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USA Today: Romance Authors’ Favorite Toys & Red Tape Sneak Peek

Authors favorite toys? Not what you might think. These are romance authors childhood toys. J
Today on USAToday Happy Ever After blog, Joyce Lamb interviews authors and asks what their favorite toys were when they were children. Check out the post for some interesting comments by your favorite authors. Any guess as to what my favorite toy was??? Do favorite toys tell something about you? What about the books you read as a child? Tell me what your favorite toy was as a child, then check out USAToday’s blog post.


Coming soon!!! RED TAPE, my new sexy romantic suspense novel, is due for release August 3rd. This is Book one in my new FLC series. I had to share a sneak peek blurb and excerpt.

Blackmail, coercion and undercover sex scandals are meticulously devised by the FLC, a secret society in the White House. When ex-CIA agents, Zoe and Jason, agree to put their damaged pasts behind them to manipulate a sadistic leader, Jason must train his ex-lover for her role as a submissive in a dangerous BDSM sex tape project. But the bondage aspect of the plan takes their relationship on an emotional and sensual ride mixed with heartache, second chances and love. Life unravels when their target discovers the plan and devises one of his own. And it appears Zoe has betrayed Jason and her country. Can he protect the woman he can’t live without from one of the deadliest enemies?

EXCERPT: (Jason and Zoe, two ex-lovers and ex-CIA agents, are trapped inside a closet while a controversial bondage scene is taking place in the adjoining room. Zoe is peeking through the cracks of the door frame.)

The implications of what was going on in this room were beyond imagining. If the public found out about this, what would happen to this administration? The peace talks? This was more damaging than a stained blue dress. This was a nightmare.
Jason touched her shoulder. His fingers slowly skimmed down to her upper arm, where he grasped her and tugged her closer. Outside, the bondage ordeal continued. Red marks crisscrossed the man’s back and buttocks. She’d seen enough. Jason’s other hand slipped to her waist. He leaned into her. Warmth, hardness, and the scent of male. She shouldn’t be so turned on. The hairs on her arms stood up. Her breasts felt heavy, and her nipples grew tight. What was Jason thinking? After all this time, he wanted to get busy with her in a closet? Really?
She pulled away and tapped a “no” on his arm.
He tapped “yes” on her hand and slowly turned her around, pulling her against his body. God, he felt good. So many nights she’d imagined Jason in her arms like this. She had to control her breathing to keep from making any noise. The real torment was being trapped inside the closet. Sex with Jason had always been the hottest when they were on a mission. Why couldn’t they have sex and a relationship like normal people?
They didn’t know how to do day-to-day. Everything they once had came tumbling back. She wanted him again, wanted to give in with complete and utter abandon. Her body was on fire, throbbing, needing him now at the wrong place, the wrong—
In the next room, a flogger or cane smacked what sounded like bare, taut skin in quick repetition. The man cried out.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No, Mistress, more, please.” Another sharp crack sent shivers up Zoe’s spine. How could he stand the pain, let alone enjoy it?
Jason’s warm, moist mouth pressed on her ear, her neck, and she sucked in a little breath. His tongue drew a line to the hollow of her throat.
Yes, she ached to say, yes. Jason’s touch was torture, sweet, sweet torture. She gave in a little, pressing her sex against his hard shaft bulging beneath his pants. She did want him but not here, not now.
On his arm, she tapped “no.”
He hesitated long enough for her to wish she had said “yes.” After all these months, they’d barely had enough time to say hello and already they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Nothing had changed. He rested his forehead against hers, and she heard his intake of breath and a long sigh. Outside, Melissa shouted orders, and the man groaned. Jason pressed his lips to Zoe’s ear and barely mouthed, “I want you.”
Then why did you leave me?
Outside their closet, in the dungeon, voices and the smacking got louder. Inside, Jason pulled her against his chest and stroked her hair. She breathed in his scent, and time slipped away to the many heated nights he’d held her close. He knew how to draw out every exquisite sensation with his touch. Before she got too worked up, she backed away, slowly because she didn’t want to knock into anything in the tiny closet. The sex party going on was so loud, Zoe doubted they would have heard anything.
His hands slid around her waist, holding her captive. “Sorry. Missed you.” His words tore through her, ripping her heart in half. If he wanted to continue where they left off, she couldn’t.
She leaned toward his ear. “Missed me? You’ll have to do better than that.”
His mouth came down on hers, and she sensed his hunger, felt her own heating up her body. His tongue slid across hers, drawing the passion from deep in her core. Her hands reached up along his hard chest, moved up and around his head, where she tangled her fingers in his hair. She resisted the urge to spread her legs. To encourage him would only make their situation more difficult.
Clinging to him, she gave in this time and melted deeper into the kiss. She couldn’t fight him here. His hand reached under her skirt and slipped inside her panty hose. Her sex was so wet, he easily parted her folds and thrust a finger inside her channel. With a silent gasp, Zoe broke away from the kiss and lifted up on her toes. He steadied her against his body. Matching his thrusts to the rhythm of groans and strikes outside the closet, she rode his hand closer to orgasm.
On impulse, she reached for his cock. The hard ridge bulged against his pants, and she pressed the heel of her palm along his length until she heard his intake of breath. The roughness of his hand rubbed her clit. Heat and throbbing intensified, coiling deep, bringing her to the edge of release. Yes! She wanted to scream and tell him not to stop, but it was sweet torture having to remain silent. Almost there.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” Zoe heard the first lady say. She pulled her hand away from Jason’s cock at the same time he slipped out of her pantyhose. Her body continued to throb, her vagina clenching at empty space and aching. When she peeked out through the crack in the door, the first lady had already slipped on her robe.
“Very much,” the male guest answered. “I must say this type of American hospitality was unexpected.”
“Our pleasure.” She handed him his clothing, and the man finished dressing. “Secret Service will escort you to your car.”
“Thank you.”
The group left. The man in black was the last to leave, switching the lights off and closing the door. Again, Jason and Zoe were surrounded in blackness.
“Now what?” Zoe whispered.
“We wait a few minutes.”
The walls of the closet closed in. “You want to tell me now or later?”
“About what went on out there, or about us in here?”
“Either, both.” She leaned against the door and crossed her arms. “You leave Langley without a word months ago, and then you end up here, like me. Funny coincidence. You act like nothing ever happened.”
“Not a coincidence. You were handpicked for a project, like I was.”
“What project?”
He hesitated. “You’ll be briefed soon, but I suggest you don’t take this job.”
She groaned. “Why would I be briefed about someone’s sexual activities?”
He cleared his throat and took a breath. “Zoe.” His voice softened. “You should leave before you learn any more.”
“Learn about what?” She laughed. “I don’t know anything except the first lady might be a sex addict. Oh God. Does the president know?”
He groaned. “Zoe, quit your job, resign. Go back to Langley.”
She shoved at his chest. “I can’t go back.”

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