Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tattoo Witch - Sneak Peek

The excitement is building. The release for SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES is almost here!!! Some time in December is the tenative date. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have a story included in this anthology along with such amazing authors. When I first heard the title to the series: Something Wicked This Way Comes, I knew I had to come up with a story, because Ray Bradbury wrote a book with that title and it was one of my favorites. He is also one of my favorite authors. Since I was a kid, I've read and continue to re-read Bradbury's books and also Arthur C. Clarke's books. Both authors probably inspiried my love of fantasy, sci fi and the paranormal.
I only had a month to write something so I had to move fast.
I went through my memory of Bradbury stories and tried to come up with a similar theme while sitting on my porch with Dh and a glass of wine and a notebook. We tossed ideas around. The Illustrated Man came to mind. Knowing that tattoos are a Pop Culture thing, I chose that theme and took a different twist on an amazing story.

I'm sharing a sneak peek of a couple excerpts (not final edited). I'll keep you posted on the release date. This book is going to fly off the cyberspace shelves! Especially when you see the headline authors: Jaid Black, Laurann Dohner, Desire Holt, Eliza Knight, Mel Teshco, and Kathy Kulig


Chapter One

“Sam, stop. People will see us.” Anita shoved his chest.

“It was only a kiss,” Sam teased.

“Yeah, sure. You grabbed my breasts.” She rushed passed him, heading toward the beach that overlooked the bay of Ocean City, Maryland. Moonlight glistened on the water and an offshore breeze thrashed at the palm fronds. Maybe he was pushing too hard. This vacation was supposed to stir up a little excitement in their life, especially their sex life. He didn’t need to pressure her.

His girlfriend stood at the shoreline, her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She swayed to the reggae music playing in the background. Annoyed, but not angry. A year together and he still couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off of her. The wind whipped strands of her long, brown hair against high cheekbones, a petite nose and dimpled chin. Anita always complained that her jawline was too angular, but Sam said it gave her a sexy, brainy look. He was pretty certain she wore the tight skirt for him. She knew it was his favorite. When they first met, he was entranced by her eyes, not her curvy ass. Behind that gaze, he’d sensed an intelligent, kind and affectionate person. Then he’d noticed her hot ass. Many times she flashed those sultry, hazel eyes, trying to work him around her finger. He even played along on occasion.

“Ouch!” Anita hopped on one foot as she kicked off her shoe. “I stepped on a shell or something.”

“Hold onto me.” Sam brushed off her sandal and foot, then slipped the sandal back on. “Better?”

She nodded. Hooking her arms around his neck, she kissed him. Her low–cut tank offered a glimpse of cleavage.

Most of the clientele from Seacrets, the outdoor bar, restaurant and nightclub, were dancing by the band or seated at tables eating dinner. No one was by the beach area. “I thought it’d be romantic here,” he explained, trying to keep his voice light as he stared out over the water.

Several round floats, the size of small mattresses, bobbed in the water. Unlike daytime, the beachside bar was closed. The boat dock, deserted. She gave him that don’t-bull-shit-me look. He knew that look. They’d been together long enough for him to know all her looks and moods. “You wanted to fool around,” she said.

“What’s wrong with that?”

She frowned, then finally smiled and slipped her arm around him, giving in a little. “Nothing. But I don’t care to get groped in public.”

“I didn’t grope you,” he argued.

“You grabbed my breasts.”

“I was checking to see if you wore a bra tonight.”

“Right.” She huffed. “I always wear a bra.”

“I know, just fantasizing.”

She leaned into him. “I love fooling around with you. We can fool around when we get back to the hotel.”

If he kept arguing he wouldn’t get any tonight. “Okay. Ready for a drink?”

“Shhhh.” Anita’s eyes were wide.

Sam felt his cock grow hard. “Change your mind?”

“No, be quiet. Look, on the raft.”


“By the boat dock. The last one in the back row,” she whispered.

