Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10 Extra Naughty but So Nice Holiday Gift Ideas #erotic #kink

Warning: Ah yes, well most of these ideas probably shouldn’t be left under the Christmas tree if you expect children or other family members to be around. As you read on, you’ll see why. With the busy days around the holidays, it’s a great idea to set aside some private sexy time with your significant other. Hopefully you don’t have to wait until after the New Year! You may have to do some creative scheduling with all the family events, but when you do find those few precious moments, a couple naughty gift ideas can help spice things up.

1. Lingerie. Remember you’re the present so find something appropriate to wear. Sexy lingerie will work and heat up the holidays. Check out for lots of ideas.

2. Body massage candle. These are scented candles and when melted can be used as a massage oil. They come in various scents. A number of websites have them.

3. A vibe. Of course there are so many types, sizes, shapes and colors out there to please most anyone. The only way you’ll know for sure is to try them out. Here’s a wireless with remote vibrator from Try it at home or perhaps you’re daring and kinky enough to take it discreetly on a night out?

4. BDSM role playing 50 Shades or newbie into the lifestyle? Blindfold, cuffs, restraints, paddle and/or flogger. Even for newbies I recommend doing some research before tying someone up (you don’t want to cut off circulation or have someone tied too long), and you want to know a little about how to use a flogger and where not to hit someone (like vital organ areas like kidneys, or the face or bones) read up on some books. I'd be happy to recommend a few if you like. A blindfold provides sensory deprivation which may heighten other senses. For beginner cuffs and restraints, try Velcro for ease of use and removal. Move up to leather and metal as you feel comfortable.

5. Advanced BDSM Equipment. If you’re more advanced in the BDSM lifestyle Dungeons Delights might be more your speed with the hardcore, heavy metal equipment. I can say they do have quality products. They also have a great information page about playing safe when indulging in dominance/submission with bondage. No one should ever be restrained or detained against their will. A means to end the scene or situation should be agreed upon between partners before you even begin. Usually a safeword, something other than-“STOP”- is used to end the event. Typical is Red, Yellow and Green like the stop lights. Bondage is meant to enhance intimacy and pleasure (if it is your thing, of course), and never to do harm.

6. Condom Compact. Playing safe is always a good idea. This is a small mirrored compact that can discreetly carry a condom or two.

7.  I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seduction Cards. By Susie Bright. I love Ms. Bright as an author of fiction and non-fiction erotica, so I thought these would be a fun treat. Need a fun sex game or dare? This may warm up those cold winter nights with some erotic fun and a few chuckles.

8. Afterglow Massager. Another vibe because I hadn’t heard of this type before. Sounds a bit sci-fi. The product page says it uses light energy and vibration. 15 different vibration modes and 85 different wave combinations. 85! That should keep you busy.
9. The Modern Kuma Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure. The Kuma Sutra is considered the most famous work on erotic lovemaking. 40 positions with beautiful photographs. Have you tried all the positions??? Why shouldn’t a couple have a copy in their bedroom?

10. Erotic Holiday Gift Basket. This last one you’ll have to use your imagination and particular tastes. Create one specially designed for you lover. Select a basket or box and stuff it with chocolates, a sexy video and/or romantic music, a vibrator, condoms, scented or flavored lube, massage oil, stockings, lingerie, blindfold, bottle of wine, nipple clamps, bath salts, natural sponges, candle, etc., etc., etc.

Want to make some suggestions??? Please leave a comment.

Happy Holidays! 

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