Monday, September 8, 2014

Hot Romance Texas Style All Boxed Up

Men of Calder County
Untamed. Unleashed. Unforgettable.

Boxed sets are so popular right now. And no wonder. Look at the line up of authors in this one!!! So many of my favorites. Another to add to my NOOK! Order Men of Calder County now and it's only $.99 until September 14th 

Thirteen stories based in fictional Calder County, Texas. From cowboys to bartenders to Texas Rangers, you’ll fall in love with the heroes from thirteen best-selling authors. And from now through September 14th, the entire set is only 99 cents!

My story in the set, “David”, takes place on David’s family’s cattle ranch, where he’s starring in his latest movie. He’s a fan of his co-star, singer Kristina Thomas, but he’d never expected to feel the spark between them the first time he touches her hand.

Here’s a little taste of “David”. Enjoy!

* * *

“Hey!” Kris placed her hands on her hips and gave him a playful scowl. “You’re not supposed to eat it without me.”

“We’ll share. You take the left side of the bowl, I’ll take the right.”

He captured another glob on his finger, then waited for her to treat herself. She did, and rolled her eyes in pleasure. “I kiss the feet of whoever decided those little cocoa beans could be turned into something decadent.”

She dipped her finger again for another taste. David held her wrist before she could lift her finger to her mouth. Instead, he guided it to his mouth.

Desire flared in those amazing amethyst eyes. Kris drew in a sharp breath through her nose when he wrapped his lips around the tip of her finger. Holding her gaze, he licked every bit of the sweet chocolate from her skin. When he’d finished, David dipped his finger into the bowl again and held it to her mouth. Kris repeated what he had done—holding his wrist while she drew his finger into her mouth to lick off the mixture.

A tiny drop of chocolate sat on her bottom lip. Leaning closer to her, David sucked her lip between his teeth, swiped off the drop with his tongue.

Kris whimpered.

David covered her mouth with his. He kept the kiss light, a gentle hello. The smell of chocolate swirled around them, but it didn’t mask the flowery scent drifting from her hair. Or perhaps it came from the perfume on her skin. Wherever it came from, it intoxicated him.

* * *

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