Lights from the dock shone on a naked couple lying on one of the rafts and fucking like porn stars. “Cool. At least someone’s getting lucky.”

Anita punched him in the arm…hard.


“Let’s go,” she whispered.

“No, let’s watch. If we leave now, they’ll know we saw them.” A lame excuse, but the only one he could come up with at the moment.

“So? They obviously don’t care.” Anita strained for a closer look. “What’s he wearing? Does he have a shirt on?”

Sam tried to make out the man who was pumping his cock into his woman and somehow managing to keep from tipping the raft over. “No, I think he has tattoos, a lot of them. He’s got great balance. With all that thrusting how does he manage not to flip the raft?”

“It is pretty hot to watch,” Anita said with a raspy voice.

“Yeah.” Was she getting turned on? How cool would that be? With his hand on her waist, Sam slid upward and grazed the underside of her breast. He was rewarded with her sharp intake of breath. Encouraged, he let his hand slide down and underneath her shirt. This time when he grasped her breast, she didn’t protest. Hallelujah.

“Feels good,” she whispered, leaning into him. Her full lips glistened, begging to be kissed. He took the chance and lowered his mouth to her lips. She pressed a hand to his chest.. “Stop. Look, they’ve finished anyway.” The couple had climbed up on the boat dock and was getting dressed.


“You should get one. You and your lady,” Rene said. “We get ours at Sinful Designs on the boardwalk. They do the best work.”

Ah, now he got it. “I suppose you two work there? Or own the business.”

She laughed. “You think we’re trying to drum up sales?”

Sam nodded.

“No, nothing like that. But there is something special about Sinful Designs that you won’t find at any other tattoo parlor.”

“Is that right?” Sam called over the bartender and ordered another beer and a drink for Rene. “Don’t take this the wrong way but are you two hitting on us?”

“Not exactly,” Perry said, looking up from his show-and-tell for Anita. “We saw you watching us earlier—”

“And you thought we’d like to hook up with you two,” Sam finished the sentence, sounding slightly annoyed but intrigued.

“That’s not it,” Rene said. “But I bet you wished you were out there having the most amazing sex with Anita. Am I right?”

“Sure,” Sam said.

Anita smiled nervously, then sipped more of her drink.

“What if I told you there was a way to increase your sexual enjoyment by at least ten times, be more adventurous, have longer hard-ons, and multiple orgasms?” Rene looked at Anita. “Anita, wouldn’t you love to have multiple orgasms whenever you willed them to happen?”

Anita rolled her eyes. “I have orgasms.”

“Four or five in one night, without being touched?”

“I’d say you’re full of shit,” Anita said.

Sam nearly choked on his beer. Anita Brooke never swore in front of strangers. She was getting drunk. Damn, he wasn’t getting any tonight.

“Do you believe in magic, the supernatural?”

“I try to keep an open mind.” Sam didn’t want to discount anything. But more than that, he wanted to see where this was going.

“Try one of these tattoos at Sinful Designs. Just one. I promise you won’t be disappointed,” Rene said. A look of fear flashed across her eyes and sent a shiver down Sam’s spine. She didn’t look the type to scare easily.

“Sounds too good to be true,” Sam said as he briefly fantasized a few possibilities—sex on the raft, sex with this couple, and a few positions Anita wasn’t crazy about trying. His cock throbbed as his heart pounded in his chest. The woman didn’t look like she was lying. Was business that bad that this tattoo parlor would think up this fantastical story to bring in a few customers?

Rene placed a hand on his arm. “Honest, Sam, we don’t make out financially if you get a tattoo. We’re just amazed by this woman. She’s a witch you know. Her name is Cassandra.”

“A witch?” Anita asked.

Rene smiled at Sam. “Trust me. You will have the most scorching sex you could ever imagine.”



flchen1 said...

That was amazing, Kathy--can't wait to read this collection!

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks so much, Fedora. :) This was a fun story to write. Can't wait for its release.