Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Get Media Attention for Your Books

Get Media Attention with Indie Source!

Media attention, reviews, visibility, expanding the reader base are a few things every author wants, or should want for their career. Last month I wrote a blog post about How I Got Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune. That post had a lot of hits and gave some helpful step by step tips.

Someone on Good Books Today  saw that blog post link on Twitter, read it then contacted me about doing an interview. A point here is: blogs and social media do work if you post decent content. (I’m still learning about how to write good blog content.)

Media attention, reviews, visibility and expanded readership rarely happen overnight. If you haven’t already done so, make files for contacts for review sites in your genre, media contacts, bloggers, etc. As you develop professional relationships and network, add to these lists. So when your next book comes out, you can contact them in an organized and methodical way. Save yourself time and headaches. Be courteous of your contacts' time. Offer to give something in return when possible. Exchange sources with other authors. See who they’re getting reviewed by, interviewed by, who they advertise with, etc.

Understand your brand as a writer. Who is your target audience? Focus your attentions there. (If you write erotic contemporary romance, don’t spend your time advertising or asking for interviews on YA or paranormal blogs). Search out events in your community where you could do speaking engagements, appearances and book signings, contact local newspapers and radio.

Check out my interview at Good Books Today for more tips mentioned in the interview like:
·        - Creating a good hook to get “buzz” about your book
·         -Learn how to write a good press release
·         -When contacting media, don’t tell them you wrote a great book. They won’t care. Find a great hook that may relate to your book, your brand and will entertain, educated or help their audience.

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