Sunday, September 14, 2014

#SPeekSunday -9/14/14- #NightlordLover – Under his spell? #Vampire

Sneak Peek from Nightlord Lover by Kathy Kulig
Genre: Vampire erotic romance

18 y/o and older PLEASE!

The antique streetlights illuminated her bedroom with a faint glow, but not enough to see his face. Garrick’s weight pressed her down onto her bed. When had she let him into her apartment and bedroom? Groggy from sleep, she explained away the confusion. Maybe he was worried about her, or he couldn’t resist their attraction either.

Desire and strong sexual need blocked out logic and any warnings attempting to surface in her mind. Sighing in pleasure, she surrendered to her needs. Enjoy the moment. When was the last time she felt this hot for a guy or someone wanted her this badly?
She could feel he was naked, feel his hard cock against her thigh. Moisture pooled between her legs. If he didn’t give her some attention there soon she’d go mad for sure.

Larissa arched into the hands massaging her breasts. “Yes, that’s so good.” She writhed as his mouth sucked her nipples, one at a time. His teeth captured the tender flesh while his tongue teased and rolled over the tip. It was so good, how could she resist? She knew she’d wanted him the first time she saw him. And he wanted her too. Two adults hot for each other. What could be wrong with that?

“More, Garrick.” She was raw now, almost painful from his rough attentions, but she didn’t want him to stop. Her clit throbbed and she ached for him to move lower but wouldn’t ask him yet. They were new lovers, just exploring and learning about each other. She wanted this to last.

“Soon you’ll be mine,” he murmured against her breast then moved lower.

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