Saturday, October 6, 2012

Romanticon Road Trip!

Romanticon 2011

Almost packed and ready to go!! Just a few more days and I'll be heading out to Canton, Ohio for Romanticon 2012. This will be my fourth and I can't wait. I've been going since they started having this conference and I think it's the most fun, friendly and relaxing conference I've ever been to. Dh will be driving and Cris Anson will be riding along.The trunk will be packed full with costumes, lots of goodies and gift baskets.

Romanticon Welcoming committee:
Here are a couple photos from last year. Is this your first time? Feeling like you won't know anyone? You've gotten to know some names on the Romanticon loop. Check out a few photos below and you'll know at least a few of the many authors's faces who'd be happy to welcome you, answer questions, etc. Authors, feel free to post your name and website address for newbie 'Virgins' to know what you look like. Or just your name if you don't have a photo. All the authors are friendly and helpful so you'll feel welcome no matter what.

The conference is always a blast. I love seeing old friends and visiting with fans and readers. The Cavemen are always fun and great sports hanging out with us. The costumes can get quite creative but don't feel bad if you don't have one. Not everyone dresses in costume.

Kaenar Langford can certainly create an entertaining costume. It was a little tricky giving her hugs that night but she had a great place to hold martini olives.

CJ and Cris Anson


CJ and Cris Anson have been with Ellora's Cave for quite some time. CJ is quiet but super friendly. Is Cris shy? Umm, no. Just go up and say hello and you've made your first friend at Romanticon.

Tara Nina, Samantha Kane, Kathy Kulig
Cris Anson, Ciana Stone, Kaenar Langford
All these ladies in the above photos are fabulous and friendly.

Cavemen with Jaid Black


At Romanticon this year I'll be participating in three workshops. Here is a listing for the workshops, the times, who'll be on the panels with me and a little about them.

3 – 4: BDSM Romance: Why Do We Love It? (Hosted by Joey Hill; Kathy Kulig, also Ann Mayburn) Readers of BDSM erotic romance come from all points on the sexual spectrum, from those who read purely for the fantasy, to those who actively participate in real life. Good BDSM romance therefore brings together elements of both the reality and the fantasy. Join author Joey W. Hill and others for a discussion of this intersect - fun tales of "research", decisions about psychology, positions, setting, etc., that will be of interest from the reader point of view. There will also be time for a comprehensive; Q and A with the authors to satisfy any other questions about how they write the BDSM books you enjoy reading!

2 – 3: BDSM ~ Hurts So Good! (Hosted by Kathy Kulig, Desiree Holt; Francesca Hawley) How can pain be pleasurable during sex? Think Domination/submission is too extreme for you in real life, yet fascinated by the dynamics in those relationships and enjoy reading stories about BDSM? Reader and writer participants will learn about the often misunderstood lifestyles within the world of BDSM in a fun, relaxed and non-threatening environment. Authors from the 1-800-DOM-help series offer terminology, demonstrations -- and an audience participation game! 

3 – 4: Paranormal Creatures: The Good, The Bad, & The Undead! (Hosted by authors Regina Carlysle, Desire Holt, Kathy Kulig; Francesca Hawley) Join this panel of prolific authors for advice on the technical aspects of writing for EC's Twilight Line (dynamic hooks, compelling characters, sizzling sexual tension), some paranormal creatures trivia (with prizes!), and a Q and A segment featuring wacky questions for all fun-loving attendees!

I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon. See you all soon!!


Julianne Keller said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Kathy.

Cris Anson said...

Oh my, such memories your photos evoked! It will be so good to see everyone again, and to meet all the newbies. You won't be a stranger for long, I promise! Everyone at Romanticon is uber-friendly.

I can't wait to see what Kaenar will wear this year. Good thing the theme isn't animals, she'd probably come as a porcupine wearing leather and toting handcuffs.

Kathy Kulig said...

You're welcome Julianne. See you soon. :)

I know Cris. We had such a great time last year. Always a good time.