Monday, March 7, 2011

New Cover & Book Trailer: Emerald Dungeon

Getting a new book cover is like opening Christmas presents. As always Ellora's Cave art department did a fabulous job on this cover. EMERALD DUNGEON is my new book that will be coming out soon and is part of the 1-800-DOM-help author themed series. This story takes place in a 500 year old Irish castle. It's a fun, sexy and mysterious story and of course there are a number of BDSM scenes in the castle's dungeon.

The mysterious 1-800-DOM-help business card appears when the relationship between the Jack and Dana gets out of hand. Other strange things are occuring in the story that add to Dana's turmoil: figures in black robes roaming around the castle, and Dana sees bizarre lights in the forest.

The business card is what links all the stories together:
The magic begins with the appearance of the business card. Sleek black print on a pristine white background—unassuming in its appearance. Those brave enough to call the number will begin a journey that will explore their greatest desires.

Once the call is made, the Operator goes to work. Somehow he knows just what every caller needs, always able to find the answer the caller seeks.

Callers may be directed to Unfettered, a new club in town, one nobody has heard of. It provides a safe haven for all who enter. Members are free to explore their every desire…even those they weren’t aware of. Little do they know Unfettered will disappear once those yearnings have eased.

Submissives who don’t know how to handle their Dominants. Masters looking for the perfect sub. People who need just a little push to admit vanilla isn’t their favorite flavor. The card finds them all.

And once you dial 1-800-DOM-help anything can happen.

Dana gets a summer job in Ireland as a harpist in a medieval dinner show. Her life is never the same after that. Here is a sneak peek snippet. Check out the awesome book trailer that fellow EC author and 1-800-DOM-help author Delphine Dryden created at the end.


The castle loomed in front of her. A drive into town for groceries would wait. How could she pass up exploring the grounds of a five hundred year old monument? Closed or not, she had to take a closer look. She had all afternoon to shop and unpack. Walking toward it, she admired how the dark stone structure rose well above the trees and at each corner were tower-like turrets. The view from the top must be amazing.

After working in a security company for thirteen years, force of habit had her scanning the castle walls for security cameras or spot lights. No cameras, minimal lighting, no motion sensors. She hoped the park had a better system in place inside, considering the castle was supposed to have 15th and 16th century furnishings.

Why did the castle have to be closed today? Just her luck. She walked up the drawbridge and tried the door and sure enough it was locked. Crap. Maybe it wasn’t so easy to break into a castle.

Walking around the building, she ran her hand along the rough stone. Five hundred years old. What would it have been like to live here centuries ago? What was it going to be like to entertain here? She hadn’t practiced in over two weeks since she shipped her harp. Even though the audiences for the dinner shows would be small, her stomach knotted up as if she was about to perform at a huge symphony hall.

She was three-quarters around the building when she discovered a small alcove and a wooden service door at the end of the narrow walkway. Dana tried this door and it opened. She shook her head. Very poor security. She should mention this to Jack and make some recommendations while she was here.

A narrow curved stairway led up. The castle was huge and she preferred to know the lay out of the place since the first show would be in a couple days. One flight up opened onto a great hall. A few tapestries hung on the walls between giant windows and heavy dark chairs and one table took up one wall. They’d need more tables to seat guests. There must be another room.

Dana crossed the hall to another doorway that lead to a different stairway and was about to climb, when she saw a flickering glow from the darkness below. Fire? Could the castle be on fire? Wiring or the furnishings could be. She trotted down the circular stone stairs.

Darkness crept in around her except for the golden flickering light from the basement. Walking through another doorway, she thought she heard voices but she wasn’t sure. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

As she rounded a stone partition, the room brightened. Flames flickered within a half dozen wrought iron sconces, a fire burned in a small stone fireplace. The room smelled of sweet burning wood and damp stone. At the far wall two people hovered in shadows. Dana remained in her circle of darkness at the bottom of the stairs unable to take her eyes away from the sight.

The woman was naked, her wrists and ankles bound with straps that hung from the ceiling. Her arms and legs were spread wide in a V-shape.


Amber Skyze said...

Love the new cover and what a great trailer. Congrats Kathy!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh wow. Kudos on both the cover and the trailer. Both are simply stunning.

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Amber and Regina. I'm still smiling. Did I say my favorite color is green? :)

Autumn Jordon said...

I love the cover, Kathy. Congrats on the new sale. When does it come out?

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Autumn, thanks. I don't have a release date yet. But I'll post it as soon as i hear.