Monday, October 21, 2013

#TheLustyView: Sex in the Future. What Could be Next?

What epochal developments can we expect to see when it comes to sex and sexual relationships? In twenty, fifty, a hundred or more years? Sex has been around for a long time, technology hasn’t. Look how quickly the age of computers has advanced since the seventies and eighties. Sex toys too have evolved over the last fifty years. What will be available to entice and enhance our sex lives in the future?

The way we look at sex changes and adapts to culture and religious norms, health and external issues like war and famine. Even during the worst of times, people manage to find time for sex and procreate.

Sex toys and contraception have been around for a long time too and continue these gadgets get more creative on how to get people off. Here’s one sex toys site to check out:
Looking for something along the lines of heavy metal and bondage?

Sex on the Internet
The internet has exploded with sex-related sites: Social networks for alternative lifestyles, porn sites, sex search engines (type ‘sex search engines’ in and see what I mean), XXX versions of YouTube (RedTube for one), Skype sex, sexting, etc.

So what will they come up with in the future?
Robotic are used in the medical and technical fields and may be used as caretakers in the future. Anyone see the film Cherry 2000? In a dystopian world, a man is searching for the perfect woman who is a sex automaton, or is she the perfect woman? I’ve been a SciFi fan since I was a kid, loved the old sci fi flicks, even the B movies. In this film, cities have meet-and-fuck bars where couples had to sign a tedious contracts stipulating the details of the type of sexual encounter they’d experience. Rather cold.

At a dystopian, partly buried Las Vegas in the future, the characters of the story search the remains of a stockpile of sex bots—beautiful women, all body and no brains—looking for the perfect model #. Hundreds of female automatons and not one hunky guy-bot? Where were the guys??? If you want to know how the story ends, check out Netflix.

Forecasts are predictions and not absolutes. More like educated guesses, some based on what someone is working on now.

Vibrators have gotten fancier. Bigger, smaller, add attachments for a variety of sensations, different speeds and rhythms, different materials and textures.

My Sex Prediction for the Future

Technical gadgets will truly become creative and technical when it comes to sex toys. But not the usual super-duper vibrator that stimulates the genitals. The sex toy of the future will be placed on the head (not head of the penis). Electronic impulses will trigger and target specific brainwave activity at the ideal pleasure center in the brain. Like an ON switch for the most intense orgasm for men or women. Gives a new meaning to fuck your brains out. You or your partner controls the intensity or duration. Hmmm. Could put a certain blue pill out of biz. Maybe I’ll turn my invention into a story someday.

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Anonymous said...

:) I remember that movie.


Kathy Kulig said...

LOL. Yes, it's an old one. But I am a fan of Sci Fi flicks.