Sunday, December 20, 2015

SATISFACTION – Reaching New Heights in TV Taboo

I’m such a fan girl of this USA Network series—Satisfaction—and I’m thrilled with the 2nd season. I hope to see more of this wickedly steamy show! As much as I enjoy the thrilling CSI/FBI-like crime shows, this drama series has excellent characters, great story-lines, superb writing, mystery, humor and a TON of incredibly sexy elements.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, this is the premise for Satisfaction:

The marriage between Neil Truman, an investment banker, and his wife Grace, has gone stale. Proof of this hits home when he discovers Grace is having an extra-marital affair with a male escort. After gaining possession of the escort’s phone, he learns what his wife is really thinking about Neil and their marriage. Will she leave him? The series answers the question: What to do when having it all is not enough?

Besides meeting Simon the escort, Neil runs into Simon’s business associate, the beautiful Adriana, who runs a variety of businesses including an escort service. Adriana convinces Neil to work for her as an escort to get a better understanding of what motivates his wife to cheat. This begins the twists and turns of this hot new series.

Is your sex life Vanilla or Cinnamon?

Finally! A TV series that delves deep into taboo and sexual themes 
between nice, ‘normal’ couples (fairly wealthy ones in this series, but even so). Neil and Grace have begun to explore other areas of their sexuality, while working through struggles in their marriage and relationship. It’s obvious they truly love each other. 

Here's a link to a short video trailer:

Here we have a straight couple who is beginning to cross over from their Vanilla world into the more adventurous side of sex—what I call Cinnamon. When you add a little more spice to your love life that is a straight monogamous relationship without elements of BDSM and other kink, multiple partners, etc. (Vanilla), you enter the (Cinnamon) side when introducing other sexual realms and lifestyles or role-playing.

Bravo to the writers of this series who can find humor and create the twists, drama and mystery in these episodes. What taboo topics are they exploring?
Ah, no stone is left upturned, well maybe a few. From the world of male escorts (essentially highly paid call-guys), swinging lifestyle, bondage and submission, bisexuality or some might call bi-curious in these situations, and semi-incestuous. Simon is having an affair with his step-mother. Just to start.

I can’t help but wonder if the sales of the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey series prompted TV producers to step into this sexually-themed show. Considering the books by EL James have sold over 100 million copies, it’s safe to say there is a demographic of viewers who could be interested in this type of series.

Adriana is one of my favorite characters. Although she would be considered the bad-girl or antagonist, she is complicated, compelling, multi-layered and an intriguing character. As a writer, I LOOOVE characters like her! She’s manipulative, smart and a brilliant business woman. She’s as ruthless as any male CEO, but she’s beautiful, vulnerable and has a lot of heart. She does care deeply about people and is loyal to them, but also demands loyalty in return. Cross her and she’ll fight back like a rapid grizzly bear. Her loneliness is shown as she lounges in her gorgeous mansion, surrounded by handsome men and women who work for and admire her, but sadly she has no love interest…except perhaps…I won’t give it away.

This series has sparked ideas for future books. Readers always ask me: Where do you get your ideas from?

There isn’t an easy answer. Ideas can come everywhere in an overheard conversation, a place I’m visiting, a dream, a book or movie or series like this, just driving down the road an idea can stir in my head. Satisfaction has sparked an idea for a non-fiction book that I’m working on along with my current WIP fiction book, RED TAPE BETRAYAL, Book 3 in my FLC Case Files series. The non-fiction book has a preliminary outline and I’m working on research now. As it gets closer to completion I’ll share the news.

*NOTE TO READERS: You may have noticed some of my books missing from my backlist. They aren’t missing! I’ve received the rights back on them and plan to revise and republish them. I’ll keep you up to date as they are re-released, many into new series. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I highly recommend Satisfaction for the entertainment value, but also as an introduction into a few taboo and kink topics that are portrayed in a positive light, and for the most part fairly accurate. Are you a fan???

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