Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

So many people start the New Year off with the resolution to lose weight, get into shape and eat right. They join a gym, go on a diet and are “serious” for about a month or two maybe a little longer. I see this every year at the gym. Mine is swamped with members in January and February, but by March and April, it starts to thin out and I see the same die-hard members I see throughout the year.

Over the holidays, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the worst time for diets. So many holiday parties and family dinners, holiday baking, all those fabulous Christmas cookies and candies that are a tradition. So, by January 2, many people have added 10, 15 or more pounds. Ack!
Why not start a new health routine NOW? You can still go to those Holiday parties, just be smart about it. Here are a few tips for how to get through the Holidays. After the tips, I'll explain the routine I’m doing. So far, so good. Since Thanksgiving, I've lost three pounds. (Not bad for this time of year.)

Tips for Staying Trim Over the Holidays:

1.   Exercise. I know, who has time while you’re preparing for the holidays? Take a walk at lunch, run up and down stairs, do a DVD workout at home. 30 minutes of cardio is a great way to burn calories and stress. I know Beach Body has a Fitness Program set of 5 DVD that are only 10 minutes each. Everyone has 10 minutes a day to workout. It's called Great Body Guaranteed

2.   Pay attention to what you eat. Better yet, write it down. Snacking adds up calories. And coworkers love to bring in holiday goodies. Am I right? I know mine do. Keep snacking to a minimum and plan healthy snacks.

3.   Pare down portions. Buffet at the holiday party? Choose a small plate and add veggies and greens, fruit first. Leave out or pick only a few high calorie items like pastries, sweeties, cheese, creamed soups, fried anything, etc.

4.   Drink slim. Sip water between cocktails. Ask for skinning girl versions. Skip soda including diet sodas, eggnog and other sugary or fattening drinks.

5.   Pack your lunch for work. It’s cheaper and will keep you from over eating. Try: sliced turkey, hummus, sliced tomato, cucumber and sprouts rolled in a whole wheat wrap.

6.   Forget the fad diets. Learn healthy balanced eating habits for life—a long one.

7.   Don’t be a hungry girl/guy. Eat Breakfast. Try: low fat yogurt (100 cal) with ½ cup of fresh fruit like cantaloupe or strawberries. Or 1 slice of cooked turkey bacon, 1-2 scrambled eggs, 1-2 slices tomato on 2 slices of whole wheat toast.

8.   Cut back, way back, on sugar. Substitute with Truvia or stevia. Also limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. You’ll look better, feel better and younger.

9.   Give a gift of Wellness to yourself. Make a few changes in your routine. Excercise a little more, eat healthy and less snacks and see the change. Don’t stand on the scale on January 2nd and wish you had made better choices this month. Enjoy your Holiday Parties and family get-togethers but be smart.

This is the new exercise routine I started right after Thanksgiving. I also adjusted my diet. I’m determined to make it through the holidays without the heft. My goal is to at least not gain weight, if I’m lucky maybe lose a few pounds. So far, I’ve lost three pounds. The exercise routine is Turbo Fire from Beach Body and following their meal plan suggestions. I also go to a gym so I’m doing a combined modified version of these two. I like variety, and especially like the high energy and convenience of the at home workouts with the Turbo Fire. Find something you enjoy doing, running, walking, biking, aerobics, Zumba, etc. and stick with it.

I was a little concerned with the diet plan that came with the set of DVDs. It was more than what I had been eating and called for more carbs. But in five days I lost 3 pounds. Did you hear me say I’m eating more and lost weight? Weird. I have been a Beach Body coach for over a year and have been using these products including drinking Shakeology and love them. It’s a struggle and a challenge at times staying in shape. But I do it for me to feel good, look good and to be healthy. Feel free to email me if you’d like to ask me more. It's all about being healthy.

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Tom Fuller said...


I love the tips about avoiding weight gain, and would like to offer a couple of ideas I didn't see listed:
1. Everyone knows that training with someone else provides additional motivation, but some people don't know anyone in their area or don't feel they have time to link up someplace to train. A easy solution is to use your computer. You can work out along with the people in one of the youtube or other clips, or better yet you can use your camera to video link up with a friend and motivate each other, and catch up afterwards.
2. Sign up for a race or competition. My wife did this while I was deployed and it kept her focused because she was going to have to get up on stage, something she had never dreamed of doing, and the fear of looking like she hadn't tried really helped her to push herself in the gym and to be extra strict on her eating. Which brings me to the third thing getting assistance
3. All the healthy eating habits and exercise in the world, can be ruined by the little things everyone claims isn't going to hurt us. People are constantly telling you it's just one slice of cake, it's just a spoonful of whip cream, etc etc., but it's those little unplanned calories that add up and cause the weight gain. Find a friend a spouse an entire support chain that understands your goals, and let them know these little things are diet saboteurs, and that you need their help in avoiding them. Now don't get me wrong, I'm going to eat my frosted sugar cookies with candy sprinkles on them, but if I eat them every day at every party and social I attend I could easily chalk up several thousand more calories that I will need to burn off.