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Flaming Hot by Lynn LaFleur - Firefighter Romance

I'm pleased to welcome author friend Lynn LaFleur to the Lusty View to share her news about her latest HOT book. Lynn's books are always auto-buys for me and this one looks like another great read to add to my NOOK!

Flaming Hot is the second book in my Firefighters of Lanville series that’s completely mine. It contains a trio of novellas about firefighters who put out fires during the day, and create sparks between the sheets at night.

The following is an excerpt from the second novella in the book, “Flare”, when my heroine sees the hero for the first time. I hope you enjoy it.

Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date: Coming October 28, 2014 (print and ebook)
ISBN: 978-1-61773-090-4 (print)
Genre: Contemporary Firefighter
Length: Novellas in Collection

* * *

A “ding” from the machine that controlled the gas pumps signaled someone pressed the button to start adding gas to their vehicle. Paige glanced out the window in curiosity to see if it might be someone she knew. She blinked, looked a second time. Hand on her suddenly churning stomach, she straightened and stared at the man wearing a black leather jacket who pumped gas into a huge black Harley.

Wavy, dark brown hair flowed over his forehead and ears and down his neck. About six-one with the broad shoulders of a swimmer. Sunglasses protected his eyes. A couple days of scruff darkened his lower face. Olive skin. Tight, faded jeans covered his legs, black boots encased his feet.

Holy shit.

Her fantasy man had materialized, as if someone intercepted her thoughts and created him just for her.

Her hormones did a happy dance.

 Since most people used a credit or debit card to pay for their gas, they didn’t come into the store unless they needed something besides gas. Please, oh, please, let him need something so he comes in! Let me have the thrill of seeing him up close.

In case he did come in, she ran her fingers through her hair to fluff it and straightened her T-shirt.

Paige kept glancing at the man while she unwrapped a stack of tickets. He replaced the nozzle in the pump, screwed the cap on his gas tank. Then he headed toward the entrance.
Her hormones did another tap dance.

He nodded at her once he stepped inside the store, but looked away before she had the chance to flash him her most dazzling smile. He strolled to the refrigerated section, perused the items through the glass doors before he opened one and withdrew a bottle of Pepsi.

He continued his slow-paced stroll down the snacks isle, picked up a bag of chips and a large Snickers. Paige tried not to stare at him, but her gaze kept wandering back to him. Such an attractive man hadn’t come in the store in a long time.

Apparently finding everything he wanted, he approached the check-out counter. The closer he got to her, the heavier she breathed. He had full, pale pink lips that she easily imagined pressed against hers. She couldn’t call his face square, but more of a triangle with his forehead being a little narrower than his jawline. A silver stud winked at her from his left earlobe.

She wished he’d take off his sunglasses so she could see his eyes.

As if he’d read her mind, he pushed the dark glasses to the top of his head, exposing brown, almond-shaped eyes surrounded by thick, brown eyelashes. Lust churned in her stomach when his gaze met hers.

Paige had to clear her throat before she could speak. “Will this be all for you?”

“I also need some information,” he said in a voice that made her think of smooth maple syrup.

“Sure.” Paige rang up the items while he drew his wallet from the pocket of his jacket. “What kind of information?”

“I have an appointment at Café Crystal in about half an hour. Can you tell me where that is?”

She blinked in surprise. She couldn’t imagine what kind of appointment he could have at the restaurant. “Uh, sure. It’s on County Road 311. Turn left when you leave here, then take a left at the stop light. Drive about two miles and you’ll see the turnoff for 311 on your right. Café Crystal is at the end of the road, next to The Inn on Crystal Creek.”

He smiled, which transformed his face from handsome to panties-creaming gorgeous. “Thanks.”

Paige caught herself before she fanned her face. “No problem.” She slipped his items into a plastic bag. Curiosity got the better of her. It might be rude, but she had to ask him about his appointment. “Are you seeing Emma about a job?”

“A possible job. I answered an ad for an assistant chef.”

“You’re a chef?”

“Yeah.” Grinning, he held out his hands and looked down at himself. “Not your idea of a chef, huh?”

She returned his grin. “Not exactly.”

“Looks can be deceiving. That whole don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover thing.”

“That’s true.” She passed the bag over the counter to him. “Good luck.”

“Thanks…” He glanced at the nametag pinned above her left breast. “Paige.”

He turned and walked toward the door. With his hand on the push bar, he looked at her over his shoulder. “If I get the job, maybe I’ll see you around town.”

“You probably will. It’s a small town.”

He nodded once in acknowledgement of her comment, then left the store.

Paige placed her hand on her stomach again. A chef, of all things. She never would’ve guessed that about him. Not that a chef couldn’t look hot, but she didn’t get that kind of vibe from him. He seemed a little bit…dangerous.

A shiver passed through her. What fun it would be to tame him.

* * *
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