Sunday, October 5, 2014


Sneak Peek BURNED DEEP: Coming October 22nd.

How could she be feeling so much for this man already? “What are you doing? I thought… Well, I thought you said you were turned-on,” she said.

“I did.” He kicked off his boots, pulled up the blanket and drew his slouch hat over his eyes.

She fingered the buttons on her shirt. “Don’t you think we should do something about it?”


She huffed and slapped the bed with her hand. “Bloody hell. Why not?”

He lifted his hat and looked at her. “Because I’m not going to take advantage of a woman distressed and confused.”

“Distressed? Confused? I am not,” she snapped.

He groaned. “You are. About your situation, your brother’s whereabouts and what you want.”

“I know what I want.”

“Really? What?” He lifted the hat off his face and studied her.

She looked out the window. How did she put into words what she wanted?

“See? You don’t know.”

Then she looked at Ethan and it was all clear. “But I do know,” she said with calm confidence and defiance. “I want my brother to be safe, my family and my world to be safe. I want to create my mechanical toys without worrying about breaking rules, I want to wear men’s pants if I want to, and I want a man to love me with so much passion the force could stop the Earth’s rotation.” Her last few words were almost a desperate plea.

A smile quirked at the side of his mouth. Slowly he stood and walked over to her. Lifting her chin with his hand, he held his lips close to hers, teasing, then came down and kissed her deeply. He released her and looked into her eyes. “I believe you’ll get all those things you desire, Celia Stanhope. But tonight you need to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow. Okay?”

It was hard to argue after that kiss. “Do you really think we’re going to get any sleep?” she asked.

The smile he gave her would remain in her memory always. He pulled her into his arms, his mouth hovering above hers. “I doubt it.”

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