Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome Guest Lynn LaFleur & Her Hot Shots

I always love when I hear about a new book coming out by Lynn LaFleur. She's a very talented Erotic Romance author and a great friend. If you haven't read her yet you really need to check out her books: 
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I love writing romances. Telling the story of two people falling in love makes me smile and gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside. Make it an erotic romance and I’m even happier.


Writing sexy love scenes isn’t easy. Fun, but not easy. They have to be romantic as well as sexy, something you, the reader, would want to have done to you (or do to your partner). The words have to get to you, make you want more. They have to make you melt.

A nibble on the side of the neck.
A gentle tug with teeth on an earlobe.
Fingertips drifting down a naked back.
A hand sliding over a firm butt cheek.
The tip of a tongue tickling a navel.
Warm lips wrapped around a hard nipple.
Firm male flesh gripped in a tight fist.

Maybe it’s that first kiss between lovers that makes you sigh. Here’s a little taste from my newest novella, “Sizzle”, in the Kensington Aphrodisia anthology, Hot Shots, when my hero and heroine share their first romantic kiss.

 Hot Shots
Featuring Lynn's Story, "Sizzle"
Published by: Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date: February 25, 2014 (print and ebook)
ISBN: 978-0-758-28895-0 (print)
Genre: Contemporary Firefighter
 Novella in Anthology

Clay pressed his lips to Maysen’s in a gentle kiss of hello. It would be easy to sweep her into his arms, carry her to his sleeping palette, and ravish her. That wouldn’t do. He wanted to make love to Maysen—slowly, gently, completely.

He almost changed his mind about ravishment when Maysen’s lips softened beneath his in surrender. Needing to touch her, he ran one hand into her hair, cradled the back of her head. A low moan came from her throat before she tilted her head and parted her lips. Clay deepened the kiss, moving his mouth over hers while he tickled the corners of her mouth with his tongue.

Are you melting yet?

If you like that little tidbit and want more, you can find Hot Shots in print or ebook starting today. More information available on my website:

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