Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ellora's Cave #RomaniCon12 Conference Blast

Ellora’s Cave sure knows how to throw a conference, I mean party to celebrate their authors and readers. Whatever you want to call the 4-day event in Canton, Ohio from October 11-14 RomantiCon was a huge, HUGE hit.

The entire McKinley Grand Hotel was taken over by erotic romance authors, readers, reviewers, some media, EC staff and the hunky Cavemen.
Nick & Ace (never see Ace w/o a smile)

Canton is a nice little town with historic architecture, a First Ladies Museum across the street, an Antique Car museum a few blocks away and the Football Hall of Fame. The hotel provided shuttle service to the Football Hall of Fame and dh loved it.
Cavemen did a number of amazing shows
Thursday started with a Meet 'n Greet which felt like a family reunion of old friends and a chance to meet new ones. During the day on Friday and Saturday many of the workshops were standing room only. I participated in three: BDSM, Why We Love it; BDSM Hurt So Good; and Paranormal Creatures: The Good, The Bad and the Undead.

I got some great feedback from the workshops and hope to do similar ones next year and maybe some new ones. Besides the workshops, there were pitch sessions with the editors and fun demo/participating events like a class on Zumba with Caveman Nick, a hulla hoop class and one on lap dancing with a very interesting demo. Congratulations on Caveman Nick for winning Mr. RomantiCon 2012.
Cole,  David Cavemen
Christine d'Abo dancing away

PARTY!!!! Friday night was the Party Like It’s the End of the World (aka Mayan Apocalypse). Lots of bling and an awesome show by the Cavemen. The second night was the party of the survivors and biters (zombies). After the apocalypse. Amazing costumes and EC did a wonderful job with the creepy table settings and backdrops.
That's me w/Mr. Kathy

Cris Anson & ???

 I was dressed as a zombie killer who looked more like Trinity in the movie Matrix one attendee said and dh was dressed as a zombie. White business shirt and tie, coated in blood with yucky zombie makeup. He looked like the office worker who got out of work and got bit.
Kaenar Langford & Isabelle Drake
Nick & Tara Nina
By the second night, even the two cops who were hired to keep things in order got into the party mode. They must’ve realized they had nothing to worry about after the first night. We know how to party but no one was getting out of hand. So on Saturday night, they wore EC’s “Got Sex” black tee-shirts, sunglasses and had cameras with them. Gotta love it.
Joey Hill & Desiree Holt
Awards were given that night for Rising Stars: new EC authors who had their first book published and special awards nominated by the editors. I received a Super Star award for Damned and Defiant for the Best Reason for Getting a Sunburn. LOL.
Lynn LaFleur
The book signing on Sunday was a huge success. My new anthology WORK AND PLAY with fellow authors Ruby Storm and Virginia Cavanaugh SOLD OUT!!! I’m so excited to be included in this anthology with these two talented authors. What a great trilogy of stories. Check it out on October 30th. The official release date.
Virginia Cavanaugh

I also sold a number of Something Wicked this Way Comes anthologies and several eBook coverflats of Damned and Defiant, Emerald Dungeon and Spring Break.
PJ party w Taylor

The last fun event: The Bingo PJ party. That will have to be a yearly tradition. Everyone had so much fun. We all win when you get to watch the Cavemen walk around in their PJ’s and furry slippers. Can’t wait until next year. I miss everyone already. Many thanks to the Ellora's Cave staff, the hotel staff,  the Cavemen and everyone who helped to make this conference a HUGE success.


Dalton Diaz said...

Wow, awesome pics! You look amazing, as always.

Virginia said...

It was such a great time. :) I was so thrilled that Work and Play sold out. It was wonderful getting to meet you. :)

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Dalton. :) It was great seeing you. I have more and a couple of you. I have about 160 pics so just posted a couple. I want to get more up on FB.

Kathy Kulig said...

Great meeting you too, Virginia! And how exciting about WORK AND PLAY. Release date on Tuesday. Yay! Just in time for hurricane Sandy to hit.

LisaLee said...

Hi Kathy!! You covered RomantiCon 2012 beautifully!! It was sooo much FUN!! Elloras Cave knows how to give a GREAT PARTY to their authors and readers!

Your pics are WOW and you looked AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS on the SELL OUT of Work and Play!!!! Waiting for the release day.

Look forward to seeing your other pics on fb. Partying and seeing you and all the others next year RoamntiCon2013!!!

Have a GREAT year and keep selling out my dear!

Lynn LaFleur said...

Great post, Kathy! Thanks for the picture of me. I look so professional, don't I? ;-)

I enjoyed every minute of the conference and am already looking forward to next year. It's always a joy sitting next to you at the book signing.


Julianne Keller said...

Thanks for posting those great pics. Each year, the conference just gets better and better. Those 4 days just seem to go by way to quickly. Someone needs to figure out a way to slow them down. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

Cris Anson said...

I'm with Julianne, how can we make the fun laaaaast. Great recap, brings back lots of memories of good times with good friends, both old and new.
See y'all next year! Can we sign up yet? LOL

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi LisaLee, Glad you enjoyed the pics and writeup. It was a great party. And thanks for the comment about Work and Play. I think it will be a big hit.

Hi Lynn, You're welcome. And sitting next to you at the signing is one of the great highlights of the conference.

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Julianne, You're welcome and I agree, the conference does get better every year. But goes way to fast.

Hey Cris, I'm ready to hit the do over button. :)

Jordan Ashley said...

I loved getting to have dinner with you and Mr. Kathy again Saturday night, should make that a tradition for us! hehe
Hey, I spoke the truth, you DID look like Trinity! The Matrix is one of my favorite movies :D can't wait to see you in old hollywood style next year :D I already got my dress!!

flchen1 said...

What fantastic photos, Kathy! Thank you for letting me share a bit in your weekend--it sounds wonderful!