESIRED) are very hot too. 

Sometimes one guy is more interested in the woman than the other. One may even be falling in love, while the other is in the ménage for the thrill of sex only (SPRING BREAK). All can work in erotic romance and true life if partners are open and adventurous.

Do you have any favorite ménage couplings? MMF, MFM, MFF, all male or all female????

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