Friday, November 23, 2012

For The Love of Series Books #amreading

Are you a lover of series novels or is your life so crazy that you can’t commit to a 3-book, 4, 5 or more book series? The other problem with series is that there are so MANY awesome books out there it’s hard to choose. That’s me. My TBR pile is ginormous and there are so many fabulous authors and books and genres I like to read. It’s difficult to squeeze in all those books.

Many authors do write series because they have a bigger story to tell and because readers love series. Most are stand-alone books so if a readers pops into the middle of the series, they won’t be lost. They can still enjoy the book even if they don’t read the entire series. And at the same time, those devoted readers who have read each book in order won’t get bored with long repeated sections of previous book’s backstory. It does take a talent to write a good series. A good stand-alone book series is not like some TV shows like LOST, where, if you haven’t started watching from the first episode, forget it. Wait until it comes out in DVD and watch the whole season. Otherwise, you’ll never catch up.

Damned and Defiant  is the third book of my Demon’s in Exile series and even if you haven’t read the first two books, it is a stand-alone story. You don’t need the first two books to enjoy this read. This reviewer agrees: Reviews by Molly

My Review:
Kathy Kulig is a highly talented author and I am pleased I had the chance to review this book. It was filled with amazingly created paranormal elements, characters that grab your heart, and a plot line that will grip you til the end. I wasn’t sure how I would do with reading this book, being the 3rd in the series, but it’s quite easy to follow.

Dante’s character is hot! A demon and sexy…oh yea, baby! I loved his character. He was torn between loving a mortal woman and doing his duty as an immortal demon by returning to his dimension. He’s fallen in love with his home, his horses and his surroundings, but his Demoness has told him he has to return to Anartia soon. He only gets to take two things from his current life on Earth with him and he chooses his horses. But, it’s not where his heart his. His defiant heart is somewhere where it really shouldn’t belong.

Haley was left in the desert months ago, where she doesn’t remember what happened. All she knows is she’s in love (and in lust!) with Dante. She has no idea he’s a demon….at least at first. When she quickly falls deeper for him, she finds out he’s leaving. Can she convince him to let her change…..or give up his immortality for a life with her?

Watching these two together was sizzling hot! Their attraction is beyond breathtaking! The passion between was scorching. You’ll really need a nice tall glass of iced water when you read this novel. Watching the feelings flow through Dante was awesome. I could feel his conflicting emotions as if they were my own. And Haley…well, she was one stubborn Sha Warrior, as she’s known to the Drones.

With this 4 Book worthy novel, you’ll be taken on the ride of your life, hoping these two finally come to their senses and grab what’s right in front of them. Ms. Kulig’s writing style sucks you into the heart of the story, and by the end of the book, you’re instantly ready for more! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next for the Drones… much as I hated secondary characters Valdon and Natesa, I really would love to see them again in another book! Great job, Ms. Kulig….you’ve gained a new fan!

A Few Super Series:

So here are just a “few” series favorites I’ve read recently. Either at least one or more or all in that series I’ve read or am reading. You'll see I like a variety from erotic romance to romantic suspense to thrillers, Sci fi and more. What series have you read recently or are reading? Please feel free to PIMP your own work with links.

Joyce Lamb – True series
Larissa Ione – Demonica
Nalini Singh – Psy-Changlelings
Virginia Kantra – Children of the Sea
Maria V. Snyder - Study Series
Lora Leigh – Feline Breeds, Elite Ops
Lee Childs – Jack Reacher
Maya Banks - Sweet
Barry Eisler – John Rain
Autumn Jordon - C.U.F.F.
Alyssa Day – Warriors of Poseidon
Caridad Pineiro – Sin Hunters, The Calling
Susan Sizemore – Prime
Sherrilyn Kennyon – Dark Hunters
JR Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood
Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum
Dan Brown – Robert Langdon
J.K. Rowlings – Harry Potter
EL James – 50 Shades
Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games
Bob Mayer – Area 51
Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Game
Barry Eisler – John Rain
Cindy Spencer Pape - The Gaslight Chronicles
Christine d'Abo - Long Shots, Eternal Bonds
1-800-DOM-Help (Ellora’s Cave multi-authors)
Cougar Challenge (EC multi-authors)
Cris Anson –Dance
Cerise Deland, Desire Holt – Nemesis
Regina Carlysle – High Plains Shifters
Amber Skyze - Freedom Fantasies
Ann Jacobs –Lawyers in Love
Stephanie Julian – Lucani Lovers
Lynn LaFleur – Men with Tools
Joey W. Hill – Nature of Desire
Laurann Dohner – New Species
Buckin’ Bull Rider – Cassandra Carr
And many, many more….

Here’s your chance to share your favorites and authors to pimp your own series with LINKs.


N.J.Walters said...

You listed many of my favs. I'd also add Maya Bank's KGI series. Love it!

Kathy Kulig said...

That's one I want to check out. Thanks NJ.

Autumn Jordon said...

Thanks for the mention, Kathy. My new series is title C.U.F.F. and deals with an elite team of U.S, Marshals dealing with felony crimes on U.S. soil. The first is 'Seized By Darkness' and is out on AMazon and B&N. The second has a planned 2013 spring release.

I love reading series books that read also as a stand alone, and I that is what I write. A few of my favorite series authors are Suz Brockman (Navy Seals) and Roxanne St Clare (Bullet Catchers) and new authors Rita Henuber (Coast Guard) and Anne Marie Becker (MindBenders).

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Autumn. I love your books. Couldn't remember the name of the series. Bad me. I'll make the change. :)

Cris Anson said...

You've mentioned a bunch of good ones! Loved your Damned Demons series.

Two or three books in a series makes it easy to keep track of, but when they continue on, sometimes it's hard when you read the 8th book first. Having said that, here are some of my faves, most of which fall into the latter category LOL:

Suzanne Brockmann, Troubleshooter series

Robert Crais (P.I.s Elvis Cole and Joe Pike)

J.A. Jance (Sheriff Joanna Brady)

Dana Stabenow (Kate Shugak in Alaska)

Kathye Quick (Grandmother's Rings)

Nevada Barr (National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon)

Kate Douglas (Chanku Wolf Tales)

Oh, and who can forget J.D. Robb's "In Death" series with Eve Dallas and Roarke? *swoons*

Thanks for mentioning my DANCE series. I'm also in the middle of a new trilogy for Ellora's Cave. The first one is Punishment and Mercy. Coming out in the next month or so is Mercy and Redemption. And I'm working on Redemption and Glory.

P.S. When do you have time to read all those books?!?

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Cris, a few I haven't heard of. I loved Punishment and Mercy, looking forward to the next one. :) These are books I've read over time. I read whenever I get a chance.