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#TheLustyView – Secrets of an Erotica Writer

Warning: This is an online Sex Column talking about…SEX! The wild, provocative, arousing world of sex and the many aspects it entails. If that offends you, please move on. And please at least 18 years old! What will you find on The Lusty View? Often naughty, sometimes bizarre talk about everything SEX—extraordinary, kinky, dark and edgy, light and fun, and everything in between. With guest interviews and articles by erotic authors and experts, new erotic book releases, and perhaps a few other topics that turn me on!

This column is the beginning of what I hope will be a long-running series of articles dedicated to inform, entertain, shock, humor and maybe even turn you on. Before I became a writer of erotic fiction, I was a stringer for a newspaper, writing rather dull articles about town meeting, property debates, local current events and such. Writing about sex is much more stimulating (hmmm) and fun. In my fiction I write about alternative lifestyles, BDSM, ménage, otherworldly sex and more.

Sexually adventurous co-worker
I’m surprised how eager people are to share the intimate details of their sex lives when they discover I’m an author of erotica and erotic romance. Years ago, even before I wrote erotic fiction, a coworker described in explicit details his carnal adventures with all his men. It sure made the evening and night shifts entertaining. Where did he have sex? Back rooms of gay clubs, the men’s rooms, dressing rooms, the beach, an alley, etc. I should’ve taken notes. I could’ve started my career writing M/M erotica with a never ending supply of scenarios.

It’s the typical question, most erotic writers get this. I was asked this at a recent book signing in Barnes & Noble. And the question usually comes from men: Have I done everything in my books? Yes and no.

Every character in my books, male and female, has some essence of me. How could they not when I’ve created them? Did I have a ménage with a space captain and a shapeshifting dragon on planet Somerled? Ah, no. As for the rest, I’ll leave up to the readers to guess, preferably to forget about, and enjoy the story as it’s written.

Dom in Training
I do love when people share their sex stories. It gets my created juices flowing. J A few months ago at a party a gentlemen I never met before said he heard I wrote books about BDSM. He told his story about how he became a Dom. When he first met his wife he wasn’t in the lifestyle and had never explored a D/s (dominate/submissive) relationship. She was an experienced submissive and felt he would make a great Dom if he was willing to learn.

I then noticed the discreet choker collar she wore. I asked what she saw in him that made her believe he had the potential to be a Dom? He said he’d asked her the same question. His wife felt he was a strong person, caring, sensitive and attentive to her. All wonderful traits for a loving Dom. Together they arranged to meet with a Dom willing to mentor him—them both, so he could learn the power exchange and techniques of BDSM. She was quite a sensitive and patient submissive to see that potential in her vanilla lover.

Do you have a story to share? Or would you like to be interviewed? These can be strictly anonymous if you prefer. I’d especially like to hear from authors of erotic fiction, experts, exotic dancers, porn actors, Dom/Domme those in the lifestyle and those who are paid for their services, people with particular fetishes, and more. I’d love to hear from you at kathykulig(at)rcn(dot)com.

Next topic coming up: My predictions for Sex in the Future.

